Friday, 31 October 2008

Absent Minded

Lately I tend to be forgetful n bound to make mistakes. Incidents that never occurred before now happened frequently. This morning I took the wrong way to go to my kid’s school. I used to go thru the short/fast way n suddenly I realized that I missed the exit of the highway.

Reason being I was doing some thinking or better says as ‘day dreaming’. It’s not that I had any big issue to think about but it was just a normal fantasy n whimsy of my new house n life ahead. It’s always popped up while I was driving. But mind you I still make a point to always concentrate on the road n traffic.

But somehow I don’t know how it happened. Everyday I use the same way but still I made mistake. Weird ah.. Then when I reached the school I saw many kids dressed up in the Halloween costumes. Oh dear.. at that time I knew something was wrong n my children were wearing their school uniforms. I was relieved coz there were some kids wore school uniforms n that at least not made me felt so guilty.

And lucky for me too that my kids (who are still small) didn’t really bother others wearing the costumes. My mistake coz I didn’t read the newsletter given by the school. The school used to send it to my email but for the last couple weeks they put it in the school’s website. I was supposed to read that every week but I forgot!

Before went out from the car I took RM50 to buy hats for the kids. I didn’t manage to buy it as the school didn’t have the small change. I didn’t have pockets so just kept holding it till I got back to the car. Once inside the car I received a phone call. Later on I drove out from the school compound n just remembered my RM50. Where did I put it?

I stopped my car by the road side near the school n looked for it. I went again to the school area to double check n didn’t find it. I then checked my purse. I didn’t remember at all n tried very hard to recall whether I did put the money inside the purse. But I saw one note of RM50 which a bit crumpled n was not put in the same side n order as others. (I always arrange my money according to the same amount of RM in same order except the serial number!) Maybe that was the money that I was looking for or maybe not. But the truth is till now I couldn’t remember at all whether I’ve put it inside my purse.

All of these didn’t just happened today but also few weeks back when I was invited to Raya open house. I was too obsessed in my conversation with my cousin n missed the turn to Ampang. And believe it or not I just realized that when I was already in front of the Sg Besi Tol! I had to make a U turn at the Serdang exit. I felt totally crossed n stupid.

So that’s the story of me being the absent-minded. Why it happened, only God knows why. Maybe it’s the food that I consume? Taken too many vitamins? Drink too much coffee? Having too much day dreaming? Hmm.. maybe it’s me that getting old..

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Dylela Baharudin said...

Hate to say this, but i have to...
"Anda sudah tua puan...heheheh"