Monday, 3 June 2013

Malaysia Boleh!

Yesterday I represented Malaysia for the Asean Dessert Cooking Contest, which was organized by the Brunei Embassy. There were five contestants who took part which were from Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. All the contestants have to present a dessert which must contain tapioca/cassava.
Dessert from Indonesia
Dessert from Malaysia
My first reaction when I knew that tapioca had to be the main ingredient, I was certain that this was not going to be easy. There are not many kinds of desserts that can be made out of tapioca. The common ones are like bengkang ubi, talam ubi, bubur or cake. Since this was going to be a competition, I wanted to create something different and unique.

I did some research, combined a few recipes from here and there and voila! I invented my own version of Layered Tapioca Pudding. The recipe was very easy, and I bet anybody could do it.

Once the cooking was done, it was now time for the presentation. This was my favorite part! I have always been inspired to present food in a very unique and sophisticated ways from watching cooking programs.

I have always believed that the presentation of your food on your plate plays an important role. Even if it tastes good, the person wouldn’t be tempted to eat if it is not well presented. In fact, forty percent of your meal will be perfect if you nail the presentation correctly, and not just throw it onto the plate!

So for this competition I presented the dessert in a small cleared glass so that each of colored layers could be seen. I then garnished it with a piece of almond and tiny bit of black raisin on top of each pudding. The last touch was arranging them nicely on a three-tier silver plate. When it was placed on the table it was an eye catching to everybody. I guess that helped in contributing the points.

When the committee announced me as the winner, I was so happy and excited. I was so happy that I made my country proud.. Cewah…. Hahaha.. so dramatic kan..

I may not climb the Mount Everest, swim crossing the English Channel or sail solo thru the sea. I don’t drive the Formula One car or even run in the Olympic Game, but this little skill I have does make me proud of myself!

I have been chanting Malaysia Boleh for all I could remember, but this time I know the true feel of the “Malaysia Boleh!”