Sunday, 30 May 2010

Dim Sum..

Today I decided not to cook! We wanted to eat something different but did not feel like going too far from our home. At first we thought of going to Hartamas area to find one good restaurant but then the plan changed! Since all my children love dim sum so much, I googled n asked around where to find good halal dim sum restaurant.

There are a few actually available in town. After a few phone calls, I found out there is one in Shah Alam. Yaalaaa…. Apa lagi… all of us excitedly got ready n zoomed to the place. It is Meisan Szechuan restaurant located at Quality Hotel, Shah Alam. It is ‘eat all you want’ for RM28++ (adult) and RM18++ (child).

Once seated all of us were served with Chinese tea. There were porridge and deserts at the buffet table. My children started with the porridge. After about 10 minutes our table was spread full of dim sum of all kinds in steamer baskets. Each of the steamer baskets contains 3 pieces. I at first thought it was too little and probably was not enough for all of us. Tamak…..

Siap tanya “Ni je ke?” Later on came a few more plates of fried dim sum. By the time, all had been served, more than 20 of these baskets and plates were on our table. . At the beginning all of us hungrily took one by one of the dim sum but after about 20 minutes, we started to slow down. Huh… memang kenyang giler! Tu pun ada a few tak habis. Rasa dim sum dah kat hujung tekak!

I normally have dim sum at the Pak Long kopitiam at Plaza Masalam. They are selling by piece at RM3-RM4. But here at Quality Hotel, you will get a real value for your money. For those who stay around Shah Alam, I would suggest all of u to try.

For four adults n two children, a RM 170 spent today is really reasonable. . Beside kemalasan nak masak, we took the opportunity to celebrate our dearest cousins 19th birthday – Piqah. This would not be our last visit here, maybe I would bring Faizah when she comes back home for holiday.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

My Days in Alor Setar

When I was in Alor Setar, my time was mostly spent on eating.. ronda2 and eating… Back home, guess what…. I gained 1kg! Aduh… penat lelah program dietku..

From having home cooked meal, dinner at seafood, ikan bakar to crossing the border for a big food fiesta. Nak makan punya pasal…

I didn’t go out much during day time as the weather was quite hot. I just went to Pekan Rabu to get some stuff. On Tuesday afternoon all of us went to Danok, browsing the small shops there. For some reasons, most of the shops were closed and this part of the town seemed dead, unlike before.

Later on we went for a massage. Kira mcm rutin wajib ah ni.. At first our planned was to have a foot massage but then we went for a body massage instead. It was a 2-hour body massage for a mere RM24. Huh.. mmg menarik n murah giler.. Couldn’t resist not to have it right..

This was my first time actually – body massage in Thailand. Each of us (my aunties) selected our masseur. We were brought to a room with rows of mattress on the floor. The room was clean n cozy. After changing to pajamas, we waited what to come next! Ya.. pajamas.. we were surprised actually n wonder how they were going to massage us with our clothes on!

After a while our masseurs came in and the ‘adventure’ began. They didn’t use any oil or cream but a talcum powder. Yes.. the famous prickly heat powder from Thailand. My mom used to buy this n put it at home in case anybody gatal2 badan.. Hehehehehe..

For the first one hour I was still ok n relax but then I started to scream.. Mana tak.. the lady treated my body macam nak lapah ayam.. kepak sana.. kepak sini.. then at one time she lifted me up like a helicopter. Then put my body on her knees n rocked my like a train. Hahahahaha.. seriously kecuh jap dlm bilik tu.. Ye lah.. duk gi spa org urut ala2 lembut gitu!

I wanted to stop actually but at the same time I wanted to know what came next. Suspen betul.. After one to another all kind of actions they did to us. Anyway after it finished, surprisingly I didn’t have body aching which I normally have if I massage my feet. After semua dah kena kepak sana sini, we were hungry and had our special dinner.. original Thailand food! Nyam.. nyam…

This evening at 4.00pm we were back to our home sweet home. Throughout the journey we stopped by at Sg Perak to have our lunch. Nowadays we don’t eat at R&R anymore. Banyak kali terkena tak sedap n so tasteless. Aunty Enon packed us nasi lemak n we enjoyed the food at the pangkin there. It’s super delicious.

About my dad’s status.. after his follow up at the hospital, he got a new date for the operation. Sadly the earliest date available for him is in August. My dad lodged complaint to his doctor about the wrongly information given. He showed the proof that’s stated on the slip – the date and time were wrongly given.

Anyway I’ve asked my brother who is working in the Ministry of Health to look over this matter and make sure it won’t happen again. When I think about what had happened, I feel very frustrated. I told my father the next time when he go to the hospital don’t let this young doctor treat him like orang2 tua yg bodoh. My father is an educated man n they cannot underestimate his ability.

Meanwhile I just hope n pray that my father will be fine n stay healthy. Thanks to those who share the concern with me.

p/s: Rina & Ibu – Kalau nak cakap pasal geram.. mmg tak habis. Tapi tu lah hakikat our poor service in the govt sector especially hospital. For those yg have no choice kena ah face with all this kan.. Like my father dah book 2 bulan before this for the op kena tunggu pulak que lagi for another 3 months. Alasan tak urgent. Takkan nak tunggu tenat baru nak urgent..

To my dear Faizah, the first thing yg terlintas di fikiran mommy – jgnlah faizah nanti treat her patient like this but I know my daughter won’t do this n I know u can be a good doctor!

Monday, 24 May 2010

False Alarm

I am now in Alor Setar. Yesterday was the day my father was supposed to be admitted to the hospital. He was told by his doctor to check in at anytime on the 23rd May. At 3.30pm all of us sent him to the hospital.

After arriving n registration, my father was given a room. After 15min the nurse came to check his blood preasure. Then after 15min again a group of doctors came to visit him. The first question that popped out from the doctor was "Pakcik kenapa datang lambat? Kenapa baru dtg sekarang?"

My dad said he was not informed specifically to come at what time. The specialist that checked him said to come on the 23rd at anytime. Well.. I can still accept any misscommunication. I believed that my father didn't aware at all that he had to come earlier.

What I couldn't tolerate was how this particular doctor talked to my father. He didn't even come n approach closer to the bed. He just leaned by the wall which was about 2-3mtrs from my father n talked aroggantly pointing his finger here n there. Senang cita bahasa melayu kurang ajar lah..

My father has to undergo a minor operation due to the prostate that he is sufferring now. He had booked this operation date 2 months ago. Now the op couldn't be done because my father actually has to be at least 2 days before the operation date. The doctor kept telling that my dad was given the wrong date by the hosiptal.

I told him that it was not a wrong date but because he was not informed properly. Since the operation day is only done on Tuesday n Thursday, my dad's appt has to be cancelled as he came late in the evening.

Seriously at that time my face was hot n boiling up. I, hubby, brother interrupted a few times asked him for more details. This young doctor just babling arrogantly non-stop from the very beginning. So at the end my dad went home n has to come again tomorrow to book for another date.

After the doctor left, a nurse who maybe aware that all of us were not happy explained again. She said sorry because of all the hassle and incidents. The word 'sorry' of course came from the nurse n not from the doctor.

This is a new GH in Alor Setar. My first impression when I arrived was extremely impressive. The surrounding, building n facilities are as good as any 5 star private hosiptal. Unfortunately all my excitement was ruined by the doctor's treatment and rude behaviour.

It is a shame that some of us, people, overlook these sort of things. Whilst the government is spending millions on putting a 'grand' facilities, unfortunately, having bunch of people of this kind just spoil everything!

Thursday, 20 May 2010

The"Impatience" Of Me

At last, yesterday I found the time to do a facial. I booked as early as possible which was in the morning. I always go to my friend’s shop at Putrajaya. She is the franchisor of the Demalorgica outlet – promo jap. The last time I had my face facial was about 2 months ago.

I always skip, delay or in a away trying to avoid going there because I always feel that the time to be spent doing facial would normally be very very long. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t hold my patience long enough when doing facial.

I don’t mind being at the hair salon for hours – hair washing or treatment. Probably because you could still do something like reading or just looking around when you do your hair, but not facial! I also don’t mind to be in the spa letting people massaging my body or feet for hours. But to lie down on the bed with my face being ‘processed’ step by step… OOhh… it is so distressing.

At the beginning I felt excited to go there. Then I started to lie down chit chatting (I could never sleep). This lasted for hours and I could not help but kept bugging when it would be over. I would normally spend my time there for almost 2 hours. Huh.. sakit pinggang sih baring lama2..

But when the whole session ended and when I touched my face n looked at myself in the mirror, all the effort and “suffering” seem worthwhile. At that point I would say to my self – no regret n I would definitely come again.

Anyway.. I am supposed to come again at least for the next one month n I don’t know whether I can commit to that. Well.. kesedaran pasti akan muncul bila muka dah menjadi kusam….

Monday, 17 May 2010

Iklan Jap....

*Sigh* it had been so long since I last updated my other blog. A few friends that I met asked whether I am still baking n running my business. YES YES.. I am still doing it.. every now and then I still receive orders for kek lapis sarawak. Of late, it is a bit slow as kek lapis ni selalunya during raya or special occasion.

Beside kek lapis I am also doing cheese cakes. Lately ramai pulak yg suka my cheese cakes. Currently I am no longer taking order for cupcakes. I just make cuppies for my family n close friends.

Actually I have lots of things in my hand n long list of items that I want to do. I attended kelas menjahit manik a couple of months ago. Dah siap jahit a few baju kurung but I am not ready to show it off here.. :) ahaks.. Now duk still menjahit lagi.. Habis suma baju kurung being improvised.

Recently I just bought a sewing machine. Celah-celah tu duk pulun sewing bags, pillow case.. Kalau ikut list mcm2 nak buat tapi tak dan…

At the same time I am busy helping my dad planning for my brother wedding’s day. I went around from Nilai to Chow Kit Road to find stuffs for the door gift. This June is also my cousin’s wedding day. I need to make kek lapis for the door gift.

Oh dear… now I just realized that I am so breathless when I started to list down all the things that I need to do. I also need to find time for my own self. Muka dah naik jerawat n I really need to do facial. Not just facial but other personal things too.

Tomorrow I am planning to try out my new recipe for kek lapis. I also want to make some pastries n tarts. Hmmm…. Macam-macam nak buat ni!!

Hope it will turn out fine as planned.. Anyway feel free to drop by here.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Birthday Wish For My Father

Today is my father’s birthday. He is 67 years old. At this age alhamdullilah he is still healthy n active.

On this special day I would like to wish my father a very Happy Birthday. I pray to Allah that my father will always be protected by Him, have a good health n be happy all the time.

My father has been a great father to me thru out my life. When I was small my father was like a ‘guardian’ to me. Wherever n whatever I want to do, I always felt that he was around me. I felt being protected by him.

There was one time when I was in trouble n I didn’t know what to do, I just cried. I pretended that my father was in front of me n I talked to him asked for help n advice. Though it was not real but it soothed me a bit at that moment.

I hope my father knows how much I love n care him. I always want him to be happy. I love him very much.

Happy Birthday Ayah. Semoga panjang umur dan sihat selalu.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Happy Mother's Day

It’s Mother’s day today. Actually we had an early celebration yesterday. Hubby took me n the children to Sunway Pyramid. We had our lunch at Tony Ramas.

I got a lovely funny card from Nabila, Hakeem n a lovely touchy meaningful one from Nadira. I also received a lovely wish from Faizah today.

To all my children, Thank you so much for the thoughts, gifts n wishes. Faizah, Nadira, Nurul, Iman, Nabila and Hakeem – I love all of you very much. You are the best things that have ever happened to my life. Mommy sentiasa doakan anak2 mommy berjaya dalam hidup. No matter where you are n what you do, I will always be around all of you.

Happy mother’s day to all the moms.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Apples of My Eye

Last night I brought my children to Subang Parade. They wanted to buy something for me in conjunction of Mother’s day. I was not allowed to be near them so I waited outside the shop. From out there I could see they were busying choosing n whispering discussing something among them. They looked so adorable to me!

Beside that I saw other children with their dads, couples n teenagers walked in n out buying cards n gifts. At that point it instantly reminded me of my late mom. I used to do all this when she was still alive.

Though my mom is no longer around I am lucky that I still have people that care n love me as much as my mom does. When I lost my mom, I’ve lost the figure of a mother. But I am fortunate as all these people below are my moms now.

I have my mother in-law that I call Mak. She once said that she is now my mom as I don’t have my mama anymore. I was so touched n tears were in my eyes when she said that. Mak is so special to me. She is a kind hearted person n a sporting one. We share lots of things together n I love her company.

Then I have my aunty – Ucu. She’s my mom youngest sister. We are so close since I was small. With her, I could share n tell anything personal that I want. Her children now are my best cousins n friends. I adore n love my dearest aunty – Ucu so much.

I have another aunty, my mom second sister – Aunty Uteh. She is 2 years younger than my mom. When I look at Aunty Uteh it is like looking at my mom. They look almost alike. She took care of my mom in the hospital when my mom was sick. With Aunty Uteh I also could tell n pour anything that I want. I always meluah perasaan to her. She is just like my mom to me.

Last but not least, my stepmother – Aunty Enon. She is married to my dad 6 years ago. At first it was so difficult for me to accept her as my new mom. I just couldn’t face the fact that my dad has another person to replace my mom’s place. But after awhile I learned that everything was not about me or others but just my dad. My dad has been taken care well n he is happy with his life. That is most important. To Aunty, I seldom say this to you – Thank you so much for making Ayah happy. Nothing can replace your kindness for being with Ayah during his good n bad times. Hanya Allah dapat membalas budi baik Aunty. I always pray that both of you will be happy together forever.

To Mak, Ucu, Aunty Uteh n Aunty Enon – Happy Mother’s Day. All of you have a special place in my heart. You are the APPLES OF MY EYE.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

My New Baby

I am so excited.. teruja n ciwi sungguh because of the arrival of my new baby. I have always wanted to own a sewing machine. I was inspired by my mom. I used to always see her using the sewing machine to make something n that was how I learned how to use the machine.

What encouraged me more to get the sewing machine was whenever there were pants that got torn or when I wanted to alter shirt or jeans, I just wished that I should have a sewing machine. Furthermore Hubby always sends his jeans or t-shirts for alteration n it was quite costly.

Apart from whatever reasons, I just have this urge to own one! At last my wish came true.. the sewing machine akhirnya menjadi kepunyaanku. Honestly I don’t even know how to make or sew anything. I have lots of ideas n imaginations but to materialize it… ohh I am not sure.. but who cares right? I have all my time to explore, try n error.

This afternoon after purchasing the gadget, dengan semangat waja I went to Kamdar. I was lucky coz there is a Kamdar shop nearby the Singer shop n Kamdar is having a sale right now! I bought a few meters of cotton materials with different patterns.

Hmm… I plan to make a pillow case for Hakeem’s bantal busuk n pyjama pants. Huh.. cita-cita sungguh tinggi. Like I said earlier.. I think I know how to do it.. it’s just in my head.. hehehehehe..

This evening I went to get threads n scissors like a tailor shop (taknak kalah tu..) n of course a book to assist me how to sew! Huh… very ambitious n sungguh gedik… :P

So.. there it is.. my lovely baby Singer sewing machine. Stay tune for my upcoming ‘creation’..

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The New House

Last month we received new ‘member’ in the family. It’s the little cute kitten given by our neighbor. He was just a week old when we received him. Hubby n kids were very excited having the kitten. His name is Whitey since he has white hair n blue eyes.

Alhamdullilah he is still surviving till now. Hubby n kids really pay attention n taking good care of Whitey. Anyway after having new kitten means the current ‘house’ that Timor is having now has to be expanded or renovated.. Ye lah.. naik taraf dari rumah teres ke bunglow!!

Hubby was so excited to build the house for these cats. He drew a plan ala-ala arkitek n ukur sana sini for the measurement. The initial planned was to hire any Indonesian workers to do but then I challenged hubby to build the house. Seperti biasa pantang mengalah sebelum berundur – pahlawan melayu… dengan semangatnya dia membuatnya.

We went to the place to buy woods n all stuffs needed. He took around 3 days to materialize it. Well.. it turned out not bad at all…

We save our money for not hiring workers n hubby had the satisfaction n recognition from all of us. The kids responds were like.. wah… Ayah.. did u really build this? I can’t believe it!

Now Timor has his new home n loves it so much. As for the Whitey probably after he is old enough, he can join Timor living in this mansion.

Apart from all of this, Hubby dah hitam balik…. Hehehehhe… Penat dia duk sapu krim siang mlm nak putih muka! No worries… nanti I belanja gi buat facial… :P

Monday, 3 May 2010

Kenduri Kahwin Lagi....

Last Saturday was my niece’s – Dila wedding ceremony. Her mom is my hubby’s cousins. We are close to the family n this is her eldest daughter wedding. We missed the akad nikah ceremony though because it was held on Friday evening.

The kenduri was held on Saturday followed by the groom ceremony on the following day in Jasin. Dila looked so beautiful with her wedding costume n so did the handsome partner.

The one thing that I experienced for the first time was "main arang and simbah air" at the end of the kenduri session when everybody was busy cleaning up. I was shocked at first but played along when I myself was unexpectedly splashed with pail of ice water. I was very scared n very careful avoiding myself from getting wet but at last kena gak simbah.

Beside the makan2 we were also entertained by the DJ n karaoke. Huh… orang Melaka ni memang semuanya terrer menyanyi.. My brother in-law, sis in-law n including hubby n Deea mensumbangkan suara mereka. Dah hujung2.. so hanya mendapat sambutan dari anak2 je lah.. hehehehe…

The one thing that I experienced for the first timewas main arang and simbah air at the end of the kenduri session when everybody was busy cleaning up. I was shocked at first but played along when I myself was unexpectedly splashed with pail of ice water. I was very scared n very careful avoiding myself from getting wet but at last kena gak simbah.

They not only used the tap water but also cold ice water n air sirap.. Huh.. sejuk n berlekit badan…. The one that enjoyed the most were Nabila, Fatini, Hakeem n Emir. Deorang yang lebih2 actually… They were running n catching each other to pour water – Emir siap siram diri sendiri after couldn’t find the victim! They really had fun wetting themselves!!

We ended our day with everybody basah kuyup going back home. There will be another wedding ceremony (another cousin) n I already know who to aim to simbah air.. Siap ko azim.. Nanti mak lang revenge!!