Tuesday, 29 April 2008

The New School

Yesterday was Nabila n Hakeem first day at their new permanent school. Nabila now is in Year One n Hakeem is still in Kindergarten. There was no problem with Hakeem as always a happy boy but for Nabila she was like a bit cranky by not wanted to go into the class. After a moment talked n comforted her, finally I left her with a smile on her face.

Today on the second day both of them were looking forward to go to school. Hakeem’s teacher asked me whether Hakeem like banana coz he ate 2 bananas today. I told yes n that’s his favourite. The teacher told me that Hakeem said that he loves banana so much n he has a banana tree at home. Hahahaha.. I was laughing out loud when I heard this. Bila masa pulak tanam pokok pisang…

Anyway I am glad that they had quickly adapted n made new friends at the new place. Once in a while sometimes Hakeem still kept mentioning his teachers n friends especially Haikal at his previous school in Oman. I know how much they've missed their friends n teachers back there.

Sunday, 27 April 2008

The Show by Nabila

Nabila n Hakeem has been going to their temporary school (Tadika Cambridge Al-Ikhlas) for the last one month. Both of them had learned n gained lots of knowledge especially in reading n memorize Quran.

Today Nabila has been selected to participate in the school’s Ceremony Award. She has to present in Choral Speaking about ‘The Earth’. She told me that she was so shy n scared to talk in front of the people. Since she loves to watch the AF concert, I told her it’s just like those participants in the AF, they practised n performed in front of the audience.

So semangatlah dia.. she practised n learned the lines regularly. And today she did it well. Though she looked a bit shy but still she remembered n said the lines out loud.

Today also Nabila n Hakeem bid farewell to their teacher n their best friends. Although it’s only a while Nabila already has a best friend name Laila n Hakeem’s buddy is Azhan. I am sure they gonna miss the class n friends. We will sure pay a visit to them one day.

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Weekend at Jalan TAR

The last time I went to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman or I always call Masjid India was 4 years ago. The place has not changed much. Since we went on Saturday so there’s a long stretch of bazaar selling like clothes n foods. Ohh.. I just go crazy seeing all the tudung.

When I was here it reminds me those days when I used to come here to get materials for hari raya. I love to come here with my mom. We can just stroll along n hop in from one shop to another for the entire day. And we just never get tired.

Whenever we come to KL, this is a must place for us. I guess this is most famous n kemestian place to go for all the people outside from KL. You can just find almost everything here.

As for Hakeem n Nabila, they enjoyed the experience walking thru di celah-celah lorong. As usual on weekend, it’s always crowded with people n traffics.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Test

Somehow this morning when I woke up from sleep I‘ve decided to do a Pap Smear test. The last time I did the test was 2 years ago. I never like to go thru the test. But I know that I have to do it. No matter how I prepared myself mentally n physically, I still feel shaking n terrified when the doctor started asking me to lie down on the bed.

Woman are advise to take the Pap Smear test every 12 months. Pap smears help prevent cancer of the cervix because they detect abnormal cells early, allowing time to treat or remove the cells before they become cancerous without having any impact on long-term infertility. Sound scary ahh..

My beloved mother - Arwah Mama, she didn’t do the pap smear test for years until being diagnosed having cervix cancer at the critical stage which was too late to be cured. Even though she had successfully undergone the operation to remove the cancer but the virus already spread to the other part of her body. In the other hand, my Aunty’s friend claimed never failed going for the Pap Smear test yearly unfortunately one of the test has detected cancer in her cervix.

You can never tell. But still it is wisely to do the checkup regularly n if there are any changes they can be treated easily because the changes are still just in their early stages. According to the research about one in 10 pap tests will show a problem that needs following up – but don’t think the worst, most of these are minor and are not cancer.

As for me, I have to wait for another 10 days to get the result. When come to this I am always paranoid n panic. No matter how hard I tried to deny n tend not to think about it, the fact that cannot change is that I have a very strong family history having cancer. My mom, aunties n all uncles passed away because of cancer.

Cross my finger n may Allah give me a strong will n health. 'SALAAMUN QAULAN MIN RABBIN RAHIM'

Tuesday, 22 April 2008


Mabrook, congratulations, bravo n tahniah to my dearest friend Rohaya.

Today finally after the 9th attempt, she at last got her driving licence in Oman. It’s not easy to get a driving licence there. It’s not your driving skill that being tested but it is your endurance, patience n luck that determines everything. Some those who were lucky maybe just got thru once for the road test.

Some who were not so lucky maybe have to sit for the road test more than one. Mostly our Malaysian friends out there will get their driving licence after 2 or 3 road test. As for Rohaya I can feel the excitement n thrill of your feelings. After all the hard work, suffering, cursing, tears n almost give up finally u did it. Yes!!

How I wish I am around to celebrate this big occasion with u.. Sure u all celebrate sakan malam ni.. I can see Haji bragging proudly the victory of his wife. Hehehehe.. Mabrook.

For those who still wonder why it is so big deal of getting licence back there – have a look at my driving license. It expires in year 2014. This licence is valid in all Middle East country including all left hand drive countries. Even our Malaysian International licence is not valid in certain countries. Big deal ahh…

Monday, 21 April 2008


I’ve been disconnected from the World Web World since 5 days ago (16april). I called the Celcom Careline on 17april at 5.16pm n was being informed that the whole Malaysia was having system failure. As I was with the Careline people, I made complaints that I encountered using this 3G broadband all this while. The line was so not reliable, always disconnected n sometimes I couldn’t connect to my I.E. She said she can’t take my complaints now as the system down n asked me to call back after 10.45pm. Hmm… OK. I wonder what does 3G broadband connection failure has to do with the Call Centre system! I didn’t make a call or try the connection as it was late n I wanted to sleep.

The next morning I tried to connect to the internet n still couldn’t find the network. I called the Careline again. And this time the person said it will be OK by 12pm. I asked him, are u sure as at the time I called was 11.40am. He said that’s what in the system said. I reminded him about the promised that made by his colleague last night.

And again as I was with this Careline people, I would like to lodge complaints about my problems since using the 3G. He asked me where I stay. I told him n u know what did he answered me? He told me that the 3G coverage are available at Sek 7, Bukit Jelutung n so on. Then I asked him. Excuse me.. do u ask me to move there so that I will be able to get my connection stable. He said he’s only informing me the strong 3G coverage area.

Yes.. tq for that but u r not solving my problem. I am telling u that I always got my line disconnected. Then he told me the reason is that the increasing of people using it. Huh… I was totally pissed of with these stupid reasons. I said.. hello… kalau 1 juta rakyat Malaysia guna 3G celcom, don’t tell me that all the people will face this problem. You really made my blood go upstairs!!!

I am calling u to tell my problems n u’ve been answering me with this stupid n illogical explanations. You n CELCOM are suppose to rectify the problems n I as a customer who pay the bill monthly of course will not happy with all these. Don’t brag about your advert – ‘Instant high speed Internet connectivity anytime, anywhere’ where else your system is still very slow n has tons of problems.

And this SUPER CARELINE person who seems to be so care about customers dare to answer me that the advert is actually for streamyx n 3G. He also got the guts to tell me that if I use streamyx I will never face the problem. Memang silap haribulan ah dia cakap mcm tu….

I told him, do u know that people has reasons why they subscribe streamyx or 3G. And I have my own bloody reasons too. I am not calling u to hear about all these nonsense. He answered me that he was just trying to explain to me what the advert all about. Oh my God.. please help me. What is wrong with this guy?

I got fed up with this guy. I told him.. listen here. I know whatever we talked here is being recorded. Now I want u take n key in the system whatever I said n complaint just now. And I want u to rectify n solve the problems. No point talking to u anymore as whatever I said u always gave me the stupid reasons. Celcom will be proud to have a staff like u.

And since that I’ve been trying from time to time n everyday I received the same reasons. Until last night, finally I’ve been passed to the technical person n he guided me thru it. And now today I got connected back to the internet. I don’t understand why it took 5 days to settle all this.

Saturday, 19 April 2008

Fatini's Birthday Party

Today is my niece, Fatini’s 5th birthday party. It’s the princess n superhero theme. Lucky Nabila n Hakeem still have those costumes. So I don’t have to buy a new one for them. The party started at 3pm. The food was so good n the beautiful cakes were so yummy n delicious. Nabila n Hakeem were really enjoying themselves.

Later at night with the left over party food Mak, Faizah, Deea, me n kids sat down in front of the TV enjoying the AF concert with foods full in hands. I really ate a lot over this weekend.

The next day we went out for outing n then everybody went back to Malacca. There left me n the kids. Back to normal! Anyway I am so please to have my relatives at home. Love the noise, chatting n especially my kids who have their cousins around.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Get Together

This morning I went to Nadira’s school attended the PIBG meeting. This is the first time in my life I attended the PIBG meeting at Malaysian school here. Just like any other PIBG meeting I guess, but it interest me to see the involvement of the parents in bringing up issues, complaints n suggestions.

I just sent my daughter here n today I’ve learned n got to know this school culture. Ehem.. I was the one to be on the floor with a suggestion. The chairman was very supportive with all the issues by the parents except the Headmaster of the school who was being so defensive over his teachers.

Later then I went to meet Nadira’s teacher for her school report. Since she’s new there so there are no updates for her test or exam except for her misbehaviours in the class. Well… the same Nadira from BSM. 'Miss chatty', 'Miss forgetful to bring the h/work n books' n 'Miss not pay attention in the class'. I was screaming in my heart when I hear these.

She definitely got the annoying buzzing from me. I hope that she will understand n change the attitude.

Later in the evening we went to Kakak Jamaliah’s house. There’s suppose to have makan-makan for Edrin’s birthday. But for some reasons (kesilapan teknikal) plan changed to just having dinner out. Whatever it is, it’s good to see Laila, Udik n all her other children there. That gives a big smile to Kakak. And I know that she’s very happy at that moment.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Love Letter

This morning I went to take a measurement for Nabila’s school uniform. Her new school is located around the housing area. Every time when I go there, the problem is to get a parking. So this morning I parked my car along the roadside opposite one of the houses there.

After settled n went back to the car, I was surprised by the ‘surat cinta’ from the MPPJ. I was so frustrated. There’s no yellow line there n it is actually at the housing area n yet I got this penalty letter from them. Huh.. I don’t mind getting it if I break the law by going into the ‘no-entry’ lane or hit the red light. But this… oohh… oohh…. Mencemar duli kereta baruku…

And it cost me RM100. Hmm.. I am not sure whether the new Selangor MB has abolished all the fines. I heard it somewhere. But if he’s still didn’t then maybe I selamat.. if not poket I tak selamat.. I have to check n ask around then.

Later then I went to visit my old friend masa bujang-bujang dulu… Ida. I had lunch at her house n spent there till evening catching up stories n news we both have. It’s good to see her as I don’t have many friends left here in KL.

Saturday, 12 April 2008


This has to be written in my bahasa ibunda. Ini adalah supaya ia lebih bermakna, beremosi dan menusuk kalbu.

Kenapa ah? Kenapa kekadang ada sesetengah orang tak kira lah kawan rapat, kawan biasa2, jiran sebelah, pakcik makcik, sepupu sepapat, adik beradik, sedara jauh bau bau bacang dan maybe org yg kebetulan lalu depan kita sentiasa saja berprasangka buruk dan negatif terhadap kita?

Ada je yg tak kena.. kita buat baik kata kita berpura2. Kita bermurah hati kata kita nak menunjuk. Kalau kita buat jahat lagi lah… Pendek kata ada je salah kita. Serba serbi lah. Kalau nak cari salah dan menuding jari pada org mmg best! Tapi kena fikirlah kekadang tangan yg duk tuding n tunjuk tu, cuba belek n periksa. Ada perfect ka? Ada cukup sempurna ka?

Sebenarnya.. org ni kalau dah tak suka kita, kita buat mcm mana pun pasti jadi busuk. Busuk mcm tahik! Tapi yg busuk2 ni lah kekadang yg boleh jadi penawar bagi org tu. Ye lah.. hidup ni ibarat roda. Sekarang kita duk kat atas.. bila roda bergolek, turun juga kita ke bawah. Dan masa tu baru ah nak ingat tahik yg busuk ni.

Jangan ah duk fikir negatif dan selalu sangka buruk pada orang. Lama2 benda tu akan jadi sebati dalam jiwa. Jiwa pun lama2 menanah dan rosak. Asyik membuak2 dengki dan tak henti2 tertanya2 dan menyangka benda bukan2. Ye lah.. jiwa kita ni kalau nak mereka sesuatu yg buruk tentang org mmg menyeronokkan. Tambah kalau nengok org tu terjelepuk dpn kita. Mcm menang loteri rasanya kan?

Tapi pernah tak berfikir sejenak? Kesudahannya? Apa yg dapat dari semua ini? Kalau setakat rasa puas hati, bangga dan menang… baik lah bersihkan jiwa tu. Kalau itu yg dapat sampai org lain berpecah belah, porak peranda apa guna? Kita kena ingatkan diri kita selalu.. ALLAH bayar CASH atas apa yg kita buat.

Henti-hentikan lah kerja yang tak berfaedah tu… Baik ah jaga hal sendiri! Aku pun nak berhenti disini saja sebelum aku melalut benda yg tak sepatutnya. Cara aku cakap ni pun dah mcm org yg aku cita di atas.

Sekarang aku dah rasa lega dapat luahkan apa yg nak aku luahkan. Kerana selepas ini aku nak bersihkan jiwa aku dari semua yg berpenyakit negatif ni.

Sesungguhnya hidup kita ini hanya sementara..

Firman Allah:
“Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Jauhilah daripada perasaan prasangka (buruk sangka), sesungguhnya sebahagian daripada prasangka itu ada dosa dan janganlah kamu mencari-cari kesalahan orang lain dan janganlah sebahagian daripada kamu mengumpat sebahagian yang lain. Sukakah salah seorang daripada kamu memakan daging saudaranya yang telah mati? Maka tentulah kamu merasa jijik kepadanya. Oleh yang demikian, bertaqwalah kepada Allah. Sesungguhnya Allah maha penerima taubat lagi maha pengasih sayang.” (Q.S. al-Hujurat: 12).

Friday, 11 April 2008

Mak Datin oh Mak Datin..

Currently I am renting an apartment. So this is my first month of rental. While driving just now I received a phone call from my landlady. She said that she was around my house n would like to collect the house rent. I told her that I had already bank-in the rental on the 3rd April.

She asked me which bank that I bank-in. I told her the one that stated in the tenancy agreement. She said she totally forgot about that. Then I asked her whether she agreed that way or she wants to collect the rental monthly.

She said she preferred me to bank-in to the bank. BUT I have to sms to her after that. As she said she might not know the money is from me as she normally has lots of ‘money’ credits to her account n doesn't know which n who it's from. Hmmm…. Really? Duhhh…

The first time when I met this landlady that I call Kak Ema, she looked so stunning like Mak Datin. (she drives Merz C class). When we started talking n introducing ourselves that was the part that made me believed it more. But she never introduced herself as Datin n instead called herself by the name.

When I told her that we just came back from Oman, she said that she just came back shopping from Dubai. When I told her that I send my daughter to HIBS Genting Highland, she said that she sent before one of her daughter there too. Then when my hubby told her that he’s from Malacca, she said that she has one house at one of the Golf Club there..

Well.. I don’t know... maybe all of these were just the coincident. But on top of that she is actually really a nice lady.

Thursday, 10 April 2008

A Special Guest

Today I received a special guest to my house, my dearest sis from Oman – Oja n family. I am so happy to meet them. We had lunch together. The dish today was lemak cili api daging+rebung, tempe goreng, ikan mask kicap n sayur goreng. When I was cooking it reminds me a lot those days when I’m gonna have the ‘makan-makan’ session at my house back in Oman.

And today while eating n talking with Oja n Rohimi, it made me miss so much the crowd n friends back there. But anyway… terubat jugak rinduku dgn celoteh Oja n the kids.

Later on we went to Kakak Jamaliah’s house to visit her. We were there chatting till 5pm. During the perpisahan part, Hakeem n Rasyad just couldn’t bare with it. They were holding hands each other n kept saying that u have to come to my house. Actually Rasyad didn’t mind at all not to go back with his mom. He wanted to go to Hakeem’s house.

Oh… they were so sweet n cute together. But sorry guys… me n Oja have to be the witch! We have to pull them off. During the journey back home, Hakeem was grumbling about the non-satisfactory feelings n situations. He said he doesn’t like to stay in Malaysia n wants to go back to Oman. He missed Haiqal, Abang Zaid n all his friends back there.

Well… after explained again n again to him, he’s still not satisfied. Which at the end he asked for his Ayah.. I feel sorry for him.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

I Feel Good

It has been 2 months since I had not done any workout/exercise/bersenam/bersukan n whatever category that falls under ‘sweating up n pumping up’. Since I moved back here, I have been looking around the fitness centre at my area. I couldn’t find any decent one that suits my criteria.

Well.. I know there are a lot around Kelang Valley here, to name some of it like celebrity fitness, fitness centre or clark hatch but none of it are located around the place I stay. I don’t want to go too far which at the end I got stuck in the traffic n that soon will demoralize me to go to the gym centre.

Recently I bought the weighing machine n I just couldn’t believe that I’ve putting up my weight so much. At first I thought it’s the machine (trying to find fault… ahaks) but it’s me who was standing on that machine with that ‘big number’. I was upset for a few days.

I was totally disappointed with my blotted body here n there. And that’s why it determines me more to seriously start doing something. I actually bought the aerobic cd to do at home. Believe it that it only lasted for two days!! Yesterday I made a few calls to the fitness centre n finally got one n registered.

So this morning, I started doing my first cardio n a bit of pumping up here n there. I feel lots better n feel good. I am not really a kind of sports person but I started love n addict to this exercise after being influenced by my hubby. Normally my morning will be a very long n dull. After sending my kids to school I will sit at the sofa n staring at the wall until I got tired. Then I started to lie down n sometimes fell asleep. Then only after that I will have my breakfast n do my house chores.

And that’s why I need to do some workout to energize n boost up my day. And indeed I am not a bit regret though I have to dig out quite some amount of money.

p/s: my dear friend in Oman... duk pergi gym lagi tak?

Sunday, 6 April 2008

The Weekend

My weekend was fulfilled with the outing activities. It started on Saturday that I went to accompanied my dearest cousin Dhaniah to Ikea. Furthermore I never been there before, the new Ikea which I heard the size is so huge. The place was packed with lots of people. We had lunch at The Curve area then later mingled around at the mall n the area nearby.

This morning I went to visit Nadira at her school. I took her, Azreen n Faris for outing. We went to the nearest Mall which is at Wangsa Maju Jaya Jusco. They were so happy. I am glad that Nadira is happy at her new school n could get along well with her new friends.

I sent them back after 3 hours there. It was heavy rain thru out my journey back home. One thing for sure I will surely miss her.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Treasure

I know that I can’t do much with all these ‘treasure’. I just have to wait till I clear up n make do the house. So meanwhile I just have to bare with the mess that hurt my eyes. What I can foresee that I will definitely have lots lots lots of things n energy to unpack n clear up all the boxes.

Above are all the boxes that we shipped from Miri, Sarawak. It was there since 2005. Before this, all the boxes were stored at the rented storage. We had recently opened some of the boxes to take our things. And some of the boxes were already opened n being intruded by the uninvited guests – cik anai-anai.

And these are all the boxes that just being delivered just now. Fresh from Oman.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

The Attitude

I’ve succeeded in locating the Jabatan Air Selangor Kelang office. This morning after sent my kids to the school I straight away went there. I reached there quite early n not sure whether the office has open or not. So I waited n went in to the office at 8.30am.

The person in charge told me as my water has been terminated since March 2007 so I have to reapply as a new consumer. She gave me the forms n list of documents needed to be submitted. One of the things that I have to do is to get the plumbers who are licenced under SYABAS to install the stopcock meter n get their licence stamping.

After filled up the form I made a call to one of the 38 plumbers listed by SYABAS. I called the person recommended by the officer just now. This plumber’s name is En Yunus.

At first I asked him whether he can come today. He said YES n in the evening. I asked him the time n he said that he will call me back to confirm. I told him that I need him to settle this by today as I want to get my water installed fast. He said that even if he comes today, SYABAS will take 3 days to come n install the meter.

I understood that but if he can settle by today, I can submit back the form tomorrow morning. I asked him again whether he can come today coz if he can’t then I’ll get somebody else. You know what did he answer?

Saya boleh datang hari ni, tapi petang sikit.’ I asked again ‘petang pukul berapa?’ He said ‘nanti saya call puan. Tapi kalau puan nak cari org lain terpulanglah’ I said ‘awak kena bagi tau saya boleh datang ke tak? Kalau awak tak boleh datang saya cari lah orang lain pasal saya nak benda ni cepat selesai’

He answered to me ‘ikut suka puan lah.. dalam kepala saya ni pun banyak benda saya tengah fikir’ Then I said ‘ok lah kalau mcm tu saya cari orang lain, terima kasih’ Ish… is that my problem that u have lots of things in your head? Sigh…

I looked back at the list given. Should I call En Rashdan? En Juhari? Mr Ganisan? Mr Lai? Will I get the same response like En Yunus just now? Hmm…. After a few moments looking at the list, I picked the lucky Mr ONG. And I am lucky though.

A very nice n humble person. He came one hour after I called him. The job has been done within 5 minutes only. Mission accomplished!

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Malu Bertanya Sesat Jalan

Nabila n Hakeem had started their kelas agama this morning. Today they woke up very early n alhamdullilah no ‘drama’ in the morning. They were excited n looking forward to go this school. After sent them I went back home cooked n did some house chores.

I went out again at 9.30am to Tenaga Nasional to settle n install the electric. I didn’t know that the electricity was still there n not being disconnected. I guess I have to call the electrician man to check on the wiring n some connections.

My next task is to go to Jabatan Air Selangor. The letter stated that I have to pay all the dues at the Kelang Office. With a very little knowledge of the Kelang area, I decided to call the hotline for the guidance. The operator seems to be very helpful. She explained to me how to go there n all the landmarks that I have to take notice at.

I think my last trip to Kelang town was about 5 years back. That was also just at the office somewhere at the bridge that we came from Kuala Lumpur. I don’t really familiar with the Kelang area. So I crossed my finger that I can find the place.

I drove confidently passed of the bridge n the town until I saw the signboard stated the medical centre that mentioned by the helpline operator just now. I made a turn to the junction. But once reached at the small junction in front I got lost n panic. I didn’t know where to go as there was a car behind me so I’ve decided to make a left turn.

After kept driving for 5 minutes I had the feeling that I’ve got the wrong way. I just kept driving until I reached the main roundabout that I came just now. I don’t know how I got there. So this is like I am going back to the same way. Then finally I found the medical centre. The operator said it is exactly beside the medical centre.

But when I reached there I saw Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran Selangor. At the moment I knew that I got the wrong place. I parked my car n went inside to enquire the exact location for this Jabatan Air Selangor. First I told the officer that I knew that I came to the wrong place but I was told by the helpline people that it is beside the medical centre.

He said : ‘memang betul kat sini.. pejabat tu memang betul atas ofis kita’. Then I said: ‘atas ofis encik? Tingkat berapa?’ He replied: ‘bukan atas ofis.. atas bukit belakang ofis ni’ Huh… nak buat lawak ke apa pakcik ni?? Hmm.. a bit annoyed with the answer I asked how to go there since it’s near n just above his office!

He asked me where I came from n I answered from the federal highway. He asked me again whether I took the bridge or not? Obviously that everybody has to pass over that bridge to go to the town. Then of course I said YES. He asked me to go back to that bridge n wanted to explain to me how to go there. Oh dear.. I wonder what was on his mind at the moment. Do I look like a nerd person or like makcik yang tanya nak bayar bil astro kat ofis dia?

I asked him can’t I just go from here? Why don’t u just guide me how to go from here n that it will be much easier. Then he explained to me…. but it’s still the way from that bridge. Ok.. ok… When I got back to the car it was already 11.15. If I were to go back again to look for the place it’ll take more of my time. I have to fetch my kids at 12.30.

And looking at the traffic I’ve decided to go back home. Well.. I didn’t really managed find the way out from there. I just drove followed by my instinct. And finally I found my way out to the federal highway. I guess tomorrow I have to continue my hunt n mission to this place again. And I hope that it will be succeed.