Saturday, 28 February 2009

The Hand Over

Today is exactly one year I rented a house since came back to Malaysia for good. I had actually moved out from the house end of November last year. As the rental contract is a year so the condo was left vacant for 3 months.

All the attention went to our new house. So the house was left in totally bizarre mess. I was supposed to return the key to the owner today. Somehow my bro-in law who got job offered in KL like the house n wants to stay there.

So he will continue renting there. He had actually moved in there since a week ago. Today I sent my maid there to clean up the house. We did thorough spring cleaning. After looking at the house cleaned, it reminds me back the whole year I stayed there.

It’s a nice small cosy house n we love it. Hakeem n Nabila were a bit sad to leave the house. We left the house with the memories behind us. Now the house is in a liveable n clean condition waiting for the new owner, Nazri.

Friday, 27 February 2009

Sad Moments

Today I sent hubby to KLIA without kids as his flight is in the afternoon. This time I was totally in a different mood n situation. Looking him walked down the escalator to the immigration counter made me really sad.

I used to see Nabila sad n gloomy face with tears down her cheek n now I am alone saying good bye to my hubby. I sturdily holding back my tears n kept saying to myself, be strong..

I then walked back to the car park slowly weakly with lots of things in my mind.

I already missed him. When fetch kids from school, their non-stop questions were – Where is Ayah? Has he gone back? Did he tell his boss that he’s not going there anymore?

I pray that hubby will have a safe journey.

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Special Night Out

Last night hubby took me out for a dinner. It’s a special dinner only for the two of us. I couldn’t remember when the last time we had dinner alone, probably ages. He booked a place at our friend’s newly opened restaurant – Ibunda Restaurant somewhere along Jalan Bukit Bintang.

It’s a Malay fine dining cuisine. The place was nice n cosy. We got a complimentary cake to celebrate our anniversary special dinner. We had our newly wed friend joined at separate table. After dinner we lepak-lepak at the mamak stall chit chat till midnight.

Thanks to hubby for the wonderful dinner n lovely gift. I guess this was the most expensive dinner I ever had in entire of my life! Nasib baik cukup duit nak bayar….

Sunday, 22 February 2009

Splendid Sunday

As planned, we started our Sunday with roti canai breakfast at our favourite restaurant – Rafi. Later on hubby n kids went by train to KLCC n I headed by car. We met there n walked to Aquaria.

Nabila n Hakeem were very excited especially when given an opportunity to touch starfish. We spent there about an hour. Nabila was a bit frustrated as she expected to see the mermaid.

Later on we walked back to KLCC to have our lunch. We strolled around n went back home in the evening.

That’s our Sunday. A lovely n happy Sunday with hubby around except we miss Faizah, Nurul n Adik around.

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical

I’ve been very busy busy busy for the past few days. I don’t even have time to check emails or update blog. Even hubby was been neglected on n off.. sorry ye.. Now finally I had settled n managed to accomplish my 'little project' on schedule.

Beside that today I was very lucky indeed coz managed to get a ticket to watch the Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical. It was a cancelled ticket by my cousin’s sis. Though I was tired the whole morning n afternoon but the night cheered me up.

This is my first time (including hubby) been to the Istana Budaya. We were astonished to see the play. I guess I don’t have to say much about the show as it’s proven by what I heard from everybody that it was totally superb n magnificent.

Thumbs up to AC Mizal who I like most n also the handsome Hang Tuah who has suara yg sungguh merdu. As for Tiara.. she was splendid. As for Adlin.. hmmm.. mcm mana dia komen budak2 AF menyanyi, mcm tu ah dia menyanyi.. hehehhhe.. but his acting part – superb!

Everybody in the play was doing their good job. I will surely make a point that theatre will be in one of our activity.

Sunday, 15 February 2009

Special Guests

Today I organized a special gathering. In the afternoon I cooked lunch n invited my sis in-law to come around. It’s a special dishes lauk kampong. My mother in-law n Fifi left drove back to Malacca after lunch.

In the evening, it’s a lepak-lepak minum petang. We had our special guest – Oja & family from Oman It’s good to see her after so long. Hakeem was so excited to see Rasyad n they were non-stop playing n talking. Same goes to me n hubby – catching up hot sizzling news from Oman.. hehehhhe..

We also have our dearest brother – Nazri, Pidin, Uci n Udik around. This is just like an old time when we were used to hang up together. Except this time I miss a few ‘kaki’.. And I really miss this kind of gathering.

Oja went back earlier n left those boys chatting up till midnight.

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Good Bye & Good Luck

Tonight is the day Faizah is going to leave all of us. We departed from Malacca at 3.00pm n reached KLIA around 5.30pm.

It was such a sad moments for all of us to see her leaving. Though she always being away from the family but knowing the fact that this time she will be far far away at another part of the world made us sadder.

She called us n safely arrived at the Hobart, Tasmania Australia.

To Faizah, Mommy n everybody here always pray n wish that u will be fine out there. Take a good care n always remember ‘kata-kata hikmat’ from Wan, Ayah, Mommy, Mak Long n others.

I know u are a strong n tough girl. I am also believed that you will succeed n come back as DOCTOR ASHLEY FAIZAH. Take care n we will surely miss u lots n lots..

Friday, 13 February 2009

My Wedding Anniversary

I believe whatever God destined to me in my life are for reasons. Therefore when I started falling in love with my husband, I knew it was meant to be. I don’t care what people might think n say. I don’t care the consequences that I will face. It’s my life. It’s my happiness n it’s my future.

I am faithfully blessed n thankful for having a wonderful husband. Today is our Wedding Anniversary. For some people it’s a small number of years. But for us, we are so grateful that we managed to go thru the hitch n glitch thru out these years.

I pray that God will protect our marriage, children, home n life. To my dearest hubby, Happy Anniversary. Thank you for all the kindness n compassion towards me. I love u with all my heart.

When I was young, my fondest wish
Was a marriage that could be this good.
Where we’d work through pain to laugh again

As loving partners should
I’m happy with you;
to me you just shine
And I’m blessed and thankful that you are mine

Monday, 9 February 2009

Snowe - Away

Tonight after sent Nabila n Hakeem to Quran class, I rushed to my cousin’s house to send our rabbit Snowe there. Everywhere we go even going back to Malacca or Kedah, we always bring Snowe with us.

For some reasons this time, we have to leave him behind. Furthermore Shafiqa n Amar were looking forward n volunteered the moment I suggested about this. I was supposed to sent Snowe in the afternoon but I was busy with something. Shafiqa called me in the evening asking why I didn’t sent Snowe yet..

When I told Nabila n Hakeem that their cousins will be taking care of Snowe they were a bit reluctant. They never had been separated from their pet yet. Hakeem has non-stop saying NO.. NO.. don’t take my Snowe away. Where else Nabila was worried whether Shafiqa n Amar can really look after her pet.

After long explanation n assurance they finally agreed with this arrangement. To avoid disappointment n ‘drama’ I sent Snowe without them around. Shafiqa n Amar were not at home too as they went for the tuition class.

Snowe will be away for a week. I hope he will be fine at his new home. To Shafiqa n Amar… please take a good care of Snowe. Nabila had given a long list of do’s n don’t to me to be explained to them. I am sure Shafiqa n Amar are happy to have Snowe around.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Exclusive Fireworks

I love fireworks. I always have the opportunity to view the fireworks during either Merdeka or New Year countdown. Other than that, just on TV.

Recently since Chinese New Year, I’ve been listening to the loud fireworks around my neighbourhood. The first one, all of us were very excited. Me n children ran n had a close view thru the girls’ room. It was so beautiful.

Later then, almost everyday we had the exclusive view of these fireworks from these toke2 besar. Tonight again, if I am not mistaken there are 4 houses having CNY function. Some of them even have the lion dance show.

Just wanna share some photos taken (from my window bedroom) of these beautiful fireworks.

Friday, 6 February 2009


While I was cooking lunch yesterday, Mr Contractor came with his man to repair the leaking on the ceiling. They already came the day before n found the problem which was from the water tank. It seems that the water tank was leaking which caused the water dripping thru the ceiling.

So yesterday they came to rectify it. Mr Contractor told his mission was to drain out the water from the tank. Let the tank dry n they will fix the leaking part of the tank. I told him just do whatever needed as long it is fix.

So he n his man went up thru the ceiling to the located tank. I told him that I will be downstairs continuing cooking if he needed me. After 5 min later, I heard his man – Ali was shouting panicky loudly “Kakak.. kakak.. cepat naik atas.. banjir ni

I n Faizah then quickly ran upstairs. I was so stunned for a few moments to see water was flooding everywhere in both rooms of my children n also came out to the family area. I looked at Mr Contractor panicked face n fired him with non-stop questions of WHY? WHAT HAPPEN? ARE YOU CRAZY? n lists go on n on.

We took about 15 min (five of us) draining the water out from the room, mopping n removing affected furniture. It was totally disaster n I was so angry with their reaction. To me they were just acting so stupid. How could they drain out the water from the tank without knowing n checking where it goes?

When asked, they said that they didn’t expect it will come out thru the toilet attached to both of my children’s room. It was such a stupid excuse. My answer n remark to him was very simple – If any of my furniture or floors were damage due to this case, I will definitely get u to replace it. I saw him swallow his saliva hard with pale face which I DON’T CARE!

Monday, 2 February 2009

When I am Sick

I hardly get sick. The most I complained of my sickness was only migraine or headache. I still remember those days how hard for me to pretend in front of my boss n doctor to get MC.

I am now having body aching n sore throat. I think I got these since I came back from Kedah. I took Panadol on n off for two days but still not fully recovered.

This morning I forced myself to drive down to the clinic for check-up. The doctor gave me some antibiotics n other medicine. I feel a bit better now.

What I hate when I am sick is when hubby is not around. Secondly I am physically sick n weak but I still have to run an errand n routine. Yesterday morning when I woke up, I felt so weak n wished I could just stay on the bed. But I forced myself to get up or else all of us in the house will be starving. I went to the wet market to buy supply for the week.

I came back then cooked lunch. After that I put on my sweater n lied down in front of the TV. In the afternoon I felt a bit better (maybe because of the Panadol). I felt so bored n got my kids to join me to bake cupcakes. Later in the night I felt shivering n cold.

I told myself to realize that I am not young anymore. My antibody might not be strong as before. I am thankful to God that I hardly got sick. I am alone here n my children needs me. If I were to be bedridden then nobody will send them to school. Nobody will cook for them.

I pray n hope that the medicine I took will make me better n fully recovered. Tomorrow onwards I have lots of things to do.
p/s: bila sakit-sakit mcm ni.. emo lah pulak.. huwaaaa