Friday, 6 February 2009


While I was cooking lunch yesterday, Mr Contractor came with his man to repair the leaking on the ceiling. They already came the day before n found the problem which was from the water tank. It seems that the water tank was leaking which caused the water dripping thru the ceiling.

So yesterday they came to rectify it. Mr Contractor told his mission was to drain out the water from the tank. Let the tank dry n they will fix the leaking part of the tank. I told him just do whatever needed as long it is fix.

So he n his man went up thru the ceiling to the located tank. I told him that I will be downstairs continuing cooking if he needed me. After 5 min later, I heard his man – Ali was shouting panicky loudly “Kakak.. kakak.. cepat naik atas.. banjir ni

I n Faizah then quickly ran upstairs. I was so stunned for a few moments to see water was flooding everywhere in both rooms of my children n also came out to the family area. I looked at Mr Contractor panicked face n fired him with non-stop questions of WHY? WHAT HAPPEN? ARE YOU CRAZY? n lists go on n on.

We took about 15 min (five of us) draining the water out from the room, mopping n removing affected furniture. It was totally disaster n I was so angry with their reaction. To me they were just acting so stupid. How could they drain out the water from the tank without knowing n checking where it goes?

When asked, they said that they didn’t expect it will come out thru the toilet attached to both of my children’s room. It was such a stupid excuse. My answer n remark to him was very simple – If any of my furniture or floors were damage due to this case, I will definitely get u to replace it. I saw him swallow his saliva hard with pale face which I DON’T CARE!


Abdul Q said...

wow rumah banjir2 pun tetap cantik. bilik sape warna hijau tu?

Vogue Mom said...

yg hijau tu bilik hero kecik kita - Hakeem. Nak luruh jantung aunty bila nengok air dah melimpah keluar.