Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Swimming Gala

Today is a swimming gala for Nabila n Hakeem school. The event started at 9.30am. It started with Hakeem’s class. Hakeem is not actually into swimming. He is always scared of water n complaint of cold. He will normally take longer time to warm up in the pool. Once he is already got ‘connected’ to the water then he will not stop!

As in his event today, he was not really participated. I could see that he would just sat n soak his feet into the pool. The instructor has to talked n reassured him. He at last reluctantly went into the pool. What he enjoyed most was the splashing water game!

While for Nabila, swimming is her favourite. She even takes swimming lesson in the CCA for this term. For today’s event she took part in sea horse n rings game. She got second place for the events.

Well done to Nabila & Hakeem. The weather was getting hotter towards the afternoon. Lucky my children’s event finished before 12noon. I took them back home after that.

Sunday, 29 March 2009


Yesterday I went back to Malacca. It was a trip over the weekend. Since I will be visiting my hubby, I sent my maid to stay over at kampong. After all, the maid at our kampong buat hal n my mother in-law is still waiting for the replacement. With Karsih around it will ease the burden of my mom. I could see that she looked very tired n drained.

I’ve informed earlier to my children that Kakak Karsih won’t be around with us for a few days until we go to see Ayah. All of them have to be independent n try to minimize my workload at home. When reached home from Malacca I asked them to take the luggage out from the car which as usual if the maid is around, they just ran straight to the house.

Surprisingly they even know that they have to put their shoes in the cabinet. Hmm.. that was a good start. I without delay went to the kitchen to pick up the dry clothes as I heard the storm n the cloud was getting darker.

I then water the plant n grass which looked so dry. While I was doing all these my children were taking a shower. They were so proud telling me that they took shower by themselves. After dinner I continued folding clothes n did some ironing.

Actually I & my children are used not to have helper around. They have seen me doing all the house chores from scratch n always give me a hand when I need ones. So it was not really a big impact to us.

BUT… it is actually also nice to have a helper around. I could have ample time for my own. Hakeem also will always have somebody to make susu for him – “ Kakak Karsih… buat susu sikit panas…”

p/s: I just couldn's resist not to take the picture of bunga kantan behind my mother inlaw's house. Geram nengok & segar bugar..

Friday, 27 March 2009

Child Led Parent Conferences

Nabila & Hakeem school is holding a Child Led Parent Conferences (CLPC). I’ve chosen the time for them in the afternoon. It started with Nabila n followed by Hakeem.

The session is actually to show parents what the children are doing at school. The presentation n explanation all was done by the child. During Nabila’s session she first showed me the laptop that she use everyday. She did all her numeracy, literacy n IPC in her dedicated own server.

Nabila who loves to writes stories showed me her long pages of essays of what happened every weekend. I was so impressed over her long detailed stories. She then showed n explained me further about all her works done in the class.

Later on I moved to Hakeem’s class. Hakeem has made such a tremendous progress. He is now able to read the low/medium frequency words. He was so proud showing me around his works n achievements of his works. I was really worried about him for not being able to read yet.

It is actually my fault for comparing him over Nabila which I am not supposed to do that. According to his class teacher, Hakeem has achieved the level of reading at his level n I am not to worry. Hakeem is so good n has lots of interest in mathematics.

And the good thing is he is less being chatterbox during the lesson. He gave more focus towards what the teacher was teaching in front. Hakeem is well known in the class as a ‘chatterbox’. His teacher always tells me that he always got things to tell.

Kak long.. Hakeem even told his teacher “My big sister ran to Australia” His teacher has to confirm with me whether it was true.. hehhehehe.. Well done to Hakeem & Nabila for their good performance in school.

p/s: Thanks to Noorul for letting me lepak at your house. My mistake for not reading the newsletter properly that I came very early in the morning.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Nasi Lemak Kampung Baru

Kampung Baru is not just famous for its nasi lemak. The place got lots n kind of variety foods originally from all states in Malaysia. You just name it – be it nasi dagang, nasi kerabu or nasi bubur n even masakan Thailand, you can easily find those here.

There are a few famous nasi lemak there that I know like Antarabangsa, Wak Manjor n the City Garden. My hubby n bro just go crazy over Wak Manjor’s nasi lemak. Tak tau ah tang mana yg sedap.. As for me those just taste almost the same. So so…

Last night My Aunty came down from Kedah n wanted to eat nasi lemak at Kampung Baru. When asked she said she wanted the one at Kelab Sultan Sulaiman which is City Garden. I’ve not being there for so long. The last time I went there probably was 10 years back.

I’ve even missed the junction to go to the place. Last time I remembered it was a small lane. The place – City Garden Nasi Lemak itself doesn’t change a lot. They are still selling nasi lemak bungkus which now cost 70cents plus variety kinds of lauk pauk.

Anyway we enjoyed our dinner there with the background of Mat Lalok basking his guitar dgn irama yg agak menyakitkan telinga..

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Girls Out

This morning I had a coffee morning with all mom’s from Hakeem’s class. This is just to get together session while discussing with some issues regarding our children. I actually seldom get involve with the activities at school. I would love to do so but because of the timing n the distance from my house to school that always pull me back.

I will choose the suitable timing either very early in the morning or nearly end of school. Anyway this morning session was good as some of the pending issues have been settled. After that I met my cousin who was having training at Pusat Putra Bangi.

I fetched her there. This place is really a nostalgic place for me. This was the place that I always come every day/week from the time I was single till dah beranak pinak. I used to give the IT training for the CIMB personnel. I got to know that most of the people I know are no longer there.

Later on we had lunch at the Alamanda. It has been so long that I didn’t go out with her. So that is surely lots of things n gossips to catch up. I guess I have to meet my girlfriends often as it is good for my hormone system!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Chef Wanna Be

Every time when I chat with hubby over the phone or YM a must question for him was – “Masak apa hari ni?” Then he will be telling me – kari ayam, mee sup, nasi goreng and sometimes he complaint he didn’t know n had no idea what to cook.

Kitchen is not really my hubby’s territory. All these while he didn’t really bother to get involve in cooking but always helpful to give me a hand when I needed help in preparing meals. The first time when he went abroad alone, I packed lots of food stuff for him. All kind of rempah, perencah, maggie mee n even kicap.

He at first reluctant n said that there was no need to bring all these - the i-can-survive-hubby statement. Huh.. MAN.. what do they know. After couple of weeks, he told me how glad he was that I packed all those stuffs. I even forced him to buy lots (more than 20 packs) sorts of bread every time sent him at the airport.

After a year being alone hubby has now being able to cook chicken curry, soup n fried rice. He even bragged that his curry was getting even better which he still yet to cook for me! Beside curry that he learned D.I.Y he is actually good in cooking this one special meal. The special meal that he always loves to prepare when his children are around.

During his last visit, Faizah requested him to cook this special meal for her. Apa lagi… dgn besar hati dan kecuhnya lah hubby masak.. It’s “terung cemburu di hati” as he named the dish which actually a black pepper brinjal. This I have to give credit coz mmg sedap.. Tapi kekadang jual mahal nak masak kat kita orang..

Hubby said some man was born to be an expert in cooking which he doesn’t. Being alone n learned to cook actually made him appreciate more of my cooking.. Every time when I cook or eat what he likes it sometimes made me a bit guilty that he was not around. Especially at his staying place now, halal food are so difficult to get plus if any it does not meet his taste bud.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Those Days...

This morning my cousin’s friend – Emi came to collect the ordered cupcakes. She is celebrating her 25th birthday today. Looking at her, it reminds of me when I was 25 years old. She is a lawyer. I can say a very trendy glamorous lawyer. She has a long wavy stylish hair, heavy eye liner n mascara, nice black/white suite with a high heel shoes.

Well.. those days I was like her, except of course I am not a lawyer! I started working at the age of 21. I still remember my parents sent me to temporarily stay at my grandaunt’s house in Gombak as we don’t have anybody close in KL. I work in the central of KL n my main of transport at that time was mini bus – bas no 14!.

Though I started my career at the bank as a temporary data entry clerk (paid by hour), that didn’t stop me to dress up. I still remember woke up as early as 5.30am to get ready n waited at the simpang for my bus ride. If I were to be late then I will never get a seat n had to stand up till my destination.

At one time I was late n had no choice, I had to stand up at the entrance of the bus. I took the risk of my life holding the pole/door with the bus driven mad. I felt like I will be blown away. Then I got offered a permanent job in the IT line. With a big sum of salary at that time, I managed to fill up my wardrobe with the latest fashion.

I was among the few Malay in my company. I always make sure my appearance always up-to-date. With my 3 pieces suit, matching earrings n necklace.. black pantyhose n high heels, I am the confident career woman at that time. Hahahahahha.. those were the days. Those days that will make me smile n excited every time I think about it.

At the age of 25years old, I‘ve already married. I declared myself as a full time housewife at the age of 33years old. I was a bit traumatized at that time to learn that I have to stay at home n not to be as what I used to be especially having money on my own. But after awhile I have to accept the fact that was the path of my life.

I am grateful with the experienced that I have during my working time that I am able to apply it in daily life. I never regret. Though I am not a successful career woman but I have all my precious time to be with my children, husband n do what I like most – cooking n baking.

I do really miss wearing higheels!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

A Trip to Zoo Negara

Today I brought my children to the Zoo Negara. It has been so long that I wanted to bring them here. The last time I went to Zoo Negara when I was in form 3. That was ages ago..

The weather in the morning was not so promising. It was raining non-stop. I was about to cancel the trip. Suddenly at 9.00am the rain stopped. We then quickly got ready. I asked my brother, Amil n his children to come along.

We reached at the Zoo around 11.00am. The children all were very excited. Though they have to walk for almost 3 hours, they didn’t complain at all.

They were so happy n non-stop talking about the animals that they saw over there. We later on went out to have our lunch outside.

Restoran CHENG HO (AMY SEARCH) will it be my last trip?

After Zoo Negara, at first we planned to have lunch at Sate Kajang Hj Samuri. While we were on the way there I suddenly remembered about Amy’s Search Restaurant that I know somewhere in Wangsa Maju. I then asked my bro to turned around n go there.

We managed to find the restaurant – Cheng Ho Restaurant. I like the interior of the place. It was so cool n cosy. BUT.. somehow one UNEXPECTED incident happened. If u have read about the case of hot tomyam soup spilled by his worker on 4years old kid – my case was even worse. It happened to me n my family this afternoon.

I will not reveal exactly what was actually happened. I have my reasons why which I will tell that later at the end of this story so called confession.

What made me pissed off was the ATTITUDE of the workers/waiters there. What was happened was a MAJOR THING n not supposed to happen. When asked n question to one of the waiter, he dared to challenge n answered us with a rude statement.

I said to him “You sepatutnya tak boleh kasi alasan mcm ni?” He said “Saya bukan kasi alasan, saya nak kasi penjelasan” WTF.. At that time I felt like to stand up n poke his eyes with the fork. How dare him to answer like that.

After 10minutes none of them had come to us to make an apology. Maybe after looking at me n my bros talking n making faces, one lady who I guess the supervisor came to my brother. She spoke softly (to avoid other customers hearing) n said the replacement of the food will be bit delay maybe in 5 minutes.

I then interrupted her n asked; do u know what was going on? She nodded said Yes. I said till now none of u say SORRY to us n your waiter just now was being so rude to us. He answered us with stupid remarks as if what was happened like takde apa apa.

She then quickly apologized to us non-stop while patted my brother's back. To me.. it was definitely too late. Now I understand why the parents of the 4years kid, Nik Muhamad Zakwan Nik Zahir filed a civil suit against Amy the owner of the restaurant for the act of negligence on their son Nik Muhammad Zakwan. They had initially sent a letter of demand to Amy asking for RM300,000 in compensation.

I guess what motivate them to take action on this matter was because of the attitude of the staff. After spilled the hot soup, the staff didn’t even bother to help them. They have to rush to the nearby clinic for first aid before taking the son to the hospital. And of course the term of APOLOGIZE or SORRY didn’t come from any of them.

Hah.. 300k! If I were to proceed with the saman menyaman.. I will surely be asking around that too! Why I didn’t reveal of what was actually happened is not that I am afraid, lying or making up stories. I have a soft spot towards AMY SEARCH. I am a big fan of him. I had his poster sticking on the wall all over my door’s room even scrap book when I was 15years old. Even till now I still like him (of course tak fanatik as dulu..hehehhe)

I wish he was at the restaurant just now so that I can give him a few words regarding his staff. To AMY SEARCH the OWNER of the RESTORAN CHENG HO, here my say..
  1. The one that gonna spoil your name n the reputation of your business are your workers there. Muka semua mcm kena paksa kerja. No warm welcome, tak senyum n service lousy. They are not Bangla or Indon. They are all orang kita.. Ask your staff to eat at any kedai mamak n learn how to be nice to customer from those Bangla.

  2. Tell your staff to learn to admit any mistakes done. Don’t be careless, rude n remember we the customer who pay u n your staffs salary!

Maybe Amy Search tak baca lah blog I ni, tapi kalau ada sedara or kawan2 or whoever read please pass this message to him!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Shiny Day

I can say that today is quite a shiny day for me. A few good things happened today.

First Hakeem got his voice back after being serak-serak basah for the last two days. I thought my son dah nak jadi anak teruna.. hahahahha. He was very upset of loosing his voice n being so quiet. Even his class teacher was surprise n felt a bit weird not hearing the usual chatter Hakeem.

So this morning when he woke up, he said loudly GOOD MORNING to test his voice. Then he was laughing happily said “Yes Mommy.. I got my voice back! I can talk to my friend loudly today

Second, I made cuppies ordered by my friend for her daughter’s birthday. Surprisingly I baked n made it all calmly without any pressure. I am actually already given up making cuppies. It always drive me nuts n made me lose my patient. I guess no more passion n patient of doing it.

I only do to my close friends n relatives. But somehow today I was able to do it neatly with satisfaction. Yeah.. I am so proud of myself.. cewah

Thirdly, my dearest cousin Piqah got an excellent SPM result. She got 9A1. Congratz dear.. Now u have something to celebrate.. All of us actually.. Nanti turun KL I give a surprise gift for u!

Fourth, we got our ticket to Khazaks confirmed n just waiting for the visa. My children just so excited to go there to visit their dad. And me too!

So enough for today.. Nak layan SPA Q jap. Actually I just started to watch it on & off. Not really following the whole story. Quite interesting watching glamorous people living in a big house, driving big cars n talking hundred thousand n million money n projects. Hahahahha.. tapi ok lah kan..

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Saja Nak Cerita..

This happened a few weeks ago. I was at my children’s school (in the toilet) n being approached by one lady. She was looking at me n asked “Are u Malaysian?” I said “Yes”. She then asked “If u are Malaysian why did u send your children here?”

I then looked at her curiously n said “I am sorry but why did u ask me that?” while quietly said to myself – what kind of question is that n who the hell she think she is. By the way she looked n talked, she is definitely Malaysian Indian but I wonder if she is one of the parents or probably a maid.

She then said again “Well if u are Malaysian how come u send your children to the International School?” I guess this lady was definitely in a high spirit of prying. I told her “Well.. we just came back from abroad n my children need to continue their education in the International School.” I hope that satisfied her.

She answered “Ooh… my husband is a business man. He travels overseas a lot so that’s why we feel we need to send our child here. In case we have to transfer overseas” I answered “Oh.. ok” with an uninteresting tone.. So what? Da…

She continued again “It happened before to my daughter who is now in India taking medical, when we moved to overseas she couldn’t go to the International School there coz they won’t accept our school here”

And this made my head turned looked at her n said “I wonder why? I am sure there is no problem for International school out there to accept our school here. By the way which International School that u are referring to?

She said “Well any British and American school.” I asked then “Which country that didn’t accept your child?” She said “Well.. like AustraliaWah.. taknak kalah gak makcik ni.

I then said “I never encounter any problem n I believe others too. My child was from Sek Rendah in Miri. They welcomed her very well. But of course she needed to go for interview n test but she got it thru. So I dont understand why u have this kind of problem

Still not satisfied, she kept explaining the same story over n over again. To make it short I asked is she new here coz I never seen her before. She said Yes (enrolled this term) n has a son in Year 1. Oh.. I said how come I never know coz my daughter is in Year 1 too. “What is your child name?” I asked.

She mentioned the name n said “He is totally different from me. He takes his father look n skin color” Wow.. now I am curious to see how does the boy looks like.

Well.. sorry if I were to be direct here. If her mom is like kopi O, her son is like kopi susu with a less milk of course! Everyday if I were to bump into her, I will surely remember our conversation.

I always see her alone among others. Even with kaum yang sewaktu dengannya also not bother to talk to her. I wonder why…

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Nadira Sports Day

Today is Nadira’s school sports day. It was held at the Matsushita Stadium, Shah Alam. It started at 2.00pm n ended at 5.30pm. The weather was very nice. Not too hot n bit cloudy but no sign of raining.

Nadira took part in tug of war, relay 4x100m n telematch. She got gold medal for the entire match. I went there with Nabila n Hakeem who were from the beginning given a very full support to red team which also their house team at their school n Nadira as well.

Congratulations to Nadira for her semangat kesukanan.. Well done.

Friday, 6 March 2009

The Mom of the Year Award

I have been honored this prestigious The Mom of the Year award by my sister in-law Mum and Roses. Thanks sis. I am truly honored.

1. Admit one thing you feel awful about (involving being a mom).

I feel bad n awful when I have said something which I am not supposed to say to my children. This always encountered during the time when I got angry with them. If it happens to the two little ones, I feel so sorry n guilty seeing their face. If it happens to the big ones, I totally regret n wish that I could make it up.

2. List 7 things you love about your kids, you love doing with your kids, or that your kids love about you.

i) I love all my children equally. Each of them has their own special character. I love to see when they smile, laugh, play and everything in them.

ii) I love to kiss them when they wake up from sleep. Their sleepy n smelly face.

iii) I love to cook n be in the kitchen with my children who busying helping me n ask ‘what’s next mommy?’ ‘can I break the egg?’ ‘can I help u to stir this?’.

iv) I love the eagerness of them getting attention from me to hear their talking n babbling especially when something major happens! Like each of them will try to find somebody’s wrong doing n quickly running to report to me!

v) I always like to ask ‘do u love mommy?’ n they will definitely answer YES. ‘who do u love more? Mommy or ayah?’ they will say both coz if I love u more, ayah will be sad n if I say I love ayah more, you will be sad. So we love both of u very much.

vi) I love when they say ‘mommy, u look so pretty’ and mommy.. do u know that u are the best cook in the world’

vii) I love n enjoying every holiday n moments spent with all my six children. I hope when they grown up they will appreciate n remember the special kind of family that we have.
3. Send this to 5 other moms of the year that deserve a reminder that they too are the best moms that they can be. Remember to send them a note letting them know
This special award goes to all moms listed below who I feel they truly deserve it.