Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Those Days...

This morning my cousin’s friend – Emi came to collect the ordered cupcakes. She is celebrating her 25th birthday today. Looking at her, it reminds of me when I was 25 years old. She is a lawyer. I can say a very trendy glamorous lawyer. She has a long wavy stylish hair, heavy eye liner n mascara, nice black/white suite with a high heel shoes.

Well.. those days I was like her, except of course I am not a lawyer! I started working at the age of 21. I still remember my parents sent me to temporarily stay at my grandaunt’s house in Gombak as we don’t have anybody close in KL. I work in the central of KL n my main of transport at that time was mini bus – bas no 14!.

Though I started my career at the bank as a temporary data entry clerk (paid by hour), that didn’t stop me to dress up. I still remember woke up as early as 5.30am to get ready n waited at the simpang for my bus ride. If I were to be late then I will never get a seat n had to stand up till my destination.

At one time I was late n had no choice, I had to stand up at the entrance of the bus. I took the risk of my life holding the pole/door with the bus driven mad. I felt like I will be blown away. Then I got offered a permanent job in the IT line. With a big sum of salary at that time, I managed to fill up my wardrobe with the latest fashion.

I was among the few Malay in my company. I always make sure my appearance always up-to-date. With my 3 pieces suit, matching earrings n necklace.. black pantyhose n high heels, I am the confident career woman at that time. Hahahahahha.. those were the days. Those days that will make me smile n excited every time I think about it.

At the age of 25years old, I‘ve already married. I declared myself as a full time housewife at the age of 33years old. I was a bit traumatized at that time to learn that I have to stay at home n not to be as what I used to be especially having money on my own. But after awhile I have to accept the fact that was the path of my life.

I am grateful with the experienced that I have during my working time that I am able to apply it in daily life. I never regret. Though I am not a successful career woman but I have all my precious time to be with my children, husband n do what I like most – cooking n baking.

I do really miss wearing higheels!

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