Sunday, 29 March 2009


Yesterday I went back to Malacca. It was a trip over the weekend. Since I will be visiting my hubby, I sent my maid to stay over at kampong. After all, the maid at our kampong buat hal n my mother in-law is still waiting for the replacement. With Karsih around it will ease the burden of my mom. I could see that she looked very tired n drained.

I’ve informed earlier to my children that Kakak Karsih won’t be around with us for a few days until we go to see Ayah. All of them have to be independent n try to minimize my workload at home. When reached home from Malacca I asked them to take the luggage out from the car which as usual if the maid is around, they just ran straight to the house.

Surprisingly they even know that they have to put their shoes in the cabinet. Hmm.. that was a good start. I without delay went to the kitchen to pick up the dry clothes as I heard the storm n the cloud was getting darker.

I then water the plant n grass which looked so dry. While I was doing all these my children were taking a shower. They were so proud telling me that they took shower by themselves. After dinner I continued folding clothes n did some ironing.

Actually I & my children are used not to have helper around. They have seen me doing all the house chores from scratch n always give me a hand when I need ones. So it was not really a big impact to us.

BUT… it is actually also nice to have a helper around. I could have ample time for my own. Hakeem also will always have somebody to make susu for him – “ Kakak Karsih… buat susu sikit panas…”

p/s: I just couldn's resist not to take the picture of bunga kantan behind my mother inlaw's house. Geram nengok & segar bugar..

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