Sunday, 30 November 2008


Hubby is supposed to come back next week. The normal flight he takes will transit at the Suvanarbhumi, Bangkok Airport. Regrettably the Bangkok Airport is still closed. They said it will be closed till 29th Nov but till today I foresee there will be any chances that it will be opened soon. If… if it will be open tomorrow, still with all the messy n chaos that stormed the airport it won’t be safe for everybody.

I don’t want to talk about those stupid dumb protesters who are trying to ruin their own country. My worries n concerns now go to my dearest hubby. Me n kids are looking forward for his holiday. We got plans n everything for the family. Whatever it is all of us just want him to be back here.

I definitely sure that he won’t be able to take flight that route to Bangkok. There are several alternative flights that he can take which transit thru Dubai, Delhi, etc to Malaysia. Maybe those flights will take a longer journey from usual but it will better than nothing.

I have never stopped praying that hubby will be safe. I cannot lie, but deep inside me I am so damn worried. I am so worried about him. My dad, aunty, mother in-law, kids, relatives have never stop calling me asking about him.

Ya Allah, please look after my dearest hubby. Permudahkan segala urusan perjalan pulangnya. Semoga dia selamat sampai ke pangkuan kami sekeluarga.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Birthday Party

I drove back to Malacca after picking up Nabila n Hakeem from school. It was heavy rain thru out the journey. We safely arrived there around 6.00pm. Tonight I planned to have a small birthday party for Nadira.

As usual pizza is always in the menu n small cheese cake. The special guests were just family n all the little cousins who were very excited looking at the cake. After singing birthday song n blowing candle done by the birthday girl, we had to go another 4 rounds for the ‘little kids’ birthday – Nabila, Hakeem, Maisara, Uzma.

Actually all the little kids who were the one got most excited n thrilled n not to forget the birthday girl as well… Happy Birthday again Deea.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Happy Sweet 14 - Nadira

Today Nadira turns to 14. She is now a grown up beautiful elegant young lady. When I look at her, I can’t believe how fast time flies. 14 years ago I was struggling giving birth to her which at the end I had to go for cesarean. She was a healthy cutest baby. She is the favourite – cucu kesayangan of my late mom. My mom used to drag her everywhere she went n bought lots of special things for her.

She likes MTV but I don’t. She loves all the weird cheesy food but I don’t. She is so particular about wearing matching colors from head to toe but I love mixing matching colors. She is so good in art n drawing but I don’t.

I am the early riser where as she is so difficult to get up in the morning. I am very perfectionist n always want things in order but she don’t care about that at all. She loves cat but I don’t.

Though we have opposites habits n believes but we do get along very well. She sometimes can be my friend, buddy n fashion adviser. But at the other times she can also sometimes drive me up the wall.

No matter what she has done to me – made me cry or laugh, she is still the one special in my life. You are the best thing that has happened in my life.

To my dearest Nadira, Mommy wish u a very happy birthday. There might be no balloons, no big cakes or celebrations but it doesn’t mean that this special day u are forgotten. I hope that all your dreams n wishes come true. I always pray that you will succeed in your study n life.

No one can ever replace you, no one can be the best thing in my life. Mommy loves you Deea.

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Sink Or Swim

I tried to be a superwoman but I can’t. I tried to get things done perfectly but I can’t. I am currently juggling in between fulfilling my family needs n settling my house project.

I have started moving to my new house 4 days ago. I am not just moving my ‘body’ there but also at the same time transporting all the things from the old house. I’ve non-stop unpacking n arranging all the belongings. And finally today I’ve managed to tidy up everything. But I still have some of things at the old house that needed to be taken here (maybe that later.. later..)

When I’ve started staying in the house, there was some faulty n defect found. This is actually expected by the Mr Contractor n he encouraged me to go n look for any faulty n inform him. So for the past four days people were coming in n out from the house to repair n fix this n that. So far all had been done except for the alarm.

Somehow the stupid curtain people drilled the wall n touched the wiring of the alarm. All the alarm wiring broken n went haywire. Instead of hacking the effected walls to fix the wire, we found a solution of putting the wireless alarms. I was totally mad about this as I have to pay extra for the cause.

As usual my days started with sending my kids to school n run back home to monitor n make sure works done in order. I wish I could just stay at home n watch the progress but I still need to run some errands like buying groceries n cooking then fetch my kids back from school.

I have long lists of tasks that need to be attended. There are still a few items bought that waited to be sent to the house. These all are just regarding the house. Not yet about my children. My kids got sports day tomorrow. Tomorrow is also Nadira’s birthday. And tomorrow too I will be driving back home to Malacca to fetch Faizah back for her short course.

These running here n there always made me sometime forgot to take my breakfast or lunch. This at the end made me so tired n distressed. I sometimes felt guilty of not being able to attend some of my kids’ functions. I hope that they will understand the situation. I am making the house to be perfect n complete for them for the long run.

I only had a few hours sleep at night. I didn’t go to gym for many days n having disorder mealtime. My face looks so tired n one big pimple started to pop out. Every now n then I feel so discouraging n tried very hard to get things done perfectly. I've been burning the candle at both ends all week.

And again.. I am not a superwoman n not trying to be one. But it’s in all moms' n wife’s dream to be one. All I wish is for extra strength n energy for me to continue with all these.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The Kindness Bear

This week Hakeem’s class has a new member. This special ‘member’ is watching the children’s behaviour and at the end chooses a person with the best manners. This new member name KINDNESS BEAR.

Yesterday Hakeem has been chosen to be the first one that can bring back home the Kindness Bear. Hakeem has been chosen because he was the nicest n kindest during the entire day. When I fetched him from the class he was very proud to show me the bear.

I was told by the teacher that Hakeem has been so helpful n kind. He helped to clean up the class room. He has been so responsibility towards his things, willing to share toys with others n also has been so kind with his friends.

Last but not least he has been so kind enough to show around his new friend, Kathya who just joined them. He showed the new friend the direction of the toilet.

Mommy is so proud of u Hakeem. I wish you can be so helpful at home as well. When he is at home, he is the boss! His sister, Nabila who is always does the cleaning part after they play the toys!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

The Wait

For the last one week I’ve been busying unpacked boxes n cleaned up my new house. Finally today I with the help of my children n maid managed to sort out everything from all the boxes. I felt such a big relief. At last the house looked cleared n organized.

While I was unpacking one of the boxes which contains all my clothes, I just realized it was all the clothes during my ‘glamorous’ day. I even still have my wedding dress which still looked new wrapped with the dry cleaning plastic!

When looked at all those clothes it brought me back to those sweet memory lanes. The day when I met my hubby n how I dressed up to kill to impress him! Ahaks… It also reminds me of when I was as a career woman. Wearing those clothes, try to be glamorous like a supermodel with 2inch high heels.

I am so reluctant to give away those clothes to other people. So I decided to keep n pass it down to my grown up daughters. I am not sure whether they want to have it or not but I just want to keep it. Nabila n Hakeem were excited too to see their toys n belongings.

Now we are just waiting for the time to officially move in there. My children had already bugging me to sleep at the new house. The house is actually ready but I still wouldn’t want to move in yet until I am satisfied with the alarm system (which still ongoing testing) n those teeny weeny things like transferring astro, washing machine pipe, gas for the stove n lots more.

But one thing for sure, Insyaalah I will make the house ready by the time hubby is home for his holiday.

Friday, 21 November 2008

Nabila's Party

Today Nabila had her birthday party at the school. She was so happy n excited. When I arrived with the birthday cuppies, all her friends were so curious to have a look at it. When I opened the box they were screaming excitedly to see the lovely cupcakes with their name written on it.

Nadira has being asked by her class teacher, Mrs Tate to dress up as a princess. So today she was the centre of attraction. She looked so lovely with that princess dress. After the blowing candle session done, they had games like musical chair, statue dance n 7-up.

I was glad to see all the children were in high spirits especially Nabila. She indeed never stopped smiling n giggling during the party. I can see that Nabila is popular n favourite among her friends as almost all the girls were calling n pulling her for attention!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Birthday Cake & Presents

Nabila used to have her yearly bash birthday party. Sadly this year I won’t be able to do it for her. Today after she came back from school, I organized a small party for her. It’s just for her to blow the candle n open the presents.

She looked very excited n happy with the cake n presents. But deep inside her I knew that she wished for everybody in the family to be here. I am feeling guilty for not be able to make this special day to what she expected it to be.

As usual I am still hooked up to the endless activities at my new house, running here n there. I was only being able to buy her birthday present this morning. While looking around for the gifts, Mr Contractor called me asking me to rush back to the site as the alarm people were there.

I was stuck there till noon. Then suddenly I remembered that I haven’t bought a cake for Nabila. It was 2.00pm n I quickly drove to Giant to buy a cake for her. It was heavy rain when I was out from there n had to rush to pick her n Hakeem from school. While I was driving, I just remembered that I forgot to get a birthday card for her.

I was totally devastated n immediately got the migraine. I felt so bad, terrible n almost burst into tears. I was having a deep thought about all of these. I was looking forward for her birthday but why is it that I had been so disorganized with my plans. I always got tired when got back home n immediately dozed off. I wish that I could have more time n energy.

Deep inside me I feel so guilty n bad. I used to bake cake for her but this year I did not. I always get a new dress for her birthday party but this year I did not. I used to be busy cooking n organizing party for her but this year I did not. I am so sorry Nabila.

Nabila will have another party with her friends at school on this Friday. I’ve ordered cupcakes n partly prepared goodie bags for the party. I still have to get some more stuff for goodie bags tomorrow. I will make sure that she will have a wonderful party with her friends on that day.

I also plan to have another birthday party for her, Deea, Faizah, Iman n Hakeem when my hubby is around. This I promise will be a blast party for them.

You're Six - Nabila

I cannot believe you are 6 years old today. I have watched you grow from a colicky baby to a fun loving toddler to the amazing girl you are today. Fast forward six years, you are a vibrant and happy little girl. You have such a great personality & love of life. You are so talented, smart and very focus in whatever you are doing.

You are matured compare to your age among your peers. You are also sometimes can be so sensitive with things happen around you. You are very considerate and thoughtful to others.

But I think what I love most about you is the way you make me feel. When you hold n cuddle me telling me just about everything. When you say that I look pretty and love my cook. When you say that you want to grown up and be just like me.

Today, as you turn six, I wouldn't be anywhere else in the world...except with you.

Happy birthday my dear sweet Nabila. May you continue to shine our lives with joy and happiness.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

The Tiring Sunday

At 9.00am this morning I started shifting my things from our staying house to the new house. I put boxes in the car but managed to squeeze in only four boxes. I put two boxes at the boot n another two at the back seat. I was saying to myself if I were to do this, it will take hundreds trips to finish it all.

After sent those boxes, I tried another method by unpacked all the items in the boxes. Then put it all in a big basket or plastic bags. And yallahhh… I managed to unpack around 10 boxes per trip. For today, I only unpacked kitchenware. I did four round trips.

After sent all the boxes to the new house, me n my children stayed there to unwrap all the kitchenware to be arranged in the cabinet. I am thankful that the two big girls (Faizah n Deea) are around to give a hand. Even Nabila n Hakeem were excited to help as well.

After unwrapped n arranged all the kitchenware in the cabinet, our kitchen was filled up with piles of packaging paper. After putting all the packaging papers in the bin bag, we then squeezed in to the car n threw it to the big rubbish bin behind my condo. For this, I had to make three round trips!

It was raining heavily n we had to carry those rubbish n threw it in the big rubbish bin. Today was such a tiring day for me. But on the other hand I am glad that I managed to clear up part of stored boxes.

Tomorrow will be another day for me to continue with other tasks. People are coming for curtain n lighting installation. I am also planning to shift more things to the house. For now I hope I will have a good rest n sleep tonight…

Friday, 14 November 2008

Welcome Home

This afternoon I went to Genting to fetch Nadira back home. Today is her last day at HIBS. Then rushed to pick up Nabila n Hakeem n on the way back stopped by at Subang Jaya to fetch Faizah. I was like travelling around the globe today.

Though I was worn out n limped like an octopus but I am happy to see both of them at home. Nabila n Hakeem were so excited to have their big sisters at home. Tonight I brought them out for dinner. As usual both of them will want to eat at their favourite Thai Restaurant – pineapple fried rice.

They really enjoyed the food till ada yang kekenyangan sampai nak termuntah! Ehem.. who’s that?? Anyway glad to have u around girls..

Thursday, 13 November 2008

The 'Pangkin'

When we decided to design n renovate the house, one of the criteria is the house must be cosy n comfy. I would love to have a modern, stylish area for the guest n at the same time to also have an area for our family or even guest to lepak-lepak with no restrictions at all.

We build our lepak-lepak place at the side area of the house which adjoining to the dining hall. When I proposed this to my I.D she came out with a few designs which at the end I chose this. At first she proposed to me what she called ‘lanai’ or ‘gazebo’. It looked common to me. I want to have a bit of traditional elements but at the same time still look simple n classy.

So this it is, our lepak-lepak place! I call this ‘pangkin’. It reminds me those days I have this at the back of my mom’s kitchen except hers was the simple one from ordinary wood. She used this place to prepare her food or even lepak-lepak there. Now this pangkin at my house definitely will be my family’s favourite place especially hubby.

This is also will be our place to have our breakfast, tea or even for the kids to lie down n get lazy. Hmm.. just imagine drinking coffee in cawan batu ala-ala kopitiam with cok kodok pisang dgn angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa.. with greens n lots of greens around the house. It’s so lovely n pleasing.

By the way the picture above was taken this evening. The pangkin is ready but still needs more touch up here n there.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

.....From My Little Heart

I proudly announce here the new blogger member in the family. She is the youngest girl in the family, our dearest Nabila. Nabila loves reading n like to scribble her tales in my laptop or her diary. I compiled it all n created a blog for her.

Please enjoy this masterpiece from her :

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Busy Bee

This morning the hired cleaner came to my new house to do the cleaning. I told them to start from the top level. Since this is a new house so the cleaning part are more on the polishing, wiping n moping the dusts. After done with instructions n briefing I left them to continue with my next tasks.

My house (inside) is 95% ready which only left the final touch up here n there. As for the outside it is just waiting for ‘lanai’ to be ready n grass to be planted. So I foresee in 10 days time it will all be completed. And I am so excited!!

Tomorrow Monday the pest control people will come to do the follow up treatment in the house. Then it follows by the unsettled matters in the house like alarm, glass door n touch up here n there. I’ve arranged on Tuesday for the beds to come in n on Wednesday for the dining table n electrical goods. While on Thursday is for the curtain to be installed.

Huh.. I definitely will be very busy thru out the week. After all the furniture in, then come the heavy loads of tasks that awaiting to be done. I have to bring all my things – clothes, books, kitchen wares to n fro from my staying house to the new house. Some of the things are still in the boxes as it was originally shipped from Miri n Oman. I have close to 200 boxes!

This will be the tough n tiring job for me. Though I have helper to help me but still I have to be around to monitor the progress n give a hand as well. I still haven’t bought the sofa n need to do some surveys. Have to go to Telecom to register telephone line n internet. Well.. the list will go on n on if I were to list it down here.

My normal routine is still continue as normal as my kids are still schooling. So I will surely be like lipas kudung running here n there to settle things. Hubby is coming home early December. I have another 3 weeks to settle all these. When he comes home, we certainly wish for all our family to be together in our new house.

So meanwhile I have to speedy up things over here. Ok.. ok.. I am taking a deep breath now…

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Sentimental Value

When we moved from Miri to Oman, we gave away n sold off almost every bulky items that we had including cars. But there is only one item that I was really reluctant to let go. It’s a cabinet made from kayu jati. Me n hubby are not really into this kayu jati furniture. In Miri, the kayu jati furnitures are so cheap n beautiful n almost all houses there have at least one. I managed to persuade my hubby to buy one for me!

I really took good care of it n everybody in the house knew that cabinet was like my ‘treasure’. This cabinet has been shipped from Miri n kept in the storage for 4 years while we were in Oman n then resided in my new house store room for 1 year.

When recovered our house had being attacked by Cik Anai-Anai most of our boxes full with books/documents got damaged. The damaged didn’t only affect our storage item but also the electrical wires. When I saw all that I didn’t gave so much hope to this cabinet. Those creepy nuisance bugs must have attacked my cabinet as well.

I never bother to open n check on it till today. Tomorrow people will start cleaning my house n I need to empty the store room. I asked helped from workers there to carry it out from the store room n unpacked it.
I screamed happily when I saw it. Rasa mcm nak peluk tapi nanti over ah pulak. Sure mat indon ni cakap tak betul makcik ni! The cabinet was still intact n look good. It’s still shining n like new. I immediately fell in love with it back. I touched n caressed the cabinet n felt so overwhelming about it.

The problem now is I don’t know where to put this cabinet. All our bedrooms are designed with built-in wardrobe. The concept design of my house is modern contemporary. And this jati cabinet is surely way way out from the concept.

Thursday, 6 November 2008


I was awake by Hakeem at 3.45am this morning. He suddenly got up cried telling me that he was having a bad dream. He was a bit shaken n looked frightened. I calmed n soothed him down. I told him that it was just a dream. He then fell asleep snuggling around me.

This morning when he woke up, I pretended like nothing happened last night n didn’t want to ask him about the dream. To my surprise that dream really stamped in his head. He was anxiously telling me that he had a bad dream last night.

Hakeem said in the dream he had grown up to a big boy. Someone was chasing him then kicked his stomach n was trying to kill him. He then shouted for help from his daddy. Ayah.. Ayah.. but Ayah was far away at Khazastan n couldn’t help me. Hakeem said that he was so terrified n scared.

At the end of the story I saw his eyes was red n tears slowly came out from the corner of his eyes. Then I realized this dream really gave a big impact to him. Hakeem is a tough boy n seldom cries. Whenever he is been scolded by me, he will always trying not to cry. He will show his stubbornness n keras hati to me.

I didn’t realized that kid as young as him would have a bad dream that he himself remembered it so well n disturbed him. Hakeem is fine now. Maybe after he told me about the dream he felt better. And I am sure now that he is much better after seeing his friends at school.

I guess the indication of the dream is my boy miss his daddy so much.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Stress Out

I feel so tired, exhausted, annoyed n frustrated. I just had a 15min argument with Mr Contactor just now. I was on the way back home n stopped my car by the road side to talk to him.

When I put down the phone, I was shivering n started to cry. My heartbeat just beating faster n faster that I just couldn’t help myself to scream n burst out my tears.

At the particular moment if u ask me who is the person that I hate most? He is the one, the @#$%$#@ Mr Contractor. I would love to punch his face or maybe kick his butt so that he will fall down into the river full of crocodiles. I JUST HATE HIM!

He made my life miserable. I hate my life now. I hate that I have to go thru all this alone. I just got fed-up with all these.

I hope I will feel better in a few hours time. I hope..

Monday, 3 November 2008

Mommy Wish All of U The Best

Today is the starting day of final major exam for my eldest daughter, Faizah. I pray n hope that she can do it well – no blackout this time k! After this exam she will continue her medical study to the offered selected University. Where ever that she might go, we will always give her the fullest support n encouragement.

Next week will be the end of term exam for Nadira n Nurul. I wish both of them all the best n attain the good result. As for Iman, she is now a leisure lady as UPSR is over.

The result is out soon n hope to receive the good news from her. The school holiday will be started next week. I will be busy as my new house now is almost ready. We’ll be moving in soon! I’ve also planned lots of programme with the children. Since hubby will be coming back during the school holidays, we plan to go on vacation.

End of the year month of Nov-Dec, 5 of my children will be celebrating their birthday. Nabila already planned to have her birthday party at school as for Nadira, she is looking forward to celebrate her birthday at our new house. So girls.. as usual give me you birthday wish list n I will try my best to fulfil it.

Meanwhile I pray n hope that all of u will achieve good results in your exam. Good Luck girls..

Sunday, 2 November 2008

Growing Flowers

This morning I went to the big famous morning market near Stadium Shah Alam. I love to go there but not my children. So I normally went there alone or with hubby if he’s around. Today I went with Hakeem.

One of the main reasons is to buy plant seeds for Nabila n Hakeem. A few months back I already bought plant seeds for Nabila’s school project. I bought extra for both of them to experiment it at home. I bought kailan & long beans seeds (very ambitious) together with soil, growing inducer n pot.

The one at Nabila’s school (tomato seeds) grew up into a small tree but the one at our house appeared nothing at all. Nabila n Hakeem were frustrated as both of them devotedly watered n visited their plant every now n then.

A few weeks after that they gave n forgot about it. One day to their surprise I bought another plant seeds which at that time was flowers. That time I followed all the instructions n tips given by the person who sold it. Unfortunately still the seeds didn’t pop up to be a tree!

I guess it was me. I heard people said it depends on your hands, tangan panas pokok sure tak hidup. Indeed it’s true. I love to see green leaves n plants in my house. I did try a few times before but none of the plants actually survived. So at the end I just let my maid took over as she loves to grow plants. So we had lots kind range of vegetables, ulam including grapes.

And last night my two gems here kept bugging me to buy for them seeds as they wanted to do some gardening. So this morning instead of buying them seeds, I bought them 2 pots of flowers. Hakeem chose the purple n pink for Nabila. When they asked me why didn’t I buy seeds, my answer to them – the seeds will take long time to grow into a tree. So this flowers are already grown n u just have to water n take care of it.

So now they are happy with their new flowers n duty. They kept talking, looking n watering the flower non-stop till I had to stop them doing it. So let see how long this will last…