Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Stress Out

I feel so tired, exhausted, annoyed n frustrated. I just had a 15min argument with Mr Contactor just now. I was on the way back home n stopped my car by the road side to talk to him.

When I put down the phone, I was shivering n started to cry. My heartbeat just beating faster n faster that I just couldn’t help myself to scream n burst out my tears.

At the particular moment if u ask me who is the person that I hate most? He is the one, the @#$%$#@ Mr Contractor. I would love to punch his face or maybe kick his butt so that he will fall down into the river full of crocodiles. I JUST HATE HIM!

He made my life miserable. I hate my life now. I hate that I have to go thru all this alone. I just got fed-up with all these.

I hope I will feel better in a few hours time. I hope..

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Mum and Roses said...

Be mentally prepared the next time. You are the boss, you say what you want and these contractors think they so smart. I wouldn't give a damn about him. Just make sure you hold the money and ignore his pressure. Your money, your say!