Saturday, 22 November 2008

The Wait

For the last one week I’ve been busying unpacked boxes n cleaned up my new house. Finally today I with the help of my children n maid managed to sort out everything from all the boxes. I felt such a big relief. At last the house looked cleared n organized.

While I was unpacking one of the boxes which contains all my clothes, I just realized it was all the clothes during my ‘glamorous’ day. I even still have my wedding dress which still looked new wrapped with the dry cleaning plastic!

When looked at all those clothes it brought me back to those sweet memory lanes. The day when I met my hubby n how I dressed up to kill to impress him! Ahaks… It also reminds me of when I was as a career woman. Wearing those clothes, try to be glamorous like a supermodel with 2inch high heels.

I am so reluctant to give away those clothes to other people. So I decided to keep n pass it down to my grown up daughters. I am not sure whether they want to have it or not but I just want to keep it. Nabila n Hakeem were excited too to see their toys n belongings.

Now we are just waiting for the time to officially move in there. My children had already bugging me to sleep at the new house. The house is actually ready but I still wouldn’t want to move in yet until I am satisfied with the alarm system (which still ongoing testing) n those teeny weeny things like transferring astro, washing machine pipe, gas for the stove n lots more.

But one thing for sure, Insyaalah I will make the house ready by the time hubby is home for his holiday.

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