Sunday, 9 November 2008

Busy Bee

This morning the hired cleaner came to my new house to do the cleaning. I told them to start from the top level. Since this is a new house so the cleaning part are more on the polishing, wiping n moping the dusts. After done with instructions n briefing I left them to continue with my next tasks.

My house (inside) is 95% ready which only left the final touch up here n there. As for the outside it is just waiting for ‘lanai’ to be ready n grass to be planted. So I foresee in 10 days time it will all be completed. And I am so excited!!

Tomorrow Monday the pest control people will come to do the follow up treatment in the house. Then it follows by the unsettled matters in the house like alarm, glass door n touch up here n there. I’ve arranged on Tuesday for the beds to come in n on Wednesday for the dining table n electrical goods. While on Thursday is for the curtain to be installed.

Huh.. I definitely will be very busy thru out the week. After all the furniture in, then come the heavy loads of tasks that awaiting to be done. I have to bring all my things – clothes, books, kitchen wares to n fro from my staying house to the new house. Some of the things are still in the boxes as it was originally shipped from Miri n Oman. I have close to 200 boxes!

This will be the tough n tiring job for me. Though I have helper to help me but still I have to be around to monitor the progress n give a hand as well. I still haven’t bought the sofa n need to do some surveys. Have to go to Telecom to register telephone line n internet. Well.. the list will go on n on if I were to list it down here.

My normal routine is still continue as normal as my kids are still schooling. So I will surely be like lipas kudung running here n there to settle things. Hubby is coming home early December. I have another 3 weeks to settle all these. When he comes home, we certainly wish for all our family to be together in our new house.

So meanwhile I have to speedy up things over here. Ok.. ok.. I am taking a deep breath now…


Abdul Q said...

wah auntie lawanya rumah! i hope i can visit some day, goodluck with all the moving in! It must be really exciting.

Vogue Mom said...

Sure Q. You r always welcome. Nanti balik sini dtg rumah ye.. TQ.