Tuesday, 13 July 2010

My First Ride

Hubby bought a new bike - naked Z750 a month ago. At first I was reluctant when he wanted to buy the bike. I had a very bad experience and still scared riding on the bike. I had a terrible accident when I was 17 years old.

Today only I had the courage taking my first ride on the bike. My god.. I was not really confident at all in the beginning. Though I have all the safety from head to toes which of course gaya kena ada.. still I am scared. I warned hubby anytime if I want to stop he has to stop n turn back home.

So here my expedition began… from my home to the guard house (about 700mtrs) I started to enjoy it. I felt thrilled tapi still maintain. Once out from my house area hubby started speeding bit by bit. Well.. takde lah rempit mana pun… I always kept an eye at the meter box to make sure it didn’t go more than 100kmph.

When we were on the highway towards Guthrie I had already smiling and felt more confidents. The wind blew so hard towards my face that I felt like my head going to be blown away too. Hahahahahaha.. I don’t know how, why but all the frightened that I had just now had gone with the wind. I was truly enjoying the ride.

Well… beside of all the ecstasy of course I felt tense n uncomfortable. I still couldn’t find the comfy position for myself on the bike. Hubby already told me to hold the oil tank so that if he were to break I wouldn't slide down pushing him.

Honestly that was what happened all the time. Hahahahahha.. Hubby siap bengang toleh blkg and kind of push me back. Dah nak cakap tak boleh!! Pardon me ok.. this was my first ride on the big bike. So kena ah keraskan badan melekat belakang dia and that what made me tensed!

We didn't go too far actually. It was just about 20min rides. I am truly enjoyed it but once I got down from the bike rasa macam lembik kaki macam jelly.. Hehehehehhee…

Anyway.. this is of course not going to be my last ride. Practice makes perfect right? Maybe next time we will go more further..

Saturday, 10 July 2010

It's Summer Holiday!

It’s a summer holiday for my children. They are going to have a long break till end of August. Huh… a break for me too as I can relax n finish up some pending tasks.

Hakeem already asked where we are going for this long holiday. All he wants is to be on the jet plane! As for Nadira, this long summer break is a time for her to study and revise as she is going to have her GCSE soon.

For the last couples week the children had been busy with their school’s activities. They had concerts, International Day festival and also sports. Here are some pictures taken by my friend, Nadia. Thanks babe..