Saturday, 28 July 2007

Allahyarham Hani Mohsin

Wednesday 25th July 2007 was exactly one year the day Allahyarham Hani Mohsin left us. The momories of him still fresh in our mind. He died at the age of 43. A very talented n creative actor, producer n tv host.

He left one daughter, 10 years old Hani Karmila. Hani Karmila is a very beautiful young girl that looks exactly like his father. She never fail visiting her dad's grave every wednesday.

May Allahyarham rest in peace. Alfatihah..

Cuti-cuti Malaysia

40 minutes to Abu Dhabi n 6 hours to Kuala Lumpur… Long n tiring journey. But before we depart to Abu Dhabi, a scene which interest me took place in the plane between the passengers n Etihad stewardesses. Usually some passengers travel alone, in couple or with family. Your seats number normally is given upon check in. It is your effort to ask the seats to be given together with other family members.

The drama started with one 3 family members complaining why they have been separated seats from each others. Then follow with a man couple insist to be stick together (don’t know whether they are gay or not..). Then again follow by 6 family members who insist to be close to each other whereas they all are old enough to travel alone.

When there r no more seats to be given, they shouted n complained. They even said that it was not their fault that they got these seats!! Again the stewardess has to beg other passenger’s consideration for their seat to be exchanged.

I don’t know what kind of attitude that this people have. What r they thinking. They r just travelling economy class but behaving like they own the plane. I do feel sorry for those stewardesses. They actually shouldn’t entertain any of those swapping seats.

If they still persist, let them sit at the seats given n after the flight take off only that can be arranged. That is what other airlines are doing.

At the other hand, we r now safely arrived to Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 1.45pm. So glad to be back here. The smell of your country n greens everywhere…

Thursday, 26 July 2007

I'll be away

I'll be flying off to Malaysia tonite. Millions thanx to those frequent visitors. 'Thank u for your suppppoooort' (ala-ala ct speaking london u..)

Will try my best to hook up to the internet ASAP with more sizzling news.

Sayonara Oman.. Here I come Malaysia tanah tumpahnya darahku..

p/s: excited n ciwi giler ni...

The last chapter of Lindsay Lohan's history of party girl

Fresh out of rehab, Lindsay Lohan was accused of driving under the influence and police found what they believe to be cocaine in her car. Witnesses said at 5:30 a.m., Lohan, 20, was driving down Hollywood's Sunset Bouelvard in her Mercedes convertible. She jumped a curb and flew into a set of trees. Right after the accident, she ran into a nearby house.

Lohan left the scene and ended up at an L.A. hospital, where police arrested her but did not take her into custody so her minor injuries could be treated. When police impounded her car, they searched it and found something else. It was a usable amount of illegal narcotics that was preliminarily identified as cocaine.

The arrest is the latest chapter in Lohan's history of hard partying. The current case could transcend the tabloids: Police say Lohan could face additional charges. Her tentative arraignment date is Aug. 24. Ronald Richards, a Beverly Hills attorney, believes Lohan could go the way of Paris Hilton -- to jail.

p/s: bet ur good buddy Paris Hilton has loads of advise abt life in jail!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

The reality of Mawi

How do u judge the quality of the artist? Voice or appearance? With so many reality or ‘mee segera’ artist it’s understandable what made them popular. So far as to date the only reality artist that wins almost all Malaysian heart is Mawi. He seems to have kind of aura that made everybody goes crazy regardless whether he can sing or not!

Recently Mawi has launched his latest album ‘Satu Dalam Seribu’ and unfortunately the sale of the album has gone beyond the expectation. Yeah.. it just went thru the market 30,000 units (since april). While 2 years ago his 1st album sold 165,000 units in less than a month. The same goes to all his other next albums..
Maybe now the reality is Mawi has slowly lost his fans? Where r all his die-hard fanatic fans?

from Utusan Malaysia...

Realiti Mawi daripada program TV realiti

SELASA lalu juara program TV realiti paling popular, Akademi Fantasia 3 (AF3), Mawi mengeluh apabila jualan album terbarunya berjudul Satu Dalam Seribu jatuh merudum.Album terbitan Maestro Records itu kata Mawi, hanya dijual sebanyak 30,000 unit sahaja biarpun ia sudah berada di pasaran sejak April lalu.

Tetapi persoalannya, sampai bilakah sanjungan para peminat terhadap juara program TV realiti seperti Mawi yang diangkat menerusi undian khidmat pesanan ringkas (SMS) itu akan berterusan?Ini kerana, tidak semua cerita yang dipaparkan oleh media massa berupa berita yang memberi kesan positif kepada penyanyi yang popular dengan lagu Aduh Saliha ini.

Sebaliknya, banyak juga berita yang dipaparkan sejak kebelakangan ini turut memberi kesan negatif kepada Mawi di mana ia boleh menghakis sokongan para peminat terhadapnya.Tanpa bakat sebenar yang berpaksikan kepada mutu dan keunggulan suaranya, Mawi mungkin bukan setakat menghadapi masalah daripada segi kemeruduman jualan albumnya itu.Dalam kes fenomena Mawi itu, pada masa yang sama ia mungkin akan turut melibatkan krisis kesetiaan para peminat terhadapnya kelak.

Tidak seperti Raja Pop, Jamal Abdillah, walau banyak mana sekalipun masalah peribadi ataupun cerita-cerita buruk yang melanda hidupnya, tetapi jualan album dan sambutan para peminat terhadap persembahan penyanyi berusia 48 tahun itu tidak pernah berubah.

Sebabnya, Jamal Abdillah tidak diangkat oleh undian SMS, sebaliknya keunikan suara dan perjuangannya sebagai penyanyi selama 29 tahun menjadi tunjang sehingga dia mampu bertahan dalam bidang nyanyian sehingga kini.

Selepas ini kalau jualan album Raja SMS itu terus juga merudum, janganlah salahkan peminat ataupun sesiapa. Sebaliknya, Mawi harus pasrah bahawa aura yang dimilikinya itu tidak mampu kekal lama berbanding keutuhan bakat seni yang sepatutnya ada dalam dirinya.

My busy day

I was non stop doing house chores since morning. I had organized 'hi-tea' for our Malaysian friend who just had his wife n kids coming from Malaysia. We invited a few of our family friends as well.

I made bihun goreng, chicken wings, potato salad n kuih apam (my first time making kuih apam, alhamdullilah menjadi... ). The function goes well n it end up around 8.00pm. After that it's cleaning time... I won't be happy to see my house untidy before i go to bed.

Prof n family are going back to Malaysia tonight. My hubby n Nadira sent them to the airport without me as my other two kids had 'pengsan' after the whole day playing with their friends. Hope Prof n family will have a safe journey.

Tomorrow it's our day.. And I have not start packing any single thing yet..

"Khualan Murah"

I guess this signboard is somewhere between Pahang to Kelantan. Maybe the owner of this Courts Mammoth trying to impress the Arabic tourist?? Or maybe the people who did this banner wasn't sure where to put the dot - top or bottom? Maybe he didn't pass thru his Jawi lesson... Well people do make mistakes.. I've seen worst here in Oman but that's in English. One day i will post some of it here..

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

The transformation of Ahmad Tarmimi Siregar


Yes.. that is him! You won’t believe it right? The new Malaysian telemovie directed by Rashid Sibir named Wali will be aired at Astro this Friday, 27th July 10.00pm. Ahmad Tarmimi played ‘pondan tua’ name Madam Zaza. He has to sell nasi lemak during day time and be drag queen at night time to support his living.

This is a story about a girl that has to look for her ‘wali’ in order for her to get married. That is when the conflicts start. Well.. u have to watch for the rest

Ahmad Tarmimi has been in the film industries for quite sometime n I guess this role play will never upset the viewer. And not to mention so far all the telemovies directed by Rashid Sibir that never failed.

So watch out u people out there.. I am already back to Malaysia by that time. Can’t wait to see this pondan tua..

Monday, 23 July 2007

Oman 34th Renaissance Day

Oman celebrated the 34th Renaissance Day, commemorating yet another milestone in the nation’s illustrious modern history. It’s a day of great rejoicing as the collective thoughts of a grateful people go back 34 years to 23rd of July when the nation was set free from the shackles of poverty, despair and ignorance. A proud country with a rich heritage finally came into its own, led by a young, visionary leader who ushered in a renaissance the abundant fruits of which we continue to enjoy.
Thirty-four years on, Oman is truly on track to achieving its long-standing aspiration to progress and prosperity. Today, the Sultanate of Oman is a far cry from the pre-renaissance image of a reclusive Arab country, its people mired in stagnation, despondency and drift. Three decades of modernisation and growth, orchestrated by the enlightened policies of His Majesty the Sultan, architect of Oman’s modern renaissance, have created the robust underpinnings necessary for the country’s sound future development.

p/s: eventhough i've only been here for 3 years, i do feel proud n enjoy to see the development of the country under the rich n powerful ruling of HM Sultan Qaboos.

Sunday, 22 July 2007

Counting Days for my summer holiday

Me n my family are counting days to go back to Malaysia for our summer holiday. We’ll be back for one month. As usual, 2 weeks in Melaka n 2 weeks in Alor Setar. I have a long list of things to buy.. especially our dry food stock that we can’t find here in Oman (e.g: asam jawa, belacan, ketupat, telur masin n etc).

Not to mention all kind of delicious foods that we are craving for long time.. kuetiaw, sotong kangkung, mee bandung, nasi kandar… huh… cerita banyak tak mau lah.. :)

I miss all my family n relatives back in Kedah. As for now they r too looking forward for my holiday. Can’t wait to see them all. Tunggu…

And not to miss the Mega Sale Carnival.. ehem.. time for shopping.. and for my hubby he will surely start picking up all the golf ‘s skill that he missed for one year.

4 days more to go....

Saturday, 21 July 2007

SpongeBob SquarePants

It’s the famous cartoon character that well known too the children all over the world. Deep down in the Pacific Ocean in the city of Bikini Bottom lives a square yellow sea sponge named SpongeBob SquarePants. SpongeBob lives in a pineapple with his pet snail, Gary, loves his job as a fry cook at the Krusty Krab, and has a knack for getting into trouble without really trying.

Recently there’s a news that another ‘siblings’ of SpongeBob was found in Muar, Johor. Check it out..

Friday, 20 July 2007

Yasmin Hani - FHM Malaysian most sexiest woman 2007

Jessica Alba has been named the World's Sexiest Woman in FHM 2007 magazine's annual poll. She deserved the title as the fact she has one hot body that most men would die for.

Our Malaysian celebrity, Yasmin Hani emerged as Malaysian sexiest woman. Hmm.... does she really sexy? The skinny walking skeleton..

Anyway, Katrina Halili managed to claim the title of Sexiest Woman in the Philippines.

Well.. sexy lies on the eyes of beholder.. For me u don't have to dress sexy to be sexy..

p/s: sorry that i don't hv the latest yasmin's photo on fhm. but looking at jes n katrina, they deserved the title.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Aduh.. seksinya Dato K..

I guess Siti is so damn lucky to have a ‘fair n lovely’ thigh of Dato K! Siti might say ‘does my husband look sexy?’. No wonder she is so protective towards her husband. No matter what people say she still sticks to her principal. Well.. she knows her husband best.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Where r we going to eat tonite?

That will always be the question when we want to have our dinner out. We normally have our dinner out over the weekend. That is the day when I close my kitchen. Off duty… Here in Muscat, there are a few places that really go well with our taste bud. Mostly are Indian or Arabic foods n sometimes we go western.

But there is always one favourite place that we like to dine n hang-out. It’s is not just the foods are delicious but the service as well. We love to eat here since we first came to Muscat. We even introduced n promoted to other fellow Malaysian. It’s a Turkish foods - shawarma, chicken or lamb grilled n even pizza that taste as good as Pizza Hut!

We call this place ‘Yahya’. A handsome Turkish guy who is friendly n always at the top service when we are there. He even learned how to speak Bahasa Melayu! So each time when we go there he always greet us ‘Selamat kembali. Apa khabar’ n every time he made unintentional mistakes, he will say ‘Maafkan daku’.

He actually learned all that phrases from the malay subtitle of the English movie. Well at least that pleased us. So after a few suggestions n arguments we normally end up having dinner there.

We do sometimes get bored n can’t take the food anymore (after 3-4 days straight eating there). But after one week we will miss n still go back there to see Yahya.

If anyone of you happens to be in Muscat, do try to eat at this Turkish Restaurant. You will sure fall in love with the food n won’t regret about it.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Nabila starts to read

My 4 ½ year daughter Nabila is very adorable, talkative n brilliant. She loves to read, drawing, singing n dancing. She is always curious of every new thing that she encounters. And the latest is that she is eager to read! She can now recognize all the letters n simple words. I used to read her a story book before she goes to sleep.

Last night I have taught her to read sentences from a very simple story book. She did it well. But I just wonder whether she remember the words because I always read to her that book or just because she can really read it..

One thing I’ve noticed the way she learned n recognized words at her British School is from words rhyming, phonics n memorization. Now I am printing out stories from the web site for her to read. She is now so excited and surprisingly she actually recognizes all the words.

Well done Nabila.. Mommy is so proud of you. Keep it up n this weekend we’ll go out to get you more books. The next mission is to teach her to speak Bahasa Melayu. She is now can understand Bahasa but not be able to speak well in sentences.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Finally Mawi admits..

After been shaken by the news of his X-fiancé Ina Naim engagement, Mawi finally admitted that he is currently in love with somebody. But when asked who is the girl or whether she is Ikin, he said that he will announce it one day n this is his private life.. Arghhh.. Stereo type answer by all Malaysian artists who think they r so damn great.

When Mawi at his early stage of popularity, he claimed once that one of the criterias his future wife must have is wearing ‘tudung’. Looking at his glamorous life now.. Hanging out with all sorts of woman and latest news of getting ‘high’ at Australia.. I doubt that he still remember what he said.

At least Ina Naim found his true love even though he’s not “WORLD” but the most important he is more sincere than her X-fiancĂ©. Whoever that suppose to be Mawi’s ‘lucky woman’, hope you will do great to him coz he can always find other ‘prospect’ out there.

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Erra Fazira the Barbie Girl

‘ can brush my hair, undress me everywhere.. make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please. I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees…’ It’s time for Erra Fazira to end ‘the girl next door’ drama. No doubt with her beautiful face n body (envy by most women) she had made an excellent achievement throughout her career. But unfortunately her life drama didn’t go well as her plan.

Her love affair began with a few men that she end-up married with Yusry. Again luck has not been at her side and their marriage didn’t last long. The whole world felt sorry n sympathy for her. But that’s the end Erra Fazira!

The love saga between Erra, Hans n Engku Emran had revealed the true color of herself. You r a devil in disguise! Hans who had head over heel fall in love with her had spoken out all the truth of what had happened between them. Erra kept denying it. I wonder what Engku Emran is thinking now. Well the best man win..

But.. still that does not guarantee Engku Emran that Erra will be with him. She is still now kept denying n cover up all the situations. I do feel sorry for three of them.

To Hans: This is a blessing in disguised. God may want to show u something n protect u from rubbish. There r many good woman out there that are much better who deserves u. Get a life.

To Engku Emran: Open your eyes! Learn from what had happened. You deserve a good woman.

To Erra Fazira: We know the real of u. Stop wasting your tears n motions. Your innocent face does not work anymore. Pack up your things n go to Bollywood!

Saturday, 14 July 2007

British woman married Osama Laden's Son

A 51-year-old British grandmother has married a 27-year-old son of Al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden after a holiday romance and is to apply for a visa so that he can visit Britain. Jane Felix-Browne, a parish councilor from Cheshire who has been married five times previously, met Omar bin Laden in Egypt in September while being treated for multiple sclerosis.

According to a report in The Times , Browne, who now uses the Islamic name Zaina Mohamad, said that their fairytale romance began when her future husband saw her riding a horse near the Great Pyramid.

"I hope people don't judge me too harshly. I married the son, not the father." "I just married the man I met and fell in love with - to me he is just Omar," Browne said.
"I hope that people will take a step back and think what it was like when they fell in love. He is the most beautiful person I have ever met. His heart is pure, he is pious quiet, a true gentleman, and he is my best friend," Brown said.

She was aware before her marriage that her husband already had another wife and a two-year-old child. "I haven't seen her but I have spoken to her for about an hour on the telephone. She is fine about it," Browne said.

Browne said that the couple hoped to use their position to help to heal the wounds caused by her father-in-law. "All we want is peace in this world and I will do all I can to promote it." - THE TIMES
voguemom : how love can do wonders..

Friday, 13 July 2007

Siti Saerah got engaged

Siti Saerah, sister of no 1 singer Siti Nurhaliza finally found her true love. They got enggaged on 7.7.2007. Even though she didn't get a man the same 'class' as her sister did but I guess that will do..

Friday, 6 July 2007

It is just not my day.

I have safely arrived at KLIA, 2.20pm. After almost a year been away from your country, u can just imagine how does it feels. So excited, anxious n lots of plan in your head.

I tried to call my hubby to inform him of my arrival but unfortunately my Maxis line can't be use anymore due to the registration error. I was so damn crossed. I thought I have settled that during the last time I went back to Malaysia.

Then I waited for my baggage. Unfortunately again, I didn't see my bag untill the conveyer belt stopped. Now something is telling me that something is not right. When I asked the guy incharge whether that are all bags from Bangkok (i had to transit to Bangkok for the flight to KL), he said YES! Oh no... I am in trouble.

I wanted to call my hubby n daughter but I can't. I saw the public phone but I have no coins. I've asked around but it seems nobody now carry coins with them. Until I asked one Bangla boy working there n he saved my life, I managed to changed RM1 n made a few calls.

I made a report to Lost n Found department n they promised that they will try their best to work on it. I just hope that they will find my bag. Maybe it is just not my day. And maybe I am just one of the unlucky person today..

But at the end when I reached Malacca seeing my daughter, mak n ayah, that bring the happiness back. But afterwhile when I see my daughter's face n think of all her gifts inside the bag, hakeem's n my personal belonging.. It made me worried again..

Thursday, 5 July 2007

My Blooming Blossoms – Powerpuff Girls

I will be going back to Malaysia for a short visit tonite. I have to make an arrangement for the college registration for my eldest blossom- Faizah. She has been offered to a Medical School in Australia (proud of u my dear..). But she has to undergo the A-level course for one n half year at Taylor’s College, Subang Jaya. I am so happy for her.

And at the same time, reluctantly I have to leave my two blossoms behind, Nadira n Nabila. I will be going with my son, Hakeem. Not confident enough to leave him without me around.

The first time (like 2 weeks ago) when I told both of them that I’ll be leaving them, they were seems to be fine. But the closer the time I’m leaving they keep changing their mind. That worries me.

For the last two days, me n Nadira has been doing an intensive course. Teaching her to run the basic house chores from the morning till evening. Surprisingly, she did it all well. Again and again I keep telling Nabila that mommy will be away for a while.

I do really hope that both of them will be fine. One thing for sure, I will be missing them a lot. To my hubby.. u are in charge now!

Nabila, I won’t forget your fairytopia doll n surprise gift for u Nadira. To Faizah… hip hip hoo…. Mommy is on the way…

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

How hard it is to get a driving license?

I still remember after finished my SPM, my parents enrolled me to a driving school class. Those days we have to drive an old Toyota car. I’ve forgot which model but what I still remember that it will shake each time I drive. How I have to push hard the clutch to change the gear (mind you that it was all manual car during that days). And we have to use both indicator n hand signals for every turn that we made.

But I guess it was worth an effort.. with one test I have passed! Just imagine the 18 years old girl got a driving licence. Its like you have everything in your life.. And from that moment.. I am like the chauffeur for my family. Just tell me where u want to go n I am more than willing to fulfil it..

And now when I am in Oman, I have to take again the driving licence. It’s because over here is left handed drive n we Malaysian are not eligible to automatically convert the current Malaysian driving licence.

I have been enjoying my driving for 18 years n I thought I have excelled well. Compare to all my brothers n friends I can say I am a good driver.. ehem.. Especially reverse parking!

But it’s a NIGHTMARE here in Oman. How I had suffer a distress n trauma in my life just to get a piece of card saying that I can drive in Oman.. oohh… When we came to Oman my hubby was just so excited of buying cars here as it is much much cheaper compare from Malaysia. (even though I still do not have a driving licence at that time)

And to be able to drive that car, I have to have a driving licence. I had heard loads of stories of how hard n tough taking driving licence over here. Some people have to go through 15 times driving test before they passed. Huh.. and some just gave up and ending up not to drive a car here.

My hubby said that no matter what, I have to have a driving licence. It will be easy for me to move around n send my kids to school. And one of the reasons I guess, because he had bought the car! The problem was that nobody can look after Hakeem (9months at that time) each time I have to go for the lessons. So my hubby had to sacrifice his time to do that.

I had an Omani Instructor lady. She is very nice n friendly. The first test that I have to take is a parking test or ‘drum test’ as called here in Oman. I did well during the lessons n was confident to do it well during the test.

We were the first 10 cars queuing up during the day of my test to wait for the turn. And guess?? When it came to my turn, I just couldn’t see any clue n even the big 4 drums. I ended up missing all my judgement and FAILED!

When I went back home I was very upset but my hubby was very nice comforting me with the failure that I just made. I still remember my instructor said, if you pass or fail the drum test it is because of u yourself do it. But if you fail your road test, it could be you or the R.O.P (Royal Oman Police).

So who else to blame?? ME!! With all the support from my hubby I went again for the 2nd test. Same thing happened, loosing my judgement n hit the drums! FAILED again. This time when I went back home, my hubby asked why did I fail? Is it so difficult to do it? I just don’t know..

The 3rd test, with all the confidents but still lost my judgement but this time I almost hit the R.O.P.. hahahaha.. And I just gave up.. especially when I went back home to see my hubby’s face.. I cried the whole night and swear not to continue this again. I even asked my hubby to sell the car n I don’t care anymore.

He insisted me to go again for another try.. n I don’t know how it happened but I just did it. Yeah… I did it. PASSED!!! Four times?? Huh.. with almost 20 years experience driving u just cannot judge n tell. I conclude that I just had the nervous for all each test I have done. Maybe I am just to old for all this.. If you were to give me 1000riyal to undergo all this again, I will not.

Fuh… what a release.. BUT I still have to go for the road test, the toughest one. I was informed that I will have the road test at the Qurum beach. I practised with the instructor non-stop for one week. But when it came the day of the test, suddenly it changed to Qurum Sabco.. Huh.. I don’t even know n practised using that route before. It was heavy rain at that time, with all the shivering, wet clothes n strength I had, I just pray to Allah and let He decides whether I should be given the chance for this or not.

Alhamdullillah…. I did it n I PASSED.. I was so damn happy.. just like the first time when I was 18 years old having my first licence.. And I am so damn proud of myself coz I am the pioneer among my lady frens who have a licence.. cewahhh

For my hubby.. u might be lucky coz u can just convert your U.S licence. But u just missed all the thrill n undergo all the process. To Nazri.. BRAVO n MABROOK. It doesn’t matter how many times you take coz end up they will let u pass and when u did, that was the joyous moment in your life.

To all my other Malaysian fellows out there who are still hoping that Msian embassy will do something about converting our Msian licence, forget about it. Enrol yourself to the driving class n get ur licence. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. But it is worth of all the efforts.

Yes! Finally I have my own blog..

It seems that is a norm thing that almost everybody who knows how to mingle with the computer has their own blog. My husband, brother, friends n even my daughters have their own blog.

They have been showing off n promoting their creativity n thriving of having their own thoughts in the blog (even though some of it just ‘ciplak’ from others..). Who can stand ma….

And as I do not want to be left out .. this is why I have taken my first step to come out with my own simple blog which most of it will express my thoughts, feeling n experience day to day of my life..