Thursday, 5 July 2007

My Blooming Blossoms – Powerpuff Girls

I will be going back to Malaysia for a short visit tonite. I have to make an arrangement for the college registration for my eldest blossom- Faizah. She has been offered to a Medical School in Australia (proud of u my dear..). But she has to undergo the A-level course for one n half year at Taylor’s College, Subang Jaya. I am so happy for her.

And at the same time, reluctantly I have to leave my two blossoms behind, Nadira n Nabila. I will be going with my son, Hakeem. Not confident enough to leave him without me around.

The first time (like 2 weeks ago) when I told both of them that I’ll be leaving them, they were seems to be fine. But the closer the time I’m leaving they keep changing their mind. That worries me.

For the last two days, me n Nadira has been doing an intensive course. Teaching her to run the basic house chores from the morning till evening. Surprisingly, she did it all well. Again and again I keep telling Nabila that mommy will be away for a while.

I do really hope that both of them will be fine. One thing for sure, I will be missing them a lot. To my hubby.. u are in charge now!

Nabila, I won’t forget your fairytopia doll n surprise gift for u Nadira. To Faizah… hip hip hoo…. Mommy is on the way…


ampin said...

hey kak intan
tengok2 gmail kat msia
nanti saya bagi contact number eh
find me
we can go nasi kandaq

VogueSis said...

hahahah surprise..... pidin.. belikan mee grg mamak satuuuu

Anonymous said...

nothin' for me???

siapa lagi..cik abg la..

Anonymous said...

we all miss mommy already...
be back soon..