Sunday, 15 July 2007

Erra Fazira the Barbie Girl

‘ can brush my hair, undress me everywhere.. make me walk, make me talk, do whatever you please. I can act like a star, I can beg on my knees…’ It’s time for Erra Fazira to end ‘the girl next door’ drama. No doubt with her beautiful face n body (envy by most women) she had made an excellent achievement throughout her career. But unfortunately her life drama didn’t go well as her plan.

Her love affair began with a few men that she end-up married with Yusry. Again luck has not been at her side and their marriage didn’t last long. The whole world felt sorry n sympathy for her. But that’s the end Erra Fazira!

The love saga between Erra, Hans n Engku Emran had revealed the true color of herself. You r a devil in disguise! Hans who had head over heel fall in love with her had spoken out all the truth of what had happened between them. Erra kept denying it. I wonder what Engku Emran is thinking now. Well the best man win..

But.. still that does not guarantee Engku Emran that Erra will be with him. She is still now kept denying n cover up all the situations. I do feel sorry for three of them.

To Hans: This is a blessing in disguised. God may want to show u something n protect u from rubbish. There r many good woman out there that are much better who deserves u. Get a life.

To Engku Emran: Open your eyes! Learn from what had happened. You deserve a good woman.

To Erra Fazira: We know the real of u. Stop wasting your tears n motions. Your innocent face does not work anymore. Pack up your things n go to Bollywood!


pickholes said...

Malaysians were so hallucinated by Sembilu, Maria Mariana and all those cheap low quality “Yusop blood-sucking Selam” films that they thought this erra was as innocent as Mahsuri. Truth is she has sluts written all over her body! I felt sorry to Yusri when they got married, and now this 31 year old innocent-faced Emran…

Anonymous said...

so pity to hans....what to do..malaysian well known that erra is a player!!!!