Saturday, 28 November 2009

Happy Birthday - Nadira

Today is my daughter, Nadira’s 15th birthday. Time flies so fast that Nadira or all of us call her DEEA is now 15 years old.

She has grown up to a tall beautiful girl. When I am with her people always mistaken us as friends, sisters or cousins. This is the best part when u have a grown up girls! It is either people look at my daughters who grown up so matured or me who looks younger. I like the last part.. :)

Nadira sometimes could be an angel to me. She is very thoughtful n considerate person. She loves her brother n sisters so much. I can count on her to take care of them. Of times she sometimes drives me crazy with her cranky moods n unexpected behaviour. We do sometimes have different views n opinions.

But Nadira.. believe me no matter what I REALLY DO LOVE YOU.

Nadira, mommy wishes u a very happy birthday. Mommy always prays that u will be success in your life. I will not stop hoping n wishing the best for you.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Organizing A Birthday Party

Planning or organizing a party, gathering or kenduri will never be an easy task. Be it either months or weeks before or last minute, the pressure is still the same. As for me I take this as a challenging task. It’s something that I actually love doing it.

I don’t remember exactly when was my first party or kenduri organized by me, but I am sure it was when I was still young n single. Since I was small I used to see my mom, dad received guests at our home. My mom normally cooked all the foods. She prepared everything from scratch. I guessed that was how I got all the influence n inspiration how to organize an event.

I am very lucky that hubby has the same interest with me, we love to call out friends or relatives just to lepak2 at our home. Then I would love to experiment n venture with my new recipes. As for this kind of function, not much hassle to me. I just have to make sure there will be enough foods on the table laid up properly nicely for the guest. To me the presentation is the key.

You don’t have to have an expensive or branded tea set/table ware or probably nice beautiful laces table cloth, it would be appealing if you could just laid up everything in style. I have been practising this since the first day I organized an event. I don’t only do this to my guest but also to my family as well.

As for a birthday party, I’ve been doing this every year to all my children. No matter what, I want my children to celebrate this special moment with the family or friends. I normally do it at home. I’ve stop buying birthday cake for my children probably 6 years ago. They want me to bake the cake for their birthday.

If I were to make a party for them, I have to zoom in whether the party is just for the parents to meet n chat or it is solely for the kids to enjoy. When I was staying abroad having a birthday party at the restaurant or party place was not cheap. Even here in KL/Selangor is not cheap either. I’ve checked around the average cost around RM50 per child. This is including foods n entertainments.

The bottom line is the budget. If I were to invite 30 children then I have to spend RM1500. What if some parents might want to stay then I have to prepare the adult foods too. Then probably some of the children bringing their siblings, the number of children will be increased. Some party place they limit to certain number of children.

This is why the recent birthday party for Nabila, I did it at home. I’ve started planning 2 weeks before the event. This was the first time she invited her classmates to her party. On my list I have 30 children which at the end turned up 38! I preferred to cook all the foods including birthday cake. As for the entertainment I found one good magician n clown with reasonable affordable price.

The children loved the magic show which was very entertaining plus the clown who was non sop mingled around sculpturing the balloons. I then had one photographer to take all the pictures. Trust me it’s good to have one as you will never have time to snap all the pictures. For the first time ever, I didn’t have a camera in my hand for this kind of event.

The children were totally enjoying themselves including the parents! They went back smiling with each of them carrying a party pack. Yes.. party pack is very important. The children won’t leave till they get the party pack.

All the foods finished. Believe it or not I spent less then RM1500! I have around 40 kids and 20 adults that came to the party.

To me the party was the successful event. Though there were hiccups here n there but as an amateur me n the *team managed to overcome it.

So anybody interested to have a function or birthday party.. jgn segan2 to call me.. :) harga boleh dirunding…. ahaks...

*the team consists of 4 energetic ladies with full of inspired inspirations. thanks girls..

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Nabila's Birthday Party

Today as planned we organized a birthday party for Nabila. The party started at 3.00pm. Alhamdullilah all went well as planned. I always wanted to have a party for her which she can invite all her classmates. Normally we make a party invited only her cousins. This time around I told her she can invite all her friends including cousins.

Her theme party today was a ROCK STAR party. She chose the theme by herself.. dah besar ah anak dara ni sorang.. Those who turned up were so sporting dressed up like a rock star with the spiky hair, glittery outfit n accessories.

Organizing a birthday party at home will never be easy (which I’m going to write in my next post). Since this party has more kids compare to adults, I have to make sure that the kids were really enjoying themselves n well entertained.

Therefore I hired a person to entertain them, clown n magician. We also have games for the kids which they can win prizes. The party ended around 5.00pm.

I could see that all the kids were totally enjoying themselves especially the birthday girl Nabila. She was so happy to have her friends n cousins around. Tonight she definitely will have a good sleep after opening lots of presents that she got.

p/s: I will post up more party pictures after it ready.

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Happy 7th Birthday - Nur Nabila

Today is Nabila’s birthday. She is 7 years old. She woke up in the morning listening to my birthday song.. Then followed by phone calls from her daddy, sisters, aunties n uncles. She was so happy n excited.

In the afternoon I went to her class to have a small birthday celebration for her. I made cuppies requested by her. We plan to have a birthday party for her over this weekend inviting her classmates n cousins.

Happy Birthday to my dear sweet girl, Nur Nabila. You’ve grown up so fast without mommy noticing it. Nabila is matured compare to her age. She is very independent, considerate n smart girl. I always pray n wish that she will grown up to be healthy, happy n have an excellent future.

Happy birthday n mommy loves u so very much.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Congratulations To My Brother

Today I went to attend my youngest brother, Nadmin Syah@Boy Open University Malaysia convocation day. The event started at 2.00pm. I fetched my kids in the afternoon n rushed back home. Then I took a taxi to PWTC. It was raining n I was so relieved to be able arrived at PWTC before the event started.

My bro received his degree scroll - Bachelor of Arts in Business Admin (BBA) from Pro Chancellor, YBhg. Tan Sri Azman Hashim. My bro who is now working at one of the government
sector took this distance learning course to further his study.

This was actually my mom’s wish. My mom told him to further his study to the highest level as he can. And alhamdullilah, though our mom is not around anymore, my bro fulfilled her wish.

My dad couldn’t be here n as an eldest in the family I attended this big day. I never attend any convocation day except mine n this event was grand as it was done in PWTC. I was so proud looking at my bro walking up to the stage receiving the scroll.

I am very sure if my mom is still alive she will be the happiest person n a proud mom. Congratulations Boy, we are so proud of u. Well done.

Sunday, 15 November 2009

My Weekend

Weekend is great. Beside I got a break from my routine I always have many people or guests at home. My dearest cousie – Piqah comes every weekend (please don’t stop k..) which cheered up our house. She is always around to entertain my children which they love so much.

Yesterday my MIL came over brought my two little nieces to attend Emir’s birthday. They were all totally enjoying the party. Happy Birthday to Emir. You’ve grown up handsomely n don’t even look like a 4th year old boy!

After the party we went to Ikea. As usual the place was crowded with people. We were just there for a while. At night we had our dinner outside. Makan besar.. sampai kekenyangan.

This morning me n hubby brought MIL, Fifi to morning market near Stadium Shah Alam. We had our breakfast there n browse around after that. In the afternoon we went to Pidin’s wedding held at Subang Jaya.

My weekend was really packed with activities. Two days just went off so quick. Wish it could be more longer...

Friday, 13 November 2009

Bear With Me...

Bear with me for a while to have u all read my boring n emotional post...

I hate when I wakes in the morning feeling sad n miserable. I had a rough time back few days. My life is more focussing about my children n home. I have grown up daughters with their unexplainable behaviour, emotional which sometime drive me to the wall. At that point I feel like to bang my head or scream out loud to make them understand what the real world is.

I also have my two little kiddos who non-stop seeking attentions. I sometimes felt guilty to ignore them especially when they were trying to tell me something. They always come at the wrong time where I probably was busy cooking or in the middle of doing something. Then both of them now have started saying n arguing that I love one of them more than another.

My maid also sometimes drives me nuts. She is now seems to forget lots of things that I told her to do. I have to tell her over n over again. I tried very hard not to scream at her face or say things what I am not suppose to say.

Then I have my big baby – the hubby who needs 100% attentions too. I sometimes neglected him a bit.. sorry k.. didn’t mean to do that. When people look at me they might think I am a leisure woman who has nothing to do or problems to think. I might not have pressure like those who works in the office but try to be me. The housework, children n stress are the never ending story.

I am a kind of person who sometimes takes things seriously. It might be something that might be nonsense or not important to others but it is a BIG thing to me. I will keep thinking n analysing it over n over again till I got head ache.

I have to make sure my home is clean, children organize, cook special meal n everybody is happy. Well.. u could say that’s my job n what is there to complain as others like me do the same thing too. Yeah… right.. if everything going smooth I have nothing to complain then.

No one say life would be easy n smooth all the time. I better stop now. I’m going down to take panadol, cook for lunch n baking. Yeah.. I will bake some muffins today. That will shine my day. Chill…

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Gingerbread Man

Today is Hakeem’s class show. I went to see this morning. It was their first show of the term – Gingerbread Man story.

The story was about a gingerbread man cookie baked by an old lady that later on turned alive. The gingerbread man got up and ran out of the open window. He has been chased by all the animals.

Hakeem played the role as a sly n cunning fox! When the gingerbread man met the fox, the fox offered him help. The fox tricked him which at the end the fox threw him straight into his mouth. And that was the end of the Gingerbread man.

Hakeem played the roll very well. He spoke out clearly n acted naturally. Hakeem actually loves to act on the stage especially when he is given a chance to hold the microphone. Well done Hakeem.. You did it well.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Dhaniah's Engagement Ceremony

Last Saturday was the day for Dhaniah bt Dato Ahmad, her engagement day. The ceremony was held at my aunty’s house n it was so grand n tersangat meriahnya. My father was the important person represent from the girl’s side, who did all the traditions talking stuff.

The ceremony started with upacara berbalas pantun which was so beautiful penuh adat istiadat. Then followed with the gifts (hantaran) exchanged. Dhaniah then had being called upon to sit at the lovely pelamin to receive the engagement ring from her future mother in-law.

The ceremony has being held successfully. The food was good too. I could see that my aunty n uncle were so please n delighted.

Dhaniah looked so stunning n beautiful. Congratulations Dhaniah. We all are happy for you.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Journey Back To Alor Setar

I am going back to Alor Setar today to attend my dearest cousin, Dhaniah’s engagement ceremony. The ceremony will be on Saturday. I am going back earlier to help out mana yang patut. But actually more to gather n kepo2 je. My aunty from Johor has arrived yesterday n the rest will be going back soon starting from me today.

This is going to be very excited as the last kenduri from my side was my bro, Amil’s wedding. Though this is only an engagement but I can foresee my aunty will make it as grand as possible. My children will be off from school for 2 days (Read this: Feel GUILTY Dhaniah….). They all are looking forward as well. I am bringing back my niece & nephew along with me too.

I also make special cuppies for the day. Varieties of orange cupcake, cheese blueberry cupcake, banana cupcake with caramel pecan topping n carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

I’ll be driving n hubby will come later end of week to join us. Hopefully the traffic will be good n no raining. I will be arriving in the afternoon n tonight… nasi royale here I come..