Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Honeymoon Is Over

For the last couple month hubby was “unemployed”. Most of his time was at home, meeting friends, spending time with kids n most of all be my ‘partner’ at anytime needed. And seriously it was so so good to have him around (except time2 ‘terpe’leot lah....).

Our activities started from early morning with sent kids to school, had breakfast anywhere we like which sometimes we even drove all the way to Kampung Baru. Then if we feel like to hang around at KL, we went straight away after sent kids n arrived at the place or mall which probably we were the first one to arrive! During night time after kids had settle for sleep, we sneaked out n headed to our favourite spot to have late supper.

Now I, both of us actually have got back to ‘normal life’. Hubby started his new job at the new place yesterday. He went out from house very early in the morning n got back home n night. Arrived home on the first day was the sad tired face of my husband. It was not the work but the traffic jam was the issue.

This reminds me those days during my working time. There were not a day that I could get back home without stuck in the jam. My kids were all grown up stuck behind in the car seat facing the jam with me. When we moved to Miri, it was a big relieve. The town is so green, calm n we love it.

I am spoilt with all this privilege that I got. I am please to stay in Shah Alam which I can go anywhere n find anything I want without going out from the district. Believe it or not that I am actually hardly going down to KL coz I hate to face the traffics.

Well.. who says life would be easy right? Nak senang duduk rumah je.. But money won’t fall down from the sky freely.. Like M.U.H said in his song - 'Lalalalalah hari-hari kerja. Lalalala bosan dengan kerja hahah. Lalalalalah itu baru kerja, kerja.Tapi duk rumah hari2 pun bosan gak…

Well.. currently my honeymoon is over.. I am counting day n continuously checking dates for school holidays or any public holidays. Planning for our next family trip end of the year as our eldest will be home in December..

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AshleyZul said...

i read the last sentence! im thrilled!