Saturday, 28 November 2009

Happy Birthday - Nadira

Today is my daughter, Nadira’s 15th birthday. Time flies so fast that Nadira or all of us call her DEEA is now 15 years old.

She has grown up to a tall beautiful girl. When I am with her people always mistaken us as friends, sisters or cousins. This is the best part when u have a grown up girls! It is either people look at my daughters who grown up so matured or me who looks younger. I like the last part.. :)

Nadira sometimes could be an angel to me. She is very thoughtful n considerate person. She loves her brother n sisters so much. I can count on her to take care of them. Of times she sometimes drives me crazy with her cranky moods n unexpected behaviour. We do sometimes have different views n opinions.

But Nadira.. believe me no matter what I REALLY DO LOVE YOU.

Nadira, mommy wishes u a very happy birthday. Mommy always prays that u will be success in your life. I will not stop hoping n wishing the best for you.

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