Friday, 31 October 2008

Absent Minded

Lately I tend to be forgetful n bound to make mistakes. Incidents that never occurred before now happened frequently. This morning I took the wrong way to go to my kid’s school. I used to go thru the short/fast way n suddenly I realized that I missed the exit of the highway.

Reason being I was doing some thinking or better says as ‘day dreaming’. It’s not that I had any big issue to think about but it was just a normal fantasy n whimsy of my new house n life ahead. It’s always popped up while I was driving. But mind you I still make a point to always concentrate on the road n traffic.

But somehow I don’t know how it happened. Everyday I use the same way but still I made mistake. Weird ah.. Then when I reached the school I saw many kids dressed up in the Halloween costumes. Oh dear.. at that time I knew something was wrong n my children were wearing their school uniforms. I was relieved coz there were some kids wore school uniforms n that at least not made me felt so guilty.

And lucky for me too that my kids (who are still small) didn’t really bother others wearing the costumes. My mistake coz I didn’t read the newsletter given by the school. The school used to send it to my email but for the last couple weeks they put it in the school’s website. I was supposed to read that every week but I forgot!

Before went out from the car I took RM50 to buy hats for the kids. I didn’t manage to buy it as the school didn’t have the small change. I didn’t have pockets so just kept holding it till I got back to the car. Once inside the car I received a phone call. Later on I drove out from the school compound n just remembered my RM50. Where did I put it?

I stopped my car by the road side near the school n looked for it. I went again to the school area to double check n didn’t find it. I then checked my purse. I didn’t remember at all n tried very hard to recall whether I did put the money inside the purse. But I saw one note of RM50 which a bit crumpled n was not put in the same side n order as others. (I always arrange my money according to the same amount of RM in same order except the serial number!) Maybe that was the money that I was looking for or maybe not. But the truth is till now I couldn’t remember at all whether I’ve put it inside my purse.

All of these didn’t just happened today but also few weeks back when I was invited to Raya open house. I was too obsessed in my conversation with my cousin n missed the turn to Ampang. And believe it or not I just realized that when I was already in front of the Sg Besi Tol! I had to make a U turn at the Serdang exit. I felt totally crossed n stupid.

So that’s the story of me being the absent-minded. Why it happened, only God knows why. Maybe it’s the food that I consume? Taken too many vitamins? Drink too much coffee? Having too much day dreaming? Hmm.. maybe it’s me that getting old..

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Long Break

My children are having a long school break because of the Deepavali. Nadira n Faizah didn’t come back home so just left two little gems here. Not many activities happened except they were enjoying their holidays playing, eating n messing up the house.

Sometimes I brought them for swimming n lunch out. Otherwise we just stay at home. Kind of bored but believe it or not that is what Nabila n Hakeem love. They just love to be at home. They never got tired playing with their toys, drawings n on the other hand argument n disagreement but sometimes can be so chummy hugging n kissing each other.

I just let them do whatever they like. It is their break. One fine morning when they woke up after taking bath they told me that they were going for a holiday. They put on their socks n carried their haversack. I asked them where were they going n they told me they would like to go for a picnic.

Hmm… I asked the place n they told me it’s in London. They gave me a goodbye hug n kiss. Hakeem was so proud n said – “Mommy I will go n take aeroplane just like Ayah. Look.. I carried a bag like Ayah n I’m a big boy now.” So then they went off…

They then pretended walking to the airport n landed in London for a picnic where it is at my house balcony! They set down all the foods n drinks. They had their lunch n desert n really enjoyed the food. I could see that they were having a good time.

The school will start on Thursday n we have another day to relax. Maybe tomorrow I will bring them out to play at the playground.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Memory Lane

Last Friday I met my good friend that I’ve not met for 7 years. She was my buddy n sis while I was working in one of the IT Company in PJ. The last time I talked to her when I called crying informing her that my mom had passed away. Actually since I came back here, I didn’t make a point to call my friends.

It’s not that I’ve forgotten them, it’s just time not permitted me to do so. Most of my friends are all career woman compare to me. So tak nak ah kacau mereka ini semua. But whenever I passed by the places n spots that I used to hang up with them it reminded me so much about them.

My buddy that I met recently who I call Kak Ija is now a branch manager at the Bank in Ipoh. She came here for a short course n met my cousin. That’s where she got my number. I drove down to Bangi to meet her. I was so happy n delighted to see her. We were talking breathless non stop updating each other.

Unfortunately we could only spend time together for an hour as both of us had other things to catch up. Though it was only short a while, I am totally grateful that I met her. This meeting won’t be the last as we promised to meet again more often the next time.

Yesterday I also met a person that I’ve not met since the day my mom passed away. She is my mom’s good friend who is also close to me. I met her at my friend’s house who I met during my recent Umrah. What a small world as my friend, Fauziah also knew n close to my mom’s friend.

When I met n hugged Aunty Tahrah tears were in my eyes as she reminded me lots of my mom. I used to see both of them together. There seem so many things to catch up between both of us. I got to know from her my mom’s friends whereabouts. I am also glad that she still look beautiful as ever n still healthy.

I feel so happy n delighted that I had the opportunity to meet both of them. After so long, when u had lost contact n not seeing your friends the pleasure of seeing them is so tremendous. That reminds how far n old u have been n how sweet n nostalgic the memories those days.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Enjit-Enjit Semut

Nabila found this video while she was searching for a malay kid's song. Interesting n funny video n they love watching it. Enjoy it..

Friday, 24 October 2008

Star Of The Week - Hakeem

At last, today Hakeem had been selected to be the star of the week. I was at the assembly today watching the ceremony. When the teacher announced his name I saw that he was quite surprised but at the same time looked very excited. He jumped up from the sit n said – Hakeem? Is it me? very loudly that everybody could hear that.

He had been chosen because: You have been very obedient, a great helper, you listened to your teachers and your writing and counting was very neat.

Every Friday when the teacher announced his classmates to be Star of the week, he complained that he didn’t get it. He said he had been waiting for so long n still his turn not yet to come. He said his brain told him to be patient n he is tired of waiting. Hehehehehhe..

And today, he is the luckiest boy on earth! He’s been holding the certificate all the time until he fell asleep on the way back home. I had to carry him out from the car n he is still continue sleeping till now. I am sure he will wake up early tomorrow with a full stories of his dream n being star of the week.

Well done Hakeem. Mommy is so happy for u.

Deepavali Concert

Nabila had been performing dance show for the Deepavali concert at her school. Her first show was on last Wednesday n today was the final one. She was chosen with others as all of them are in the Malaysian Dance club.

She was a bit shy at first when got to know that she has to perform on stage. But after a few practises n maybe seeing other friends, she had been more confident. I did see a few times when she went for the practise – memang keras betul menari.

Surprisingly she did very well in her concert. Her movement n those lenggok of Indian dance was so real. Well done Nabila. You did a good job! Here are some photos taken when she was in action.

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Warehouse Sale!

Today after sent my kids to school, I went to have breakfast with my dad. As planned, we went to Metrojaya Warehouse Sale. It is located at Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam. The sale starts at 10.00am. We reached there at 10.15 am n the car park had already full.

I thought of coming today since this is the first day furthermore it’s working day n not to expect so many people to turn up at early hours. But I was definitely wrong. You just name any sale or warehouse sale, surely berduyun-duyun rakyat Malaysia membanjiri tempat tu.

Metrojaya is having sales up to 70% from apparels, handbags, shoes, home appliances n more. I wanted to go to the cosmetic n perfume section but it was very crowded. We have to wait n queue up to enter that section. I waited for 15min n then gave up.

When I wanted to pay, I saw a long stretch of queue till the entrance of the Stadium. I was looking for my dad n saw him standing rightly in front of the cashier. Thank God. I called him, smiling n walked to him pretending like he was there waiting for me. I settled the bill n we walked out from the stadium happily.

Huh.. just imagine if I were to miss my dad.. I would recommend u all to go as this is a good bargain. My advise, go early in the morning, leave your kids at home n bring lots of money!

Though the place is fully a/c but it might not be comfortable for the kids. Ye lah.. mana mak nak nengok barang n nak perhatikan anak lagi.. When I was there just now, I heard an announcement of mother looking for her lost child!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Careless of Me!

This is the first time happened in my life. I didn’t know how it happened but I was all the time alone n surely it’s me who was careless n to be blamed. This afternoon before fetching my kids from school, I went to Alamanda, Putrajaya to do some groceries. My dad is coming this evening n I wanted to cook something special for him.

After paid my stuffs, I went to the counter to validate my parking ticket for 2 hours free parking. Then I walked to my car with my right hand full with 5 groceries bags n my left hand holding receipt n parking ticket. I put my stuffs in the boot, close it n then only I realized I didn’t have my parking ticket with me.

I searched again in the boot n even in all the plastic bags, in my handbag but still couldn’t find it. At that point I was still cool n calm. I went back inside to look for the missing ticket. I went thru the same way I came out n even asked the security guard at the Carrefour. Still not satisfied, I went again to my car n did another checking.

And at this time, I had already worried n could feel the heat n sweat gushed on my face. I got angry with myself. I was holding it n saw it dangling in front of my eyes but then it suddenly went missing. If I were to drop it, why is it nobody who was behind me or passing by noticing n informing me? Still nak cari salah orang lain!

I then decided to just go to the parking ticket office. I informed the person in charge of my lost ticket n he asked me to give the I/C. I filled up the form n paid RM25 n it’s all settled. That simple n it took me only 5 minutes. But, instead I got 2 hours parking free I had to pay RM25.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Duit Raya

My hubby gave me ‘duit raya’ before he left to Khazaks. When I got it, I told myself I wanted to buy something for myself. Something that only I can use n enjoy it. Sounds selfish ah.. hehehhe.. I had a few things in the list but with the limited budget, I have to really plan. Cewah… mcm nak buat investment besar je!!

I was aiming to buy a designer handbag. But seems the one that I like all are damn expensive, so I just KIV n berangan je lah.. I was thinking then why not buying a new hand phone! I am currently using an Apple Iphone. I will never want to change it but because the phone is not really ‘phone-friendly’, I then started to browse for other options.

The phone of course looks sleek n cool but because of the limited functionality that sometimes drove me crazy. I have to install a 3rd party applications for some basic phone functions like – sms forwarding, copy contacts frm sim card. I can’t bluetooth, send mms. Everything has to be by Apple software.

One thing good that I can say about Iphone is the web browsing part. I can browse multiple web pages at one time. The speed n resolution is good. Other than that, sorry Iphone.. nothing much to be proud of.

So today I finally said good bye to my Iphone. I sold it off n got myself a normal conventional hand phone. But alang-alang nak membeli.. I got myself yang canggih sikit2 lah.. I bought Nokia E series. Don’t worry hubby, not the one like u but yang sewaktu dengannya. I can still be able to browse internet on the move n of course those extra functions that Iphone can’t do.

The best part was I just had to add up only RM300 n I still have some amount of duit raya left to spend.

Monday, 20 October 2008

I Am Pleased

Today I attended Nabila n Hakeem parents meet teacher meeting. First it started with Nabila. I was briefed by her class teacher, Mrs Tate about her progress in class. Nabila is doing very well. She’s the top in the class. In fact she is actually had achieved beyond the level of her class. The teacher was very pleased n contented. I indeed was very happy n pleased to hear all the good comments from her class teacher. Well done Nabila.

As for Mr Hakeem – the teacher described him as a happy boy. He sometimes can be playful but when he started to be serious, he amazed the class teacher – Miss Andrea with his cleverness. He concentrated n responded well in the class. He did his work neatly n tidily. I was quite surprise when the teacher showed his work. It’s very neat compared to the one that I used to see when he did at home.

The teacher also said that Hakeem is very talkative. Once he started to talk, he will just keep chatty on n on till the teacher has to stop him. There was at one time when the teacher praised him because of his good work n he answered – I know that I am good. Do u know why? It is because I went to the school before n I learned this. Then I ……… - the teacher has to stop him then. I was laughing out loud when his teacher told me that.

Hakeem even told Miss Andrea that he has a little brother at home n all this while the teacher believed him until I told her that he is the only boy in the family. His teacher said when he started to tell story, he will do that persuasively n enthusiastically. That made it so hard for the teacher not to believe it. Hehehehhe.. I can imagine that.. Hakeem - the boy who is full of creativity imaginations.

Anyway I am so happy that Nabila n Hakeem have settled well here. They are happy with the school n doing fine as well.

Saturday, 18 October 2008


I got sms yesterday – esuk ada rumah tak? nak jalan raya. I am so excited to have visitors coming over to my house. So today I went out to buy some groceries. As promised they will come today's evening. On n on I will checked on them n asked their whereabouts.

At 6.30pm I called again n confirm whether they r coming. They said yes n will arrive around 8.30pm. So I started cooking mee goreng at 7.45pm. Since they were not coming yet, I sms them again at 9.45pm asking their whereabouts. They said they will be a bit late.

Then at 10.30pm they called telling me that they couldn’t make it as it was already late n said sorry. JUST LIKE THAT? What about the 2 packets of noodles that I’ve cooked? Who’s gonna eat all that? Oh my God.. I immediately sank myself on the couch. At that particular moment I just need my hubby to be with me.

I just don’t understand why sometimes people can be so inconsiderate. They knew very well that I’ve prepared food for them n they are also aware that I don’t have many people at home to finish all those foods. If they can’t come, why don’t they tell me earlier? Why do they have to make me waiting n at the end they cancel it?

Once it happened before that my friend wanted to come over to my house n asked me to cook lunch for her family. Again, I the ‘miss excited’ who loves to receive n cook for my guest eagerly went to the wet market to buy food stuff. I cooked lots kind of their favourite foods.

At the last minute she sms me said sorry that they couldn’t make it. The rest u could imagine. I was so frustrated n right away cried. I was not crying just because they didn’t turn up but because all the effort, tiredness n most of all the foods that were laid on the table. Who’s gonna eat all that? Though I heat n pre heat those for a week, still I can never finish it all.

I’ve been trained from small by my father to be punctual n always on time for any appointments. And when I married my hubby, he is just the same like my father. They hate those who come late. I learned from these two men to always be on time n keep my promise for any appointments I made.

If I know that I can’t make it, I will tell the person earlier. I hate waiting n I know others don’t as well. I don’t want to trouble people coz I don’t want people to do the same to me as well. If I make promise, I will do my best to honour it. As I know it really hurt n frustrated when people didn’t keep their promise.

p/s: picture might not be related to the story. but the broken eggs might be!

Friday, 17 October 2008

The Guilty Mommy

I sometimes like to spoil my children with toys. It’s not because I have lots of money but I bought it coz I love to see their joy n excitement of receiving it. Since Nadira was small, I used to buy for her every collection of Barbie Dolls. I would save n put aside some amount of money from my salary to buy barbie doll for her. She has more then 50 barbie dolls n still in a good condition n now passed them down to her little sis, Nabila.

As for Nabila, she just goes crazy over Pony. She has all full collection of Pony including all the accessories. And for my boy Hakeem, when he was small he started with Thomas train. Just name all kind of this Thomas n his friends train – Henry, Percy, Duncan, Gordon or whatever name - he has it. After bored with Thomas he then started to go for cars. Be it either small cars, big one or with the remote control he loves all of it.

I have taught n told my children that each time when I bought toy for them, I will tell them the toy is expensive. They have to take care n appreciate it. Though they at that time n even now don’t know the value of money but they seem to understand that to buy toys we need money. So whenever they want to buy toy they will ask me first whether it is expensive.

If I said that is expensive, they will look for other options until I said YES. Hmm.. very considerate anak mommy.. So even if it’s a toy from China n cekai2 n cost RM2-3 also they don’t mind. So this year since we had our Raya here n my children had been exposed with this duit raya concept, they made their own conclusion that they have their own money. And they can spend it as they wish.

So they started to list down toys to buy. As promised a week after Raya I brought them to Toys R Us. They chose the toy n when it’s payment time I told them that I am gonna use their duit raya. I took their purse n showed to them n they agreed.

Today I went to the Mall n as usual they wanted to buy toys. At first I was reluctant to buy. I told them that they just bought one recently. Nabila understood n accepted it well but not Hakeem. I told them if u want, I have to use their duit raya. The reason is just to show n teach them the value of money. If u buy something means u use money.

Hakeem didn’t care n bother at all as long he got what he wants. Nabila already bought books but when she saw Hakeem got a toy n she wanted to have one for herself too. So when it’s payment time, I took out their duit raya to pay. The total was RM69.99. I took out all the RM1 notes n counted at the counter.

Nabila at that moment when she saw me took out all the RM1 notes, started to stop me n told me that she changed her mind n didn’t want to buy any toy. I said I have to pay as the cashier had waiting for the money. The purse which was previously thick with the RM1 notes now became thin!

After a while I saw Nabila was sobbing n weeping over her duit raya. Oh my God.. I didn’t know that she was totally upset about it. Maybe when she saw me took 60 pieces of RM1 notes, she thought that she has used up all her money.

At that moment I felt so guilty. My approached this time didn’t really work. Last time I used the RM50 note n the purse still looks thick with lots of money. She didn’t mind n still happy. But now she was totally sad n must be thinking that her money had become lesser.

I explained to her the situation. I am so sorry my princess. Mommy didn’t mean to hurt you. After she had got back to herself, she came to me n said “Mommy, next time I don’t want to buy anything as I want to save n keep my money. Now I know u use lots of money to buy toy for me n Hakeem”.

Oh… I hugged n kissed her with tears in my eyes. That was such a sweet n thoughtful remarks from my 6 years old daughter. I am sorry my dear that you have to learned it thru a hard way. I didn't mean to hurt u. I felt so guilty for making u feeling miserable n sad just now.

When I saw her opened up her Pony box with the glow n excitement in her eyes, I know that she deserves to have that.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

The Service

I hate when the first time walk in to the shop n not being attended. This is especially when I am so keen to buy something there but being ignored.

It’s understood if the shop is busy with other customers n not enough people to attend others but what I cannot tolerate if the salesman/salesgirl just stand or sit at one corner ignoring people coming in to the shop.

I had encounter a few scenarios that were totally pissed me off. Once I went to a curtain shop – Baagus. The salesgirl was busy talking on her hp when I walked in. I then wandered around n tried to call her for enquiry. She just stood there ignoring me. I then went straight to her face n asked her about the material but she mumbled something that I couldn’t understand.

Fed up with her attitude I just walked to the exit door n she quickly opened the door in a way like chasing me out. I turned my head looked at her but she still busied on the phone n didn’t bother to look back at me. Really made my blood go upstairs! I even had been to MACY for some enquiries. The salesgirl greeted me with a sour face n macam nak tak nak layan. The same goes to SSF curtain. They won’t bother to come to you, unless u go to them who sit at the table.

But I am glad that I’ve been introduced to a curtain shop (not with a big name) that all the staffs are so humble n helpful. The moment I walked in to the shop, they stopped their current work n make sure a person came to attend me. I was there actually to make some enquiries however at the end made my curtain there for my new house.

Recently Mr Contractor brought me to one shop sell all the lockset for the doors. The shop has variety types of imported lockset n of course the price is so unbelievable. He showed us around n arrogantly told us that his customers are mostly from Country Heights n Sieramass. Hmm.. ok.. ok.. I told myself.. boleh belah.. I will certainly not buying anything from you.

Last two days, I went to one lockset shop at SS2 (which I google from internet). I was also attended by the owner. They also sell variety types of imported lockset. The owner was so humble helped n recommended me the lockset which suit my budget. I walked out happily from the shop with the lockset in my car.

Isn’t it easy if all the sales person do what they are suppose to do. The customers are not just happy with the service but it also gives them a business. I feel sorry to the company/shop that has a staff with such attitude. It doesn’t matter who walk in to the shop – just treat all the customers with a big smile n best service.

Don’t they know that the buying power is in woman’s hand? If they know how to talk n persuade them, they will end up buying all in the shop! Or else.. rugi.. rugi..

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

My Girlfriends

I miss my friends. Be it either my school mates or college mates or friends during my career day’s n even friends during those days I’ve settled to be as a fulltime housewife, I miss all of them. I still do keep in touch with some of my old time friends but to meet n be together like before is definitely impossible.

I can say that I am a kind of person that very friendly n easily making new friends. So wherever I go n settle down, I will get new circle of friends. But believe it or not, I don’t have any particular friends that I hang up with since I came back here.

I just realized that while I was driving to pick up my kids from school today. I was thinking about my life here n what I have been doing n all this while I did everything alone by myself. I hardly talk to people especially what u called ‘friends’.

The person that I frequently talk to is my children. The next one will be the person who involve with my house project – mr contractor, workers, sales man, etc. Then I will meet my sister in-law twice a week (because we send our children to the same quran class) n there’s always lots of things to talk about with her. I will always call my cousin in Kedah thrice a week just to have the merapu session with her. Whenever I felt bored n tense I called her. I will just dump everything to her n she will always be there to be my good listener.

If I want to go out n need a companion the person that I always bother will be my cousin, Dhaniah. That is also depends on her availability. Otherwise, my life will only revolve around my family. Frankly, I don’t really feel the emptiness maybe because I am always busy with my daily activities. I am always busy doing this n that which sometimes I feel that I even have no time for myself.

BUT at times I do feel lonely n longing for my girlfriends. You know especially when u need somebody to talk to. Woman to woman talk.. And at that time all the sweet faces of my girlfriends will flash in front of me. I just missed the moments of we holding hands, crying n comforting each others, laughing n sharing stories. I just missed all that. Whenever I passed by Starbucks or any Mamak restaurant it always reminds me the coffee morning that I used to have with my girlfriends.

To all my girlfriends out there, though we hardly see n talk but all of u are always on my mind. The glorious n wonderful time that we had together will always be treasured in my life. I miss all of u. Love u all..

Monday, 13 October 2008

Sweat Off

After 2 months break n being leisure spoiling myself – makan, tidur, makan, tidur I finally starts my gym session today. I’ve been thinking to go to the club earlier but as usual with the reasons busy n always busy.. I almost forgot about it. Furthermore after puasa macam terperasaan yg badan dah kurus.. ahaks.. still maintain, that is why I don’t feel any pressure to do any exercise!

Until last week the person from the club called me reminding that my membership almost expired then ahaa… only I realized I have not gone to the gym for a long time. So today with full of determination I get myself to drive to the club.

When reached there, I just realized that I miss the place so much. So today I started with a light cardio n hopefully to continue going there every day without failed. Huh.. keazaman yg cukup tinggi!

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Hakeem Wants A Bicycle!

When reached home after my cousin’s Raya open house, Hakeem suddenly was asking me to buy for him a bicycle. Reason is because he saw kids were playing bicycle outside our house. I talked n explained to him that we have to wait for Ayah to come back to buy him a bicycle.

Then he asked me is it because it’s expensive that I have no money to buy n have to wait for Ayah? I said YES n further more I do not know what kind of bicycle which is best for him. He still not satisfied with my explanation kept on begging n nagging me.

He didn’t want to go inside the house but just stand n stay there watching other kids playing bicycle. Pitty my boy. At the same time I had to attend Nabila who also was not in a good mood as she just woke up from a short nap in the car. I asked my maid to get Hakeem to come inside the house.

After five minutes, Hakeem reluctantly cried walked in to the house. He was crying complaining about something. I couldn’t understand any single word n asked him tell me all over again. He told me that he asked Kakak Karsih (my maid) to go away but she didn’t go. Hakeem said my maid just stand there n moving one step bit by bit n that annoyed him.

I then asked my maid what was actually happened n she told me the same version of story. My maid said – saya enggak paham ibuk, apa Hakeem cakap. My maid actually is having quite tough time n difficulty to communicate with my children. She couldn’t understand English which I didn’t expect her to.

Nabila now good n can speak Bahasa (still not really good in making sentence, but at least understand) n she always be the middle person for Hakeem n the maid. But sometimes I think Nabila also got fed up n just don’t bother to help both of them. Hakeem sometimes too, angry n drives him crazy as he always complained that the maid couldn’t understand what he wants.

Hehehehe.. susah ah macam ni.. So now either Hakeem has to learn Bahasa or my maid has to learn English. Which I prefer Hakeem to take in charge!

Back to the bicycle issue, Hakeem still talking about wanting it so much. He said he had a bicycle before n wanted it back. He even said that he was having a dream of owning a bicycle. Hmm… I don’t know when he will stop talking about this bicycle. But one thing for sure, I will definitely get my hubby to buy one for him when he gets back.

Raya Open House

Today I got my first invitation Raya open house. It’s at my cousin’s house at Subang Bistari. We reached there around 2.15pm. The foods were good. They had bihun sup Kedah, roti jala, ketupat, satay n barb-q.

I have started eating non-stop once reached there. Memang betul2 pulun ni. It started to rain heavily when the tuan rumah had got ready with the barb-q set n fire. But that still didn’t stop them n us to continue n enjoy the food.

The lamb, chicken barb-q was delicious. The secret receipe from the ‘chef’. Mem besar bungkus daging n ikat plastik je lah! We waited until the rain stopped then made a move. The traffic was bad during our way back home.

I am looking forward for another invitation Raya open house next Sunday. Wah.. best ah.. Orang Kay Ell memang suka n berebut nak buat open house!

Friday, 10 October 2008

The Decision

At this particular moment I’ve been thinking a lot about my daughter, Nadira. She’s going to be 14 years old in this coming November. She’s now studying at HIBS, Genting in Year 8. Tomorrow I will be going to her school to submit notice of leaving the school for her there.

After much thought n discussion with hubby we decided to pull her out from there. When we came back to Malaysia, the children’s education was the priority. We continued putting her to the International School in order for her to continue with what she’s been learning before.

As Malaysian, it was not easy to just walk in n enrol our kids to any International School here. Though our children qualified n meet all the requirements needed by the Ministry, still it depends who n what u are. We approached a few schools but were upset with the – full for Malaysian quotas statement.

And that’s why Nadira ended up studying at HIBS. We put her to boarding school so that she will have a better n good study environment n also at the same time can continue with the International curriculum. But for some REASONS, I have to pull her out from there.

These back two days I was making enquiries n running looking around for Nadira’s school next year. I approached a few private schools n try to enquire n enrol her to the National Curriculum. She will be in Form 3 next year. Unfortunately none of the schools were willing to take her because of her International background. They are afraid of her BM n other subjects that she might not adapt to. Furthermore it’s a critical year – PMR exam n I believe because of to maintain the record n repo they wouldn’t want to take the risk.

Actually Nadira wouldn’t want to continue to the National curriculum as she herself is not confident that she will get thru it. I also did approached a few International schools – not the big one like Garden, ISKL, Australian which we went before with the answers full for the next 2 years! It’s the local private school which running the International Curriculum as well.

Though there are no students/teachers expat berkulit putih but they are using the same system n the same Cambridge exams. I have no worries about Nadira’s English or her British accent as she can just easily twist her tongue n speak like really minah saleh. I just want her to finish off her secondary school n score the GCSE n then further her study to the University.

As nowadays in Malaysia there a sooo many students excel n score straight A in SPM. I wanted her to continue National curriculum but deep inside me I am scared that she cannot put thru it. What if she fails her BM? Or she didn’t even get the minimum requirement to enter the University? I will the one to be blamed then!

I will have another talk with her about this. Maybe I just let her to make a choice n make sure that she knows the responsibility that she has to succeed in her major exam. I just want her to be success in her life. That's all what mother wants.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The Helper

Yesterday finally I received my maid. I went to collect her at the Maid Agency. The maid was actually ready two weeks ago. The agency called me while I was on the way picking up my children from school n planned to go back to Malacca for Raya on that day. So I decided to let her stay at the Agency’s hostel n picked her up yesterday.

She is 23 years old from Cirebon, Jawa Barat. So far during this last 2 days she had been doing what she’s supposed to do. Maybe it’s too early for me to judge but I can see that she’s a hardworking, polite n fast learner. My two little kids seem to get along with her quite well.

I hope that she will sustain n continue performing her work as good as what I’ve seen for the last couple days. And now.. mak boleh ah relax sikit. Time to schedule for my cooking, quran classes n also indulging myself – spa n facial which I have not done that for ages!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

When It Comes To The End

On our last day in Kedah, we decided to have a breakfast our favourite roti boom at Mee Abu nearby my house. As expected there were so many people n some of them who were waiting for take away had to queue till outside of the restaurant.

We managed to get a table but had to wait for almost 30 minutes for the food to come. When the food arrived, Hakeem was the one who most excited. This is his favourite. The roti is so soft n fluffy. Again memang berbaloi tunggu…

At 2.00pm we departed from Alor Setar for our long journey back to our home in Shah Alam. There were so many cars n when reached Juru, Penang the traffic had getting slower. It continued even after toll.

I couldn’t recall anymore the name of the place but it was totally massive jam thru out our journey. It started from Penang, Changkat Jering, Gua Tempurung n a few other places. There were no accidents seen but the cars were crawling veryyyyyy slowwwwww. It sometimes even stop for 30 seconds then moved a bit then stopped n moved…

I was doing the driving for the first half of the journey as hubby was not feeling very well. I can feel that my butt dah nipis n my back n feet macam nak tercabut. We finally reached home at 12.30 midnight. Just imagine… we were stuck on the road for 10 ½ drive which normally it takes only 5 hours journey! Luckily all my children were doing fine in the car n tak meragam.

On top of that, the saddest part is my hubby is leaving us again. We sent him off to the airport today afternoon. I don’t know why but this time I was really emotional n sad to see him going. I even cried! sob sob sob..

I pray that my hubby will have a safe journey. We really enjoy our raya this time. Our first raya in Malaysia after sooo long.. n this is my best raya.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Still in Raya Mood

My activities in Kedah will always be the makan-makan session. We just love to gather around with our close family n having the eating session. Be it either at home or outside. It’s always turn out to be the greatest n jolly occasion.

In the afternoon my cousin Kak Yan had her open house. She cooked nasi tomato, lontong, ketupat n all kind of cookies. The foods were super yummy. Hakeem who’s quite close to my cousin really got special attention from her. He got a special massage from his Mak Yan after his lunch. My cousin really spoilt him while she was taking care of Hakeem when I was away for the recent Umrah. So he’s the centre of attraction today!

At the night time, my Uncle treated us for a seafood dinner at Kuala Perlis. It’s about an 1 hour drive from Alor Setar. Though it’s quite far but it was really worth as the food memang sedap. My hubby at that time was not really feeling very well pun makan sakan.

I really enjoy the company of my family here. The jokes, laugh, chatting n get together that made us closer. These are the only bunch of relatives that always has a special place in my heart. One thing for sure, I will miss them a lot.

Nasi Mamak Maniac

Nasi mamak? Nasi kandar? Or anything related to it, will definitely be my favourite. Since I was small, I n my brothers had been introduced n brought up with the surrounding n environment of Mamak’s food. I still remember when I was small, my parents always bring us to eat Nasi Ali every week.

Then when I had to go for a tuition class, everyday my father will drop me at Kedai Mee Abu at Teluk Wanjah n had my lunch nasi mamak there while waiting for my tuition to start. When I started working n moved to KL, I still love to eat Nasi mamak but I couldn’t find the best like here in Alor Setar.

When I was pregnant with my last two children – Nabila & Hakeem, I was staying in Miri. I always craved for nasi mamak n bugging my hubby to get it. Unfortunately the two Mamak restaurants there didn’t taste the originality of it n totally spoilt my appetite.

Every year when we came back for holiday in Kedah, eating at mamak’s restaurant was always top on the lists. My favourite during night time is Nasi Royale at Hijau Kuning n for the breakfast is Nasi Zam Zam. Maybe some of u wonder having nasi mamak for breakfast? Well.. orang Kedah memang makan nasi mamak pagi2!

Even my hubby who is from Malacca dah terpengaruh n fell in love with nasi mamak ni. My daughter Nabila is the star. She can eat rice with fish curry in the morning n chicken curry for lunch. As for Hakeem he is so crazy over roti canai or he calls it ‘poratha’. He will cut the roti into small pieces, then folded it some more into round shape n deep it into the curry. No curry no roti for him. Tak main ah cicah gula-gula ni.. They are truly anak Mommy!

So after so long not going back to Kedah, one of my agenda Raya is makan nasi mamak. Last night I dragged my hubby, brother n dad to eat at Nasi Royale. We reached there at 10.15pm n the queue was so long. But because of the ‘high desire’ n dah terasa sampai ke tekak nak makan, I don’t mind to join the queue. When it came to my turn, I was the last one to get the rice as the rice had finished.

So the rest in the long queue have to wait for the additional rice to come. Surprisingly until I had finished eating mine, those same people still were standing there loyally, devotedly n patiently waiting for the rice to come. Huh… memang power tul penangan mamak royale ni!

And this morning as planned, we went to have breakfast at Zam Zam restaurant – nasi mamak again! This is my hubby’s favourite. We reached there at 8.00am n we saw the long queue as well. I just wonder orang Alor Setar ni memang duk makan nasi mamak ke raya2 ni? (which include me lah.. hehehe).

But truly it was really worth for all the sweat n effort to wait n queue up as the food was actually totally yummy n finger licking good. Susah nak cita lah.. dah cuba sekali sure nak lagi!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Eid in Alor Setar

We departed from Malacca at 4.30am. We had a few stops n reached Alor Setar at 11.30am. I am so happy n glad to see my father. My second brother was about to depart to Kelantan n I managed to catch him before he leaved. Later on my youngest brother came to join us. It’s good to have your family around especially during Raya.

In the afternoon we went to my youngest brother’s house. Rumah orang bujang but indeed berbesar hati jamu kami kuih raya n kek. Later on in the evening I went to my Aunty’s house. We stayed n chit-chatting till night. There seem lots of things to catch up. When we came back home, my hubby’s schoolmate came. They stayed up till midnight.

I am very happy. Very happy to be back to my hometown. To be back to my mom’s house (rumah pusaka). To be able to see all my brothers n relatives. And the happiest part is to see the smile n happiness in my father’s eyes n face.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri

I would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri to all my family, friends n all Muslims in the world. This morning after solat aidil fitri we gathered around our family to have our Raya breakfast. Mak cooked lontong, rendang itik (which the first time I tried n not bad), sambal tumis udang n sate goreng.

Later on was the photo session which we loved most. Everybody like posing maut showing off the baju raya. Our family color theme this year is purple. Later on everybody started to salam raya with Atok & Wan. The feeling-feeling session. The part that the kids looking forward was ‘duit raya’.

Nabila n Hakeem were very excited getting their Raya pack. They didn’t really care the amount of money inside but they were thrilled to get many Raya packs. They kept counting how many packs they got.

After that all of us went around to our relatives’ house nearby. I hardly meet n know them n this Raya is actually the opportunity for me to get to know them. We went back for a short break n later on continued to another relative’s house which is further that we had to drive.

I was totally flat when reached home. I kept eating non-stop from house to house. But apart of that I really enjoyed my Eid here. Be around with my family, in laws n relatives. This is also the first time for Nabila n Hakeem experienced their Raya here. They were very happy n excited especially the time putting on their baju melayu, baju kurung n duit raya!

Tomorrow early in the morning, we will be driving back to Alor Setar. It’s a long journey but I am sure all of us are so eager to meet the family in Kedah.

Wishing again Selamat Hari Raya dan Maaf Dzahir Batin.