Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Long Break

My children are having a long school break because of the Deepavali. Nadira n Faizah didn’t come back home so just left two little gems here. Not many activities happened except they were enjoying their holidays playing, eating n messing up the house.

Sometimes I brought them for swimming n lunch out. Otherwise we just stay at home. Kind of bored but believe it or not that is what Nabila n Hakeem love. They just love to be at home. They never got tired playing with their toys, drawings n on the other hand argument n disagreement but sometimes can be so chummy hugging n kissing each other.

I just let them do whatever they like. It is their break. One fine morning when they woke up after taking bath they told me that they were going for a holiday. They put on their socks n carried their haversack. I asked them where were they going n they told me they would like to go for a picnic.

Hmm… I asked the place n they told me it’s in London. They gave me a goodbye hug n kiss. Hakeem was so proud n said – “Mommy I will go n take aeroplane just like Ayah. Look.. I carried a bag like Ayah n I’m a big boy now.” So then they went off…

They then pretended walking to the airport n landed in London for a picnic where it is at my house balcony! They set down all the foods n drinks. They had their lunch n desert n really enjoyed the food. I could see that they were having a good time.

The school will start on Thursday n we have another day to relax. Maybe tomorrow I will bring them out to play at the playground.

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