Thursday, 29 May 2008

Coach Clearance Sale

I received an email regarding the Coach clearance sale starting 28th May. It will be held at a few outlets in Klang Valley. I didn’t know about this when I was at KLCC yesterday. And today since we r going to Mid Valley, I will never want to miss this.

After lunch, we walked to Gardens the new Mall joined next to Mid Valley. I was surprise to see a long que to go inside the Coach boutique. Well.. since we were there, why not just join the crowd. Plus I am so curious to see what’s so hot about it.

The truth is I never really fancy Coach label. Actually this label reminds me a lot of my dearest friend, Zaireen. She has lots full of collections. Love to see them. Anyway after about 10 minutes waiting, finally the guard let us in.

We went straight to the clearance section. All the selected handbags are 30% discounts. After looked through, there were one or two that catch my eyes. I saw one lady was holding four handbags in her hand. I really like one of the handbags that she had. When asked the salesperson, he said that was the last piece.

It was not me alone who like it, a few people did ask for it. And I guess, the lady noticed that all of us were eying for it n she will never let it go. The salesperson even promise to me that he’ll grab the bag for me once the lady decided not to take it. Hehehehehe..

After waited for another 15 minutes, the lady was still holding all the four handbags started talking to the phone telling her hubby that she’s buying all those. Hmmm…. That answered everything. So I just walked out from the shop with empty handed. Well.. I didn’t actually plan to buy one so it didn’t really bother me so much.

And on the other hand it saves my money n the dilemma to explain to my hubby why I should buy this expensive designer handbag!

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Beautiful Girls....

It’s a school holiday now n my house is full with guests – my aunty, uncle n cousins from Kedah. They were here since 2 days ago. They came here to attend my dearest Dhaniah’s convo. She is today has qualified herself to practise as a lawyer. Congrats! Look at all these happy beautiful girls. Ada sesapa yg berkenan? Ehem…

Yesterday the full day was occupied with her convo activities n today we managed to make ourself available for shopping. And today also I am glad that I would be able to take Nurul n Iman out to join us. We went to KLCC. The mall was so crowded with people. We planned to have lunch at Chilis but unfortunately the que was so long that we decided to go to other place as all of us were very hungry.

Later on what else.. marathon from shops to shops..

Monday, 26 May 2008

Dead Beat

I am so frustrated, tired n worn-out today. I’ve planned this since last week. Early in the morning after sent my kids to school me n Nadira stopped by at Bangsar to have our breakfast. Reason is because it’s still early n I would like to kill the time n at the same time have my leisure time with my daughter.

The plan today is I would like to ‘window shopping’ n survey around the furniture shop. I have to start looking n decide the type, colour n furniture to be at my new house. I started with the one that I always see along the federal highway. I never been there before so redah je n managed to find the way. Once reached there, it was closed. When checked, it opens at 12noon.

Hmm… ok… I told myself maybe if I go somewhere around Ampang, there are shops open there. Unfortunately along the stretch of Jalan Ampang, none of the shops are opened. It was 11.00am at that time. I had getting angry! What is wrong? Why aren’t they open? Mostly the shops open at 12.00noon on weekdays n 10.00am during weekends.

How the hell I will know all this. I thought at least by 10.00am they will open. My fault I didn’t check. How should I know? I don’t shops furniture everyday. At the end we turned back to Subang Jaya to have a break n then fetched my kids from school.

I have been driving around non-stop 5 hours for nothing! With those 5 hours I can actually going back to Kedah! Such a long n exhausted day .

Saturday, 24 May 2008

The Lost Ticket

Today after my kids’ art class I went to meet my dearest cousin Dhaniah. I’ve not seen her for quite sometime. We used to spent time together over the weekend but we hardly meet since she has started working in Putrajaya. And as Nadira is also back home for the school holiday, so today my kitchen is closed!

We had our lunch at SACC Mall. We did had a big lunch – penuh meja where else yang makan all girls n kids! When it’s time to go back, Dhaniah who was keeping the parking ticket seems couldn’t find the ticket. She kept digging her bag n of course with our help but still the ticket couldn't be found.

We went back to check inside the car. She was really confident that she put the ticket in her bag n it’s impossible that it’s lost. I even squatted down to check under the row of cars parked there. Dhaniah went back to check at the restaurant that we had lunch just now. After almost 15 minutes checked n checked all over again, we decided to just pay for the lost ticket.

I went with her to the management office. While in the lift somehow my sweet lady cousin Dhaniah’s hand unzipped one of the slot in her bag n found the ticket!! Huh.. she was laughing excitedly. Boleh? Why didn’t she find it just now? She claimed I even checked her bag n didn’t find it either. Well it’s her bag n of course I don’t know there’s a secret slot n compartment here n there.

Anyway… this first time lost parking ticket incident will always be our laughing stock in future. The fine for the lost ticket is not so expensive but we actually save all the hustle n interrogations by the security. Well you know.. with all the procedures n proves that they might want!

Friday, 23 May 2008

My Grandmother

My father was here 3 days ago. He stopped over to my house for two nights before departed for his holiday. Me n kids were glad to have him around. As usual my routine, he followed me around sent n picked my kids from school.

On the second day, we went to visit my grandmother (my dad’s mom). The last time I met her was 2 years back. She is now 84 years old n still quite healthy. She is not able to see n walk anymore but amazingly her memories are still good.

She can remember me very well (her first cucu) n even all those old days’ stories. We spent there about n hour n chatted with her (she just loves to talk) n I even asked her some of the recipes. Insyaalah I will make appoint to pay her a visit again the next time.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Kenangan Terindah

As I said in my earlier post I was totally busy (like anybody cares) with my daily activities since my other half was back here. I haven’t really have time to even browse thru any of my favourite blogs. I even skip some of unimportant gossips emails.

Now I am back on track n today I had spent time reading some of the blogs. To my dearest friend Oja, thanks for the very informative stories n pictures (mcm saja je nak eksen kat akak ni!!) U all betul2 buat I jeles.. ahaks… I miss u all so much. The one that I can’t stand was that u guys have started the snorkelling activities!!! Aduh… tak aci ni…

While seeing those pictures I can imagine mcm manalah ropa n gaya Haji, Rohimi n Nazri menenggelamkan diri dalam air tu…

My son Hakeem till now still non stop nagging me to go back to Oman. He kept saying that he missed Oman so much. I do miss all my friends n the places over there. Glad to see u guys still continue doing activities n the makan-makan session. Keep it up.

As for Qayyum, when u go back to Oman eat for Aunty shawarma Yahya banyak2 n those Nasi briyani. I miss the food so much.

I am looking forward to see all of u my friends coming back to Malaysia during this summer holiday. Buzz me n we can get together like before.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

We Will Miss U

Today is the day. The day where my dearest hubby will be away again for his 2nd rotation. Since last night I have started worried n had the same feeling like the first time when he left us. And this morning reluctantly I sent him to the airport. Times fly so fast. Two weeks with him is just not enough for me n the kids. How I wish he could stay longer.

Nabila n Hakeem were non-stop begging to their dad not to leave them again. But I guess the kids n me have to learn to go thru all this. Though we only had a limited time, but we did actually have spent our quality moments together. Every single minute had been our good times.

I pray that my hubby will have a safe journey n arrive safely to his destination. We had already missed him.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Tears n Happiness Parting

We left Alor Setar taking the early flight in the morning. Though my trip this time was only two days, I am glad that I could see n leave my father with a smile n happiness in his eyes. I will never stop praying to Allah that He will always protect my father. I just want him to be happy n stay healthy. A prayer n hope from every daughter that loves her dad.

We reached KLIA at 10.30am. From there we drove back to Malacca.

p/s: I was in the same flight (frm KLIA-AS-KLIA) with Ning Baizura. Masa nak balik tu ambik kesempatan ah posing jap... She's standing beside my dad n my bro yg pura2 malu tapi sebenarnya ciwi gila!!! hahahaha

Friday, 16 May 2008

Enjoying The Day In Danok

The second day in Alor Setar started with visiting my mom’s pusara. Then we had a breakfast- my hubby’s favourite Nasi Lemak Zam Zam. Sometimes I wonder how he can be so addicted eating nasi mamak early in the morning. Anyway this trip is his ‘trip’ so kasi can lah dia nak makan apa pun

In the afternoon as planned we drove down to Danok, Thailand to have our lunch. My hubby was really looking forward to eat here. He just loves the Thailand’s food. The food indeed was really good. But one thing that we can’t stand was the very hot weather there.

After a short browsing thru the shops we went to cool down ourselves – pampering session. My dad, uncle, aunty n brother had the feet massage. Me n cousins got our hair washed while my hubby got himself grooming mcm pengantin.. hehehehe..

The picture above is one of the unique things that I found here in Danok. Two washing machines which just look like the one at our home, station outside the 7-11 with the coin box attach next to it. U have to bring your clothes n own detergent. Isn’t in cool? You can wash your clothes while buying slurpee at the 7-11 there…

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Balik Kampung

This is my first balik kampung trip to Alor Setar since I came back to Malaysia for good. I was looking forward to go back to this place where I have been brought up. But sadly this time I only went back for two days. Reasons are because my kids had started schooling n my hubby has to go back to his workplace soon.

We arrived at the airport at 3pm today. As usual every time when we go back to Kedah, ‘makan-makan’ will always be the first list in the agenda. At the tea time we gathered to have my favourite kuetiaw kerang Latif.

As for dinner, memang tak sah if we dont go n eat at the infamous Nasi Royale. Huh... memang terubat rindu as I was really looking forward to eat here.

Beside all these ‘makan-makan’ session, I am happy to see my beloved father n all my brothers, niece, nephew, cousin n aunty. Glad to be around with them happily laughing catching up old days time.

Sunday, 11 May 2008

Happy Mother's Day

It’s a Mother’s Day today. I would like to wish all moms HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.

I never failed to wish my mom n buy her a special gift every year on this special day. She is no longer here for me to celebrate this special day together. I am very proud to have such a kind n understanding mom like her. And today I am a mother of six children. I am certain if she is still around, she will surely proud to see her only daughter is still surviving to face the life.

Above is the picture of my lovely mom. Mama.. I miss u so much. Though u r not here anymore, I will always remember u on this special day.

To my friends out there, I wish all of u Happy Mother’s Day. We never know the love of the mother until we become mothers ourselves.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

2nd day In Kota Bharu

My 2nd day in Kota Bharu started with a breakfast the famous nasi berlauk n nasi ulam. Hmm… so delicious. We then went to Bazar Buluh Kubu to get some gifts n souvenirs for relatives. Interesting place with rows of shops selling beautiful batik n traditional crafts. Hakeem was totally fell in love with the traditional ‘wau’. He wanted to buy one to bring home which of course is impossible!

Since we still have ample time, we stopped by to have a taste of the famous sotong bakar selling by the makcik by the roadside. Nabila loved it so much. Later on we drove to Pantai Cahaya Bulan to have a view during the day time. Well… I reserved my comments. But we love the fresh coconut.

We later sent Nurul back to her boarding n proceeded to the airport. I don’t know when I will come back again to Kota Bharu. I love the food n most of all I like to see the crowd at the Pasar Siti Khadijah.

Friday, 9 May 2008

In Kota Bharu, Kelantan

We arrived at the Sultan Ismail Petra Airport, Kelantan at 12.00 noon. I had not been here since 8 years ago when at that time I attended my brother’s wedding ceremony. We rented a car n drove to Nurul’s school to meet her. We later on checked in at the hotel for a quick rest n then had our lunch at the nearby restaurant.

The weather was very hot. We later on walked on to Pasar Siti Khadijah. The place that nobody should miss when they are in Kota Bharu. Unfortunately this seems not to be my spoilt two little kid’s favourite place. They kept complaining feeling hot n uncomfortable n the most reason is the place didn’t have things that they wanted (what else – toys). Hakeem finally fell asleep on his dad’s shoulder.

We went back to the hotel after that to have a rest. It was then heavy rain n the weather seems to be much cooler. This is the first time for my hubby been to Kelantan. We are not so familiar with the roads n places over here. But anyhow we managed to go around with the map n the helpful signboards.

Tonight we found the way to a restaurant recommended in one of the tourist list attractions. It’s a Thai Seafood Restaurant. The food was superb n delicious. I can hardly find a good restaurant that can make a good tomyam like the original Thailand’s. But this restaurant – thumbs up. I just love their tom yam. We later on drove down to Pantai Cahaya Bulan. Nothing much there actually. I can’t see the beach coz it was so dark.

Near there is a long stretch of food shops selling almost the same kind of foods – a pile of fish ball, squid ball, sausage n all those that u cucuk in the lidi. I just wonder who’s gonna eat lots of those foods n whether they will be able to sell it all.

I ended my first night in Kota Bharu by strolling along the Pasar Malam near the Buluh Kubu Bazaar. Tomorrow is another agenda n another activities....

Thursday, 8 May 2008


Well.. pardon me for not updating my blog regularly lately. I was so so very busy. Al maklum lah… my dearest hubby is home. Ehem… Mak memang tak menang tangan.. So after sent kids to school we were being going here n there to settle a few things. Since he is only here for a short break, I have to really fully utilize him!

Anyway we will be going to Kota Bharu tomorrow to visit Nurul, our daughter there at her boarding school. I’ll be updating more news from there.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Hakeem's New Look

Before & After

Finally today Hakeem got his hair cut. Since he went to the new school, the teacher had ‘warned’ me twice to get his hair cut. Hehehehehe.. I waited for my hubby to come back home to get his hair cut. So today reluctantly my hubby went around the Malacca town looking the best salon for him.

Actually I don’t mind to go to any barber mamak shop. But hubby didn’t want his only precious son’s hair got spoilt by ‘inexpert’ person. As it’s on Sunday n some of the shops were closed n after gone in to a few shops, we finally settled at one that seems to be quite modern n look professional.

We shaved all his hair once after he was born n till now he never gets his hair cut. So today after almost 5 years, Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah… at last he cut his hair. He certainly looks so handsome. He is so proud n happy with his new look n of course every morning I have to put gel to get that spiky style look!

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Happy Birthday Mak

Today is my mother in-law’s 61th birthday. We went back to Malacca in the afternoon. At night we went out for dinner to have a small family celebration.

I pray that Mak will always be happy, long life, healthy n always be blessed by Allah. She is just like my own blood mother. I am grateful to have such a kind hearted, understanding mother like her. May Allah bless n be with her always.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Hubby Is Home

The day that me n kids have been waiting for finally come.. YES! Tonight my dearest hubby is coming back home. All of us were so excited. He had safely arrived at 10.45pm.

Hakeem n Nabila were so happy. Nabila was speechless when she first saw her Ayah. She hugged n kissed him with the tears in her eyes. As for me… I was so shocked to see my hubby lost his weight so much. Dah mcm budak form 5 pulak!

Anyway all of us were so so so glad that he’s back home. We will surely be busy with the activities after this.

Thursday, 1 May 2008

The First Step

I was busy since yesterday. One more new activity in my daily life. Somehow this is like a ‘bidan terjun’ But who knows.. this might be a start up for everything.. My daughter, Faizah is having a picnic trip activity n was looking for somebody who can prepare food for 24 people of her friends. And I’ve decided to help them.

So yesterday morning I went to the wet market then Giant n then went back home prepared all the ingredients to cook. Then in the afternoon rushing to fetch my kids from school. When reached home I started busy continued preparing all the foods.

I slept last night at 12pm n woke up this morning at 4am to cook. Later at 7am the foods has been successfully delivered to my daughter’s boarding. Nasi putih, ayam goreng berempah, sambal tumis ikan, telur masam manis, sayur goreng for the lunch n sandwich sardine for the breakfast. And also plus a container of air sirap.

I was totally flat when I got back home. But when come to think of the accomplishment that I made today, I feel so happy n excited. I love to cook n I enjoy every single moment of it. When my daughter handed out the payment I was smiling proudly of myself. It is so meaningful to me.. Something that is so unexplainable..

p/s: i was so busy till i forgot to snap the pictures of all the foods