Monday, 28 December 2009

Happy 6th Birthday - Izzul Hakeem

Hakeem turns to 6 years old today. He woke up very early in the morning came to me kissing n telling me "Mommy.. today is my birthday"

Hakeem is an adorable boy that loved by everybody who knows him. He is the only boy in the family n got spoiled by his sisters n me!

Today I brought him to Sunway Pyramid. He chose the restaurant for his lunch then we went to the cinema. Later on Hakeem & Nabila got to play bumper car & ferry wheels there.

While having lunch he spilled the ketchup on his shirt n pants. He got panicked as afraid that I would scold him. I told him it’s ok. Then he said “Mommy today is my birthday, u can’t get angry at me. This is my cloth n I can do anything I want to it”

Yeah Hakeem…. like I allow u too.. :) Then when he wanted to go to the toilet n as usual I brought him to the ladies. He was not very happy n said I don’t like n so shy to go the lady’s toilet. He told me he is a grown up boy. He said he should go to the gents. I said if your daddy is around surely u will go to the gents but now u have to follow me to the ladies. Hmmm…. baru 6 tahun…

I wish n pray that Hakeem will grown up to be a success person. Happy Birthday Hakeem. Mommy wishes you all the happiness in your life. I love you always n always. You are the sunshine of my life.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Great Holiday

Today is our last day here. In the morning the children had their last kopek at the pool n beach. We checked out before noon n drove to the Hard Rock Hotel Penang.

As usual, posing sana sini n bought some stuffs at the Rock Shop.

After that we had our lunch at the famous Nasi Kandar Line Clear. Memang tak sah kalau gi Penang tak makan sini.. The queue was so long but well.. we don't mind to join! Memang betul2 line clear n yummy the food.

We arrived home around 8pm. The traffic was quite slow n we stopped at a few R&R as all of us were quite sleepy after the Nasi Kandar.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

More Activities in Penang

Our second day in Penang continued with more activities. We woke up early in the morning had our breakfast n made our trip to the famous Bukit Bendara. The last time I was there probably during my primary school day. When we reached close to the hill, the road was packed with cars n buses. It is a school holiday n this was what we should expect.

We went around a few times looking for a parking n gave up at the end. I couldn’t see any proper parking area there. All the cars parked either along the street or in front of people’s house. Sadly this has to be looked seriously by the authority as the attractions area should be convenient for the people to visit.

We then decided to go to the Toy Museum. I’ve read a lot about this in the internet. Well… it was fascinating to see all kind of toys; I mean lots hundreds of toys. Hakeem was so amazed to see his favorite toys there.

Somehow the place to me has not been taken care well. The toys were all dusty n some fell down n not being arranged back properly. The floor, interior looked dirty n not appealing at all. For the price of RM10 per person to me is too much for that kind of place. These people are really making money out of this.

We then had our lunch at the famous Nasi Padang at the Transfer Road. We headed back to the hotel after that n the children continued with their pool n beach activities. Today the girls had the second time of parachute sailing. This time they said it was more fun as they knew what to do..

At night we drove down to Gurney n had our dinner there. We ended our night with the long hours of karaoke.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Our Holiday In Penang

We departed in the morning for our trip to Penang. The traffic was quite smooth except at a few areas where there was an accident. We arrived Penang in the afternoon n the kids just couldn’t wait n wanted to immediately going to the hotel. We stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort. The hotel was packed n in fact all the hotels at the Batu Feringghi too were fully booked. We were so lucky to get this as I made a last minute booking a day before the trip.

Upon arrival we had lunch there n later the children have their free activities. As for Hakeem & Nabila they were happily soaking themselves in the pool. And for the big sisters, the beach was their spot. There were lots of activities there.

Faizah, Deea, Nurul & Iman ventured themselves from the banana boat rides to parachute sailing. They were all so thrilled n even wanted to try more than once! We spent the whole evening around the pool n beach at the hotel.

At night time we walked to the nearby seafood restaurant to have our dinner there. They had a cultural show from local to Middle East. It was quite interesting show. We then walked along the area which had long stretch of stalls selling clothes, souvenirs n lots more.

What a long tiring day n tomorrow will be more exciting days for the children.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

The Art Attack

Today I brought my kids to One Utama. The last time I went there they spent one hour at the kidsz sport & gym area. This time I said let’s do something else. I thought of bringing them to the cinema but we arrived not at the time the movie starts.

So I brought them to the Art Attack place. This is a place where you can leave your kids n they will explore their creativity there created n coloring all sorts of stuff. After about 20 minutes choosing what to do, Hakeem & Nabila finally got what they wanted.

Nabila chose ferry wheels which she has to spend for 2 hours while Hakeem a battle axe n a stand microphone. I left them for 2 hours n came back picked them up with their creation in hands.

They were so proud showing what they did at me. I bet they had a good time there.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Welcome Home

Faizah has safely arrived on last Saturday. All of us were so happy to see her. The moment she inside the car she requested to eat at mamak restaurant – where else the infamous Rafi near our house.. Memang nak kena mamak gak.. hehehehhee..

Later on was the exchange gift session. Faizah bought for everybody gifts n souvenirs. It is so thoughtful of her n all of us were so excited receiving it. Faizah also got her birthday presents from us.

The next morning the eating marathon still continued for our homecoming lady.. We went to Pasar Pagi Shah Alam near the stadium. We had our breakfast there then walked n browsed around. In the afternoon I cooked her favorite nasi daging n cheese cake.

In the afternoon Faizah followed my MIL back to Malacca. She will be back for our holiday trip this weekend. Welcome home my dear n enjoy your time here. Bab makan tu bawa bertenang k.. hehehehhe..

Saturday, 19 December 2009

A Special Guest

Today I have a special guest – Tuan Haji Zunaidi. He came from Oman and in Malaysia on business matter. We invited him to our house today for lunch. This time Aji came alone.

I guess the last time I met him was a year ago. He still looks the same. Aji requested me to cook his favourite dish n he really enjoyed it.

We really enjoyed his company n wish that he could come again bringing the family. I really miss them n always remember those days when I was with them.

Aji will be here till next weekend n hope that we could see him again.

Friday, 18 December 2009

Letting Go

Reluctantly n sadly I am letting go my beloved car. This was my car when I came back from Oman. The car meant a lot to me. This was the car that I used to send/pick my kids from school n also weekly trip to Genting Highland visited my daughter there.

Beside that I also used the car to carry all the boxes while shifting to our current house. The car not only carried good things but also junk n rubbish that I had to transport to the rubbish dumping area.

I had driven this car as far as to Danok, Thailand. I had this car with me for 18 months. It held memories of me and my kids as we spent so much time in the car.

I love the car so much n sadly I had to let it go.