Monday, 28 December 2009

Happy 6th Birthday - Izzul Hakeem

Hakeem turns to 6 years old today. He woke up very early in the morning came to me kissing n telling me "Mommy.. today is my birthday"

Hakeem is an adorable boy that loved by everybody who knows him. He is the only boy in the family n got spoiled by his sisters n me!

Today I brought him to Sunway Pyramid. He chose the restaurant for his lunch then we went to the cinema. Later on Hakeem & Nabila got to play bumper car & ferry wheels there.

While having lunch he spilled the ketchup on his shirt n pants. He got panicked as afraid that I would scold him. I told him it’s ok. Then he said “Mommy today is my birthday, u can’t get angry at me. This is my cloth n I can do anything I want to it”

Yeah Hakeem…. like I allow u too.. :) Then when he wanted to go to the toilet n as usual I brought him to the ladies. He was not very happy n said I don’t like n so shy to go the lady’s toilet. He told me he is a grown up boy. He said he should go to the gents. I said if your daddy is around surely u will go to the gents but now u have to follow me to the ladies. Hmmm…. baru 6 tahun…

I wish n pray that Hakeem will grown up to be a success person. Happy Birthday Hakeem. Mommy wishes you all the happiness in your life. I love you always n always. You are the sunshine of my life.

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