Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year to everybody. Time flies so fast that we are now already in the year of 2010. I will be a year older.

For the last one year of 2009 lots of incidents happened. Some were sad, shocked, blessed, happy n joyful. Hubby was finally came back to in Malaysia for good. He came back rightly before ramadhan. We got to celebrate our Raya together last year.

2009 also is the year where I had successfully “launched” my kek lapis online business. I got a tremendous response during the raya season. I was so happy back then.

Most of the time in 2009 was spent with holidays with my family. I also attended lots of various concerts/shows at my children’s school. I could say that year 2009 was a happy year for me.

Last night me, hubby n my girls went out to have our night out. Well.. not fireworks but karaoke.. tengah duk kemaruk karaoke la ni.. We didn’t even realize it was 12.00am as everybody busying singing n choosing songs.

For the new year of 2010 as usual no resolutions for me except wishes n prayers. I wish n pray to Allah to give me happiness in my life. Please give me a good excellent health. I pray that my hubby n children will always be blessed n protected by Him. I pray that all my children will succeed in their study n life.

I hope the year of 2010 promise me n my family joyous n prosperous. Happy New Year.

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