Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Best Friends Forever

Today Nabila didn’t go to school. I have to bring her to see dentist as she got tooth ache. When Hakeem got to know that his sister is not going to school, he started making sad face, whining n babbling about having no friends n will miss his sister.

Nabila n Hakeem is one year different in age. When Nabila was 6 months I got pregnant for Hakeem. They are very close since small. They sometimes disagree or argue but at the end they will make up n be buddies again. They always play together, sleep together n do everything together.

I actually just got to know a few months back that during the break at school, Nabila will allocate time to see n play with Hakeem. There was one occasion where Hakeem complained why Nabila didn’t come to play with him n I heard Nabila said that he was in the classroom doing activities n she couldn’t go n see him.

On and on I will hear Hakeem reminded his sister not to forget to come n see him during break time. Nabila always acts like a guardian n angel to Hakeem. She will always make sure that Hakeem is not crying, got what he wants n teach him what he didn’t know.

But this angel has her limits too which sometimes when Hakeem pushed her too much she knows how to get angry. This seldom happened but when it happened it means WAR. Knowing Nabila she will always give in n forgive his brother but of course Hakeem has to listen to her conditions (like u promise not to do this again, if u this.. etc…)

Anyway this morning before Hakeem got down from the car they were hugging n comforting each other before saying goodbye. Hakeem was a bit upset when I sent him off to the class. I said that it will only be a short while n without u realized your school ends n you will be back with your sister.

While I got into the car I saw Nabila’s face red n she quietly looking down. I asked her why n before she could answer she burst out crying n said feel sorry to leave Hakeem alone. I was shocked at first to see her n couldn’t believe that this short separation would end up like this. She kept crying until she had a cough n threw out.

I calmed her down n talked to her. In the afternoon when fetching Hakeem from school they were hugging each other like setahun tak jumpa.. They are so attach that one of them will never follow me or hubby out to leave the other. We have to bring both of them.

As they grown up, they are closer n wiser. What happened today was something that totally unexpected by me. At first I said apahal budak2 ni drama pulak pagi2.. mengada-ngada. But then when I look n think this from a different angle – the positive side, I should be proud with both of them.

They care for each other. They value the relationship, brother & sister. They appreciate what they have n also sharing their love with others. I hope that both of them will continuously having a good relationship until each of them has their own family.

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