Monday, 11 January 2010

The Next Tiger Woods

Well… not the one of Tiger Woods hot scandal having affair or he cheated on his wife. What I meant here is Hakeem will be next of Tiger Woods – the professional golfer!

Last Saturday Hakeem started his first golf lesson at the Glenmarie Golf & Country Club by the MST Golf Academy. He was actually looking forward for this day as we had registered him a month before.

On his first day he learned about rules n basic things in golfing. My father is a golfer n hubby too. I’ve been surrounded by people playing golf in my family n since I was small I used to see n hear them babbling about golf.

Until today when I was sitting watching Hakeem listening to the coach, indirectly I also got the knowledge how to play golf! Now I know how many types of grips (how u hold), then the name of every part of the club n step b step how to hit the ball.

I saw Hakeem was fully focused n really into it. He was able to hit the ball on his 3rd swing. There were a few times when he didn’t manage to hit the ball n I was there afraid that he would get upset as he always does when couldn’t get something done. To my surprise he kept trying n doing it till he got it right.

During his few minutes break he sighed n said “Mommy.. I wish I could swing n hit the ball higher”. Encouragingly I said, “You will Hakeem. Trust me n I believe u will be able to do that”.

The coach said Hakeem was a fast learner and on his first day he did it great. Hubby bought him his first golf set. He was very excited about it especially when he got to wear the glove! Kira mcm pro lah…

The lesson is every Saturday for one half hour. When we got back home, Hakeem showed to Nabila n taught her how to use the club. And now Nabila said that she wanted to join the golf lesson too… Hmmm…. hitam lah anak dara I ni nanti…

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