Thursday, 28 January 2010

May Allah Bless My Father

Last couple weeks my dad called me n informed that lately he sometimes felt his hands were shaking, trembling n at times the body was rigid. He immediately told me that he suspected having Parkinson. I was quite shock hearing that.

Asked how did he knows that he is having that, my dad told me that he read about this in the internet – my dad ni IT savvy tau.. rajin baca blog2 orang..:) . I told him to have a checkup n not to make the conclusion yet. It could be because the vitamins or pills he is taking or probably the food that he ate.

My dad is 66 years old. At this age he still looks young n healthy to me. He goes to mosque at every solat prayer, jogging in the morning n play golf too. He can still drive car from Kedah to KL. I seldom see him sick except fever n body aching.

Last week his appointment with the doctor was canceled. Today he went again to the hospital to do the thorough checkup about this matter. I called him in the morning n he told me after a few diagnoses the doctor said that my dad is having a Parkinson.

It is still in early stage n my dad is so lucky to discover it soon. The doctor prescribed him with medicines to cure the disease. My dad didn’t sound panic at all. He was so calm. I was totally worried after put down the phone. I have nonstop thinking about him.

I pray that the medicine will cure the illness. I pray that Allah will always protect him. I pray that Allah will give him a long life. I love my father so much that I don’t want anything bad happen to him.

May Allah bless my dad.

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