Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Foot Reflexology

Foot massage or therapy? In my whole life time I’ve only tried twice. The first one was probably 8 years ago. I had that in Hadnyai. Whenever I go there my family, uncle, aunty will surely allocate their time for this foot massage. Curious I tried once n immediately regretted as I felt painful. Last two years I tried again.

I requested for a lady masseur n instructed for a soft-medium pressure of massage. I enjoyed it though felt pain a bit. Probably if I were to do it frequently it will be ok for me. Anyway lately I felt pain at my right foot. Each time when I walk I could feel pain at my heel especially if I wear covered shoes.

At first I thought it was probably because of the shoes. But then on and on I can still feel the pain either with shoes or without shoes. I don’t want to see a doctor. Well.. maybe not now coz I think I know what caused this.

7 years ago when I was pregnant for Hakeem (8 months pregnant), I felt down from the stairs. I was holding Nabila n the clumsy pregnant me ran down the stairs n before reaching the last 5 steps I tripped n fell off. Nabila was intact in my hand except me tergolek mcm buah nangka down to the floor.

I could feel my right foot was very soft n limp n I couldn’t get myself to get up. Only god knows how I felt at that time. My maid at that time was a small size person plus my hubby too. And me? Huh.. when I was pregnant I was so huge mcm unta I guess.. hehehehehhe..

So now u can imagine how both of them were having their tough time to bring me inside the car. I was crying n laughing at the same time n screamed at the pain I had. Panik giler deorang.. kesian.. At last they took a computer chair (with the wheels) bertungkus lumus pushed me up to get me sit on the chair. Then pushed me to the car n hubby drove me to the hospital.

I had my feet scanned n luckily there was no bones broken. I still couldn’t walk n the doctor got me to use the crutches. Ni pun satu hal as I have to learn how to use this dengan perut yg memboyot..

So I guess now after 7 years the pain at my foot came back. Last two nights I went to have my foot massage somewhere nearby my house. The place called Beijing Natural Healthcare. The services are like foot reflexology, traditional Chinese massage, therapeutic massage, acupuncture n more. The therapists are well trained from China.

I like the place, cozy n clean. After I had the foot therapy there, my right foot felt bit better. I was advised to come every 2 days until I feel my foot much better n then continue probably once a fortnight or a month.

I will ago again tomorrow to continue the therapy n see how it goes from there.

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hey salaam.. really liked ur blog :) wishing u the very best