Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Baby Dominik

I and my friend Nadia got invited by Andrea (Hakeem’s teacher) to visit her newborn baby at her home. We went straight after sending kids to school. It has been three months I’ve not seen Andrea at school and now she is with her new member in the family.

She got a baby boy name – Dominik Stefan Dzideczek who is now about seven weeks old! The baby looks so cute and just exactly like the mother – with blue eyes and golden hair. I got for the little one swim pants and sun hat as Andrea already plan to bring him for swimming when he is 3 months.

We were there for the half day. Gosh.. Andrea just got lots of things to tell us. It was a long story journey of her life from the beginning to the end till she got Dominik. I am so happy for her.

I hope one day Hakeem will be able to see Dominik.

Hubby Is Home

Hubby is home for a week break. He arrived on Monday evening. I fetched him at the airport and the kids were very excited to see their dad. I too am so happy *wink*.

When we reached home, the kids just couldn’t wait to celebrate the belated birthday for their daddy. I baked banana cuppies and each of them got the birthday presents. They have been waiting for so long for this day.

Well.. hubby will only be around till this weekend. Tomorrow is already Thursday.. How time flew so fast. I feel the time spent with him was so short. Masa sungguh mencemburui kami… L

So for this break, hubby balas dendam ate all the type of foods that he missed so much when he was abroad. I sometimes cooked or we ate outside at his favorite place.

A few days more to go and we have plans waiting for us to spend the time together.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

It's Still Raya..

Yeah.. everybody is still in the Raya mood. In KL here.. either you go to people’s house or peoples come to your house.. Yesterday I got a few guests came to raya at my house.

Well.. its not really an open house though. Whoever call nak datang raya…. Are most welcome.. In the morning I received call from my niece. They were on the way from Malacca nak jalan raya… So agak kelam kabut sikit ah.. Luckily I’ve cooked rendang and sambal kacang the night before as my cousins are coming in the evening for raya too.

So in the morning I just added up a few more dishes. I managed to get everything ready just by the time they arrived. The dishes of course berkonsepkan raya – lontong, ketupat, nasi lemak and rendang ayam. Though hubby is not around, they still come to our house as it’s like their routine. Last year they came too. I am so happy to have them around especially Mak We that finally be able to come though she always not feeling well and sick.

In the afternoon, my cousin came with her family. My kids were happy as they have friends to play with. Then later in the evening, another cousin Dhaniah and hubby came. So makan and makan lagi…

Huh.. a month fasting I got my ideal weight and just 2 weeks after Ramadhan.. my body started bloating here and there. Wargghhhh…

Today I have an open house around the neighborhood and makan lagi….

Friday, 24 September 2010

Curious Thoughts

This morning while I was getting ready, Nabila came to me and said “Mommy… would you want to be a grandmother?” I told her that I will be if one of my children gets married. She said again “What if you don’t want to be” Well I said I cannot stop all of you to get married.

Nabila told me that she will never get married if I tell her not to. I told her that I might not be around anymore to take care of her. That is why she has to get married and have a family. She agreed with me then but said if she were to have a fight with her husband, she will come back to me!

Gosh.. I can’t believe I am talking this to my 8 years old girl. When I was at her age I don’t think I am talking all this stuffs to my mom. Nowadays kids are so advance, open minded and so sincere in asking anything they want to know.

They are so curious about everything. There was at one time Hakeem asked how did I give birth to him? Hakeem always worried if I or hubby dies. At certain point he didn’t want to talk about it anymore where as he was the one who brought up the subject. He did asked hubby, if you die Ayah.. who will take care of your bike and car? Hahahahahha…

Sometimes there were just questions that so difficult for me to answer.. If I were just to pretend not to hear it, they will keep bugging me for the answer. As they grow up, the surrounding makes them very curious and inquisitive of everything new and strange.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Isn't This Cool?


I am currently blogging via my blackberry! Wow.. This is cool..

OMG.. I just discovered this.. And it is so awesome.


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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Duit Raya For JPJ

I received this love letter from JPJ two weeks before Ramadhan. Before that hubby received the same summon, same place except different car and date. Thru hubby’s experience I more or less prepared what to expect during my meeting with the JPJ officer.

This morning I went to the Bangi JPJ. I took the number and waited to be called. Once my number appeared on the screen I was asked to go to the ‘BILIK TEMUSIASAT’. I waited and after 10 minutes the officer came with some documents.

First she rectified my I/C and license. The she showed me the printed picture of my car and asked whether it was my car. Of course I said YES. Then she asked whether the summon was mine and I have receive it? – i didn’t know why she asked that. If I didn’t receive the summon, I wouldn’t be here obviously. So layan je lah…

I was supposed to pay RM300 but because I settled before the dateline I got 30% discount which amounted RM210. Huh… terbang lagi duit… I was not the only one yang kena saman, mostly parents at my children’s school got too.

The traffic light had just been installed months ago. That area is not really a busy road. Normally when there was no car coming from the right, we just turned left regardless the light Red or Green. I told this to the officers and they were aware about this.

They asked me and other road users to lodge complaints to Perbadanan Putrajaya about this matter. The JPJ themselves had raised this matter. Ye lah.. tak kuasa lah pulak nak tulis surat kat Perbadanan Putrajaya pasal ni.. Yang JPJ pun dah tau.. why they have to issue summon? Saja je..

It is true actually. Some roads and signs in Putrajaya are so misleading and abnormal. Like a long stretch of lane, suddenly there is a STOP sign because there is a junction at your right side. So weird.. If you were to drive from the beginning of the road – 200m, would you stop to let car from your right to come in? Its not a T-junction though.

Anyway…. Today gone my duit raya.. Ye lah.. duit raya untuk kerajaan!

Monday, 20 September 2010

When He Tells Me To Go.....

HE – is my ‘grown up’ boy Hakeem. This morning after hugged and kissed him he told me – “Mommy.. It’s ok. You don’t have to walk with me to the canteen. I can go by myself. You can go home now” Wargghhhh.. it broke my heart when he said that.

I asked him why? Why don’t you let me walk with you? Hakeem answered “It’s ok.. You just go. I will be fine – with his hand waving me off” I would normally accompany him to the canteen after he dropped off his bag at the class. After seeing him happily running meeting his friends then only I went home.

That was the routine all these while. Somehow this morning he just wanted me to go home instead. Months ago he won’t let me kissed and hugged him too long in front of his friends. I sometimes loved to kiss and carry him up. There was one day he suddenly made himself stood like a statue not allowing me to carry him up at all.

He whispered telling me that he is a big boy and I shouldn’t do that in front of the girls, especially! OK.. ok.. my boy is telling me something.. J Hubby and my elder daughters always disapprove towards my behavior of which sometimes I treated Hakeem like a baby. Gosh.. I just couldn’t help it. He is so adorable that I always wanted to hug and kiss him.

He is going to be 7 years old and I guess I have to accept the fact that he is a big boy now. At the same time I always reminding him that he has to always love me and me.. Hehehhehehe.. For now he always tell me “Mommy.. If I am big and old like Ayah, I will still love you. You are the only girl that I love in my life”

Owhh… It melts my heart. Hakeem is so sweet as he always say nice things about me. I HOPE he really mean it!! Satgi dah besar dapat girlfriend lupa pulak mommy dia..

As for now I hope he will still allow me to kiss and hug him at school.

Friday, 17 September 2010

My First Raya Guest

Today I got my first guest for Raya. This year we don’t do any Raya open house as hubby is not around. My friend Oja and her family came to beraya as she will be going back to Doha soon.

I planned to go to the market in the morning but it was quite heavy rain since early morning. I thought of waiting till the rain stop but till 8am, there was no sign at all that it’s gonna stop. So redah je lah dalam hujan gi market.

As requested by dear Oja, I made for her Mee Udang. My first attempt actually and it turned out not bad. Huh.. bertambah makan semua. Beside that I also made Rendang Ayam Kampung Negeri Sembilan to eat with ketupat.

After the meal we continued with juicy gossiping session over tea n kuih raya.. There were lots of things to talk about especially the moments we had together during our stay in Oman.

The children of course though they had not met for so long, the bonding is still there. They were so happy playing together. I hope to see them again. Well maybe next year or probably soon.

Thanks for coming Oja. Have a save journey back to Qatar.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Home Sweet Home

Gosh.. it is so good to be back home – my home sweet home. I arrived back home from Malacca yesterday evening. The traffic was excellent. I’ve been so lucky as this time Raya the traffic had been so good to me. My entire journey from North to South and back to KL was smooth.

Once reached Shah Alam, we straight away went to fetch our cats. We boarded them at one of the Vet Centre nearby our place. Normally we just left them in the cage at home but since this is a long stretch holiday, kena masuk hotel lah kucing2 ni…

AND because it is a festive season – RAYA, the rate of the ‘hotel’ for the cats too increased from RM10 to RM15 per night! So three cats for eight days plus ubat kutu + vaccine which is a compulsory before the cats were allowed to be in, I had to fork out RM490!! Warggghhhhh…. When I wanted to claim from the kids and hubby who are actually the ‘owner’ of the cats – semua buat kering je!!

Anyway the moment I drove thru the entrance of my crib – what a relief.. to see my house still intact there! Hahahahahaha.. Everybody was excited to be home especially the children. Hakeem straight away went up to his room looking for his toys and Nabila started taking out her books.

The excitement didn’t only happen to the kids but to our three cats too! They were running around here and there. Among of all the three cats, Tiara the ‘girl’ yang paling lasak and adventurous. She and Timor (kucing jantan yang paling senior) would normally climb up till our roof top to enter our house thru the balcony. I had a few times caught them in red handed!

Yesterday this adventurous Tiara climbed up to the roof and she got stuck up there. We could hear her voice but couldn’t see her as she tersepit di celah2 atap genting tu.. My maid and Nadira had to take out the pieces of the roofs to let her out. Huh.. memang nakal betul kucing seekor ni.

Kacau je orang nak rehat… So last night I did nothing but just relaxed.. Slouch on my couch like a bear watching TV which at that time showing ‘My Name Is Khan’ – 3 hours glued watching the movie and I had no regrets! Huh… memang kelas SRK berlakon.. even Hakeem pun ternganga and sent a cute sms to his dad!!

Monday, 13 September 2010

My Days Of Raya

My days feel so long and bored without hubby around. Honestly it feels so empty! My first day of Raya filled with activities till night. When it came to second day, things were getting slower. We went out having pizza for lunch.

My aunty came later after that and that was it. I don’t have many relatives in Kedah as my dad is from Negeri Sembilan and my mom was from Johor. My mom came to Kedah brought with her, my aunty and cousin and my dad has his brother with him. All of them have been staying in Kedah for 35 years.

Nabila asked me why we don’t go around to people houses like when we were in Malacca (nak kutip duit raya ah tu.. ). I said I don’t have many relatives here so kutip je lah duit raya from my brothers, tok ayah, aunty and people who came to our house.

On the second day we had dinner at my favorite place yg lain tak bukan… Nasi Royale. Huh.. it has been so long mengidam and I was so lucky that it was opened on that night. Though it was very long queue, I didn’t mind at all.

Nak makan punya pasal.. sanggup segalanya! My brothers who were complaining Nasi Royale dah tak sedap nengok makan licin gak!! The next day punya terkejut perut after a month fasting.. makan nasi mamak.. I had to visit toilet for so many times..

On the third day of Raya, I just stay at home except in the afternoon went to my cousin’s open house. In the evening – bosan tahap cipan!! I brought my children to the Mall. We just wondered around and had light snack there.

That was it.. I didn’t say my stay in Kedah was bored. It was just me – bored without company. My brothers were busy with their activities and I just had no idea what to do and where to go. It was so pathetic of me in my own lonely planet.

This morning at 8.30am, I drove all the way till Malacca to visit my mother in-law. I arrived at 3.30pm and once stepped out from the car, my feet felt wobbly and shaky. I will be staying here for a couple of days before heading back to my home sweet home.

Tomorrow will be another Raya activity in Malacca.

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

Today is Raya!! I woke up as early as 5am cooked nasi briyani – our old time favorite when my mom was still around. We used to have this every raya. This is my first time celebrating raya, I mean first day of raya in Kedah since almost 10 years ago. I am really looking forward especially when all my brothers too are here back in Kedah.

In the morning after solat raya, all of us went to ziarah my mom’s kubur. The place was very crowded and meriah sungguh. I was bit frustrated as I couldn’t visit the kubur (women’s reason)so just stay at the wakaf and looked from far.

After kubur was the sesi salam menyalam and kasi duit raya.. So it started from me till my youngest bro salam raya with our parents. Then my turn, my brothers yang banyak dosa salam raya with me.. hehehehhe.. After that it followed one by one of my brothers and the nephews and nieces. Bab nak kasi duit raya semua mukadimah masing2 tu yg tak leh tahan..

We received non-stop visitors till night who mostly were my bro’s friend. Habis licin my nasi briyani.. This year my dad is very happy as he has all the children and the grand children around. Except hubby is not around.. warrghhhh… All of us really miss him..

Selamat Hari Raya to everybody and Maaf Dzahir Batin.