Friday, 24 September 2010

Curious Thoughts

This morning while I was getting ready, Nabila came to me and said “Mommy… would you want to be a grandmother?” I told her that I will be if one of my children gets married. She said again “What if you don’t want to be” Well I said I cannot stop all of you to get married.

Nabila told me that she will never get married if I tell her not to. I told her that I might not be around anymore to take care of her. That is why she has to get married and have a family. She agreed with me then but said if she were to have a fight with her husband, she will come back to me!

Gosh.. I can’t believe I am talking this to my 8 years old girl. When I was at her age I don’t think I am talking all this stuffs to my mom. Nowadays kids are so advance, open minded and so sincere in asking anything they want to know.

They are so curious about everything. There was at one time Hakeem asked how did I give birth to him? Hakeem always worried if I or hubby dies. At certain point he didn’t want to talk about it anymore where as he was the one who brought up the subject. He did asked hubby, if you die Ayah.. who will take care of your bike and car? Hahahahahha…

Sometimes there were just questions that so difficult for me to answer.. If I were just to pretend not to hear it, they will keep bugging me for the answer. As they grow up, the surrounding makes them very curious and inquisitive of everything new and strange.

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