Friday, 3 September 2010


Hey.. I am 41 years old today! Yeah.. it’s my birthday! Happy birthday to me.. Syukur.. syukur.. my gratitude to Allah SWT, I am still be able to smell the air. 41 is a big number. I’ve been thru lots of experience in my life – some were happiness and some were something that I don’t want to remember at all.

But hey… I am happy with my life now. I have a caring husband with lovely children, relatives and friends that always care about me. I got lots of birthday wishes today especially from hubby, daughters, son, brothers, cousins and friends. Thank you so much and I love you all. Birthday present ? – yet to come… :)

Last night my daughter wanted to bake me a cake. Politely I said, its ok.. you don’t to have to do it.. which actually I didn’t want them to mess-up the kitchen. They felt bad as there is no celebration for my birthday. They haven’t bought me a card and present yet as hubby is not around to bring them out.

So tomorrow I will bring them out to buy me present (I loike this part) and treat them dinner. This morning I made a quick trip to Malacca visiting my MIL. No time to cook for break fast and I plan to tapau.

So that’s all.. no flowers for me today .. warggghhhh.. just a quiet simple ‘party’. Nevertheless I am so thankful to Allah. I pray that Allah will give me a good health, long life, prosperous and my life journey years ahead will be fulfilled with colorful and happiness.

"One year older doesn't mean that you are getting old but you are actually a year beautifully matured."


Rina NAR said...

SLm...Happy birthday Kak ( i still duno your name -malunya), May this birthday be just the beginning of a year filled with happy memories, wonderful moments and shining dreams. Rupanya kita share same zodiac :)

Azram said...

Intan, happy belated birthday!