Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Hubby Is Home

Hubby is home for a week break. He arrived on Monday evening. I fetched him at the airport and the kids were very excited to see their dad. I too am so happy *wink*.

When we reached home, the kids just couldn’t wait to celebrate the belated birthday for their daddy. I baked banana cuppies and each of them got the birthday presents. They have been waiting for so long for this day.

Well.. hubby will only be around till this weekend. Tomorrow is already Thursday.. How time flew so fast. I feel the time spent with him was so short. Masa sungguh mencemburui kami… L

So for this break, hubby balas dendam ate all the type of foods that he missed so much when he was abroad. I sometimes cooked or we ate outside at his favorite place.

A few days more to go and we have plans waiting for us to spend the time together.

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