Thursday, 16 September 2010

Home Sweet Home

Gosh.. it is so good to be back home – my home sweet home. I arrived back home from Malacca yesterday evening. The traffic was excellent. I’ve been so lucky as this time Raya the traffic had been so good to me. My entire journey from North to South and back to KL was smooth.

Once reached Shah Alam, we straight away went to fetch our cats. We boarded them at one of the Vet Centre nearby our place. Normally we just left them in the cage at home but since this is a long stretch holiday, kena masuk hotel lah kucing2 ni…

AND because it is a festive season – RAYA, the rate of the ‘hotel’ for the cats too increased from RM10 to RM15 per night! So three cats for eight days plus ubat kutu + vaccine which is a compulsory before the cats were allowed to be in, I had to fork out RM490!! Warggghhhhh…. When I wanted to claim from the kids and hubby who are actually the ‘owner’ of the cats – semua buat kering je!!

Anyway the moment I drove thru the entrance of my crib – what a relief.. to see my house still intact there! Hahahahahaha.. Everybody was excited to be home especially the children. Hakeem straight away went up to his room looking for his toys and Nabila started taking out her books.

The excitement didn’t only happen to the kids but to our three cats too! They were running around here and there. Among of all the three cats, Tiara the ‘girl’ yang paling lasak and adventurous. She and Timor (kucing jantan yang paling senior) would normally climb up till our roof top to enter our house thru the balcony. I had a few times caught them in red handed!

Yesterday this adventurous Tiara climbed up to the roof and she got stuck up there. We could hear her voice but couldn’t see her as she tersepit di celah2 atap genting tu.. My maid and Nadira had to take out the pieces of the roofs to let her out. Huh.. memang nakal betul kucing seekor ni.

Kacau je orang nak rehat… So last night I did nothing but just relaxed.. Slouch on my couch like a bear watching TV which at that time showing ‘My Name Is Khan’ – 3 hours glued watching the movie and I had no regrets! Huh… memang kelas SRK berlakon.. even Hakeem pun ternganga and sent a cute sms to his dad!!

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eleven_jan66 said...

tu dia kena btq 490 to the petshop...i left my cats in sis fr putrajaya also tumpang her cats here...and i asked one of the cleaner here to feed them and clear the litter i have a cat also boarding wt me, owner pi london for 3 wks...hehehe dah jd catteries pulak my house...
my name is khan...enjoy watching it too...dont die dont die..