Sunday, 26 September 2010

It's Still Raya..

Yeah.. everybody is still in the Raya mood. In KL here.. either you go to people’s house or peoples come to your house.. Yesterday I got a few guests came to raya at my house.

Well.. its not really an open house though. Whoever call nak datang raya…. Are most welcome.. In the morning I received call from my niece. They were on the way from Malacca nak jalan raya… So agak kelam kabut sikit ah.. Luckily I’ve cooked rendang and sambal kacang the night before as my cousins are coming in the evening for raya too.

So in the morning I just added up a few more dishes. I managed to get everything ready just by the time they arrived. The dishes of course berkonsepkan raya – lontong, ketupat, nasi lemak and rendang ayam. Though hubby is not around, they still come to our house as it’s like their routine. Last year they came too. I am so happy to have them around especially Mak We that finally be able to come though she always not feeling well and sick.

In the afternoon, my cousin came with her family. My kids were happy as they have friends to play with. Then later in the evening, another cousin Dhaniah and hubby came. So makan and makan lagi…

Huh.. a month fasting I got my ideal weight and just 2 weeks after Ramadhan.. my body started bloating here and there. Wargghhhh…

Today I have an open house around the neighborhood and makan lagi….

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