Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Balik Kampung

I’ve safely arrived in Alor Setar this afternoon. There were many cars but the traffic was good and smooth. Smooth as silk. Two hours later my second bro arrived from Kelantan and my third bro will be coming back tonight.

My children especially Hakeem is so excited having his boy’s cousins around. In the evening we went to Pasar Ramadhan. Huh… dah sampai sini rugi kalau tak gi.. The foods here are much cheaper compare to KL. I can still buy kuih muih with the price of RM1. I love the bengkang and talam. It tasted so original and yummy.

My bro’s friend Buchu, sell a chrysanthemum drinks. He has been selling the drinks for so many years. This year I guess it’s a lucky year for him. It surprised him too as the respond was tremendous. There was a long queue when we arrived which at that time was 4.30pm.

Though bees were found flying around near them and some jumped into the drink container, still… they queue up for it. Makan punya pasal… My bro menyebukkan diri helping him. We bought quite lots of kuih, cucur udang and otak2.

Today the iftar was the special one too as I get to eat together with my parents and brothers. Aunty cooked her killer dish – sup tulang which everyone loves it..including hubby J. Seronok makan beramai-ramai.

I am also so happy to see my dad has fully recovered except he has lost his weight. He looks so skinny that I felt like crying the moment I saw him. Apart from that, Alhamdullilah he is in a good health and happy to have children and grandchildren around.

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