Friday, 29 January 2010

Bandung..... here I come

Yeeehaaaah… I am taking the first morning flight today to Bandung. I am going with my aunty, uncle n cousins. All together are five of us including one couple – my uncle’s friend. Rombongan cik kiah ah ni…

My cousin is getting married soon n my aunty wants to buy like kain, kad kahwin n a few things. So me as the important person cum consultant cum advisor menempek ah sekaki.. hehehehhe..

I will be coming back on Monday n will update soon after that. Till then cheers..

Thursday, 28 January 2010

May Allah Bless My Father

Last couple weeks my dad called me n informed that lately he sometimes felt his hands were shaking, trembling n at times the body was rigid. He immediately told me that he suspected having Parkinson. I was quite shock hearing that.

Asked how did he knows that he is having that, my dad told me that he read about this in the internet – my dad ni IT savvy tau.. rajin baca blog2 orang..:) . I told him to have a checkup n not to make the conclusion yet. It could be because the vitamins or pills he is taking or probably the food that he ate.

My dad is 66 years old. At this age he still looks young n healthy to me. He goes to mosque at every solat prayer, jogging in the morning n play golf too. He can still drive car from Kedah to KL. I seldom see him sick except fever n body aching.

Last week his appointment with the doctor was canceled. Today he went again to the hospital to do the thorough checkup about this matter. I called him in the morning n he told me after a few diagnoses the doctor said that my dad is having a Parkinson.

It is still in early stage n my dad is so lucky to discover it soon. The doctor prescribed him with medicines to cure the disease. My dad didn’t sound panic at all. He was so calm. I was totally worried after put down the phone. I have nonstop thinking about him.

I pray that the medicine will cure the illness. I pray that Allah will always protect him. I pray that Allah will give him a long life. I love my father so much that I don’t want anything bad happen to him.

May Allah bless my dad.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Foot Reflexology

Foot massage or therapy? In my whole life time I’ve only tried twice. The first one was probably 8 years ago. I had that in Hadnyai. Whenever I go there my family, uncle, aunty will surely allocate their time for this foot massage. Curious I tried once n immediately regretted as I felt painful. Last two years I tried again.

I requested for a lady masseur n instructed for a soft-medium pressure of massage. I enjoyed it though felt pain a bit. Probably if I were to do it frequently it will be ok for me. Anyway lately I felt pain at my right foot. Each time when I walk I could feel pain at my heel especially if I wear covered shoes.

At first I thought it was probably because of the shoes. But then on and on I can still feel the pain either with shoes or without shoes. I don’t want to see a doctor. Well.. maybe not now coz I think I know what caused this.

7 years ago when I was pregnant for Hakeem (8 months pregnant), I felt down from the stairs. I was holding Nabila n the clumsy pregnant me ran down the stairs n before reaching the last 5 steps I tripped n fell off. Nabila was intact in my hand except me tergolek mcm buah nangka down to the floor.

I could feel my right foot was very soft n limp n I couldn’t get myself to get up. Only god knows how I felt at that time. My maid at that time was a small size person plus my hubby too. And me? Huh.. when I was pregnant I was so huge mcm unta I guess.. hehehehehhe..

So now u can imagine how both of them were having their tough time to bring me inside the car. I was crying n laughing at the same time n screamed at the pain I had. Panik giler deorang.. kesian.. At last they took a computer chair (with the wheels) bertungkus lumus pushed me up to get me sit on the chair. Then pushed me to the car n hubby drove me to the hospital.

I had my feet scanned n luckily there was no bones broken. I still couldn’t walk n the doctor got me to use the crutches. Ni pun satu hal as I have to learn how to use this dengan perut yg memboyot..

So I guess now after 7 years the pain at my foot came back. Last two nights I went to have my foot massage somewhere nearby my house. The place called Beijing Natural Healthcare. The services are like foot reflexology, traditional Chinese massage, therapeutic massage, acupuncture n more. The therapists are well trained from China.

I like the place, cozy n clean. After I had the foot therapy there, my right foot felt bit better. I was advised to come every 2 days until I feel my foot much better n then continue probably once a fortnight or a month.

I will ago again tomorrow to continue the therapy n see how it goes from there.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Kaki Wayang

I am not really a kaki wayang. But if anybody ask me to go for a movie I will not hesitate. My type of movie must be yg meringankan minda, fun to watch – I don’t mind romantic (kekadang nak jiwang2 gak) but no no horror or cita hantu (sure terkenang berhari2).

I am also like to watch malay movie. I am probably one of those yg masih menyokong perfileman industri kita. Kalau Yusuf Haslam tau sure terharu.. hehehehe. Anyway to get a partner to watch this malay movie is quite tough time for me. I know hubby don’t mind to accompany me but to get his free time is another story.

Friends? Hmm…. My kaki wayang partner all prefer to watch English movie. I will normally watch movie with my girlfriends (moms at school) after send our kids to school. There was one time I watched New Moon. I never watch/read or have any clue about the previous sequence movie - Twillight. It was a nice movie though I was lost a bit. Excited jap nengok the handsome beautiful vampire.

Last Saturday we went back to Malacca. My daughter was talking about Adnan Sempit. I was actually planned to watch it with hubby. On Saturday night we went to watch it. Huh.. memang kelakar gila. This is not like lawak scenario yg mmg dah tak lawak but very selamba lawak n worth to watch. Rasa mcm nak nengok sekali lagi.. hahahahaha

Recently the current movie showings now are mostly horror/ghost. Probably I will get my girlfriends to watch Tooth Fairy – The Rock.

Friday, 22 January 2010

This Sharing Is NOT Caring

Last week my girlfriend called me. I knew her since I was 18 years old. The last time I met her was 3 years back. We always keep in touch by calling each other but never had time to meet up. She called me telling that her husband is getting married the next day.

This is actually her second marriage. Her previous marriage didn’t last long due to the same reason – husband married another one. She was 31 years old when that happened. She went to Mahkamah Syariah met the Kadi to allow her husband to get married.

Still.. the ungrateful husband didn’t appreciate what the wife did. He didn’t being fair to her, didn’t come back home for 6 months. She told me she was willing to share her husband as long as the husband be fair to her n the children. Somehow it didn’t work n at the end they divorced.

As for her current husband now, they have been married for a year. I asked her what she’s gonna do as she knew that her husband is getting married the next day? She said “let it be.. I am now 40 years old. I don’t have any strength to go over this n humiliate myself again” . She will wait for her husband to come back n talk about this. She will not asking for divorce n all she wants is for the husband to comeback home regularly n be fair for both side.

I felt sorry for her. I know that she is a strong woman but deep inside her she is hurting so much. Until today as I am typing this the husband didn't call her yet. She has suffered a lot n this time I pray that she will be stronger n find happiness in her life.

Woman are always to be blamed if the husband looking for another one. If the husband find another woman is because woman do not take good care of the husband. If the husband wants to marry another one he will come out with the long lists of wife’s weakness. Though they have children or married for 10 years not even one of the wife’s kindness is mentioned.

For whatever reasons man give, I always believe that marry another one won’t solve any problem. They thought they are smart n can be fair, trust me it is not easy as what they think. Nobody wants their husband to get marry another one no matter for what reason. Probably only this lady Ustazah Khadijah Aam who formed the club- Keluarga Poligami Ikhwan (KPI) knows very well about sharing husband. My god.. yg tak tahan tu the tagline – suami untuk dikongsi bukan untuk direbutkan.


Islam membenarkan poligami, tetapi tidak bermakna ia boleh diamalkan sewenang-wenangnya kerana ada garis panduan yang perlu diikuti bagi mengelakkan kezaliman kepada pihak wanita. Dr Yusuf al-Qardawi dalam kitab Halal dan Haram Dalam Islam menggariskan jika seseorang lelaki itu gagal mengikuti syarat ditetapkan apabila berpoligami, maka haram hukumnya. Ini berdasarkan kepada riwayat dikeluarkan oleh Imam Syafie, Imam Ahmad, Tarmidzi, Ibnu Majah, Ibnu Abu Syaibah, Daruqutni dan Baihaqi.

Justeru, tepuk dada tanya selera. Bagi lelaki, poligami itu indah, tetapi lebih indah jika diserikan dengan pemahaman yang tinggi, manakala bagi wanita pula siapa yang tidak hendak mengejar ‘payung emas’, namun dalam pencarian itu peritnya hanya kita yang tahu.

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

You Kiss.. You Pay?

This morning I went out earlier to avoid jam coz it was raining. My prediction was wrong coz the traffic was still bad perhaps due to the rain. It was bumper to bumper after the Bukit Jelutong toll. For those who have been using this road they will know how bad the traffic is. We suffer from the 6 lanes of tolls to squeeze in to the 2 lanes of road divert to North/South.

Anyway while moving very very slow bumper to bumper I’ve noticed one car far behind me flashing light duk cucuk cucuk driving so close to the car in front. I saw it n told myself in this kind of traffic nobody could go anywhere except just have to face it.

Then I noticed the car was beside me n tried to overtake the car behind me. I knew it was impossible but this stubborn selfish driver kept forcing himself in a way to tell the car behind me to give him way. Next I felt my car being rammed n heard the sound of it.

Shit.. Seriously I hate if this happen to me at this hour but I confident that my car was being hit. I wind down the window n wave at the driver to tell that he hit my car. At that time I couldn’t see the driver’s face as it was still raining but I know there were 3 people inside the car.

I signal to pull aside n wave the driver to do so. Why I did this because I didn’t want to cause more jam. Dah jadi mcm ni pun masih lagi nak consider org lain! After I drove a few meters I saw the driver got down from the car.

I got down too n before I could say anything he shouted at me “Mana saya ada langgar kereta you?” My god.. I was so scared to death. He shouted so loud n muka dah ah mcm ganster with his big necklace around his neck.

I said “You langgar kereta saya n I heard the sound”. He then came n look at the car n said “Mana ada kemik? Ada kemik?” Kurang ajar betul mamat cina ni.. Dah ah langgar kereta aku ni berlagak mcm tak buat salah!! I looked at the car which at that point I didn’t really actually look because was scared he might hit or do something to me. Furthermore I have my kids in the car.

I just looked at his face n the plate number n walked off, locked my car n drove ahead. I still saw him standing there saying something with his hand pointing here n there. Then I saw him still driving fast cucuk cucuk car in front of him. I was trembling frightened n called hubby. I was imagined that he wanted to chase me n do something bad to me.

I was calmed n back to myself after 10 minutes. Thank god we are safe. There was a small cracked after I checked my car thoroughly. This maniac was driving a red old Mercedes – BDU 3288. Probably it is a trend now if you hit people’s car you have to act like other party did that. Perhaps I am a lady driver that man can do, shout anything they want.

If I can camouflage myself just now to be as the same person as him baru buku bertemu ruas. Maybe today he could get away but one day he will get his turn.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Take For Granted

Last week while I was looking n assisting Nabila n Hakeem doing homework, Nabila told me that the teacher said she should read her reading book together with me.

Reading in my children’s school can be called as one of the subject. It has been strongly emphasized to all the students. From the early years they will bring back the reading book to read n practice at home. As for my children’s school the books are from Oxford Reading Tree that comes with different levels.

Back to Nabila story, I told her that I know that n asked whether her class teacher asked her about it. I mean if she ask whether your mom read with you or not. She said the teacher didn’t ask but she told the teacher that she read the book by herself.

Panicked, I said what did u tell your teacher, she said “my mom is busy cooking n using computer n she has no time to read with me” Aduh… it was like I’ve been slapped on my face. In a very polite n pleasant tone of voice I asked why u told that to your teacher.

Innocently she said the teacher told everybody that no matter how busy your mom is, she should spend 10 minutes to read the book with me. OK… I was a bit relieved that I am not the only mom doing this but then Nabila said “Mommy I think u should read with me like the teacher said”

OK.. I know I sound like the so irresponsible mom but don’t judge me wrong. Nabila has started reading since she was 4 years old. She loves to read book. Reading has been part of her routine in her life. It’s not something that I have to force her to do. Seeing her reading is a norm thing in the family.

The kinds of books that she’s been reading are way above her level. Sometimes I have to stop her buying books coz every new book that she got she will kept reading n finished it in a short time.

As for the book that she usually brought home from school, normally has been read before reach home – probably during break or in the car on the way back home. Every night I will check her folder an organizer then initial for the book that she brought home as I am sure that she has read the book.

So it seems that I have done my part here as I know that she doesn’t need any guidance when it comes to reading. But I probably overlooked n took for granted in this matter with Nabila. I should take seriously why the school ask parents to read together with the child.

Perhaps in Nabila case, she doesn’t need at all for me to guide her in reading. She could understand the whole story. But being with her, listening to her reading will make her feel that I care n listen to her. Nabila will feel that I am doing like her following the rules n instructions from teacher/school.

I actually did this long time before when she started learning how to read. I even read books during their bedtime. I stopped doing all this since the day she knows n understand what she is reading. Since last week I have started back listening to her reading n discuss about the story at the end of her reading.

Lesson learned: never overlook n take for granted things that I feel my children already know about it.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Memories of My Mom

My aunty from Kedah was here since last five days. I was busy accompanying her shopped n browsed around things needed for my cousin’s coming wedding. Last night while we were having dinner one of the topics that were talked was about my late mother.

When it comes talking about my mom, it is always be our favorite. Each of us will pour out every single moments n memories that we had with her. Some were funny that all of us will laugh n some were so touching n sad that made of us stared each other.

It started last night when my aunty remembered very well that every time when she was having dinner outside, she will bring my mom. My mom loved to follow my aunty everywhere she went. The funny part she didn’t really eat n order anything but liked to have n taste bit here n there from what others ordered.

Then my cousin said that if they were to ask my mom to pick them up from school, they have to spare some money to buy for her teh ais n goreng pisang. When she was sick she always requested to eat food which she was not supposed to. I remembered when we were eating kuetiaw sup or pizza she really wanted to eat n I insisted her not to.

I was being so protective n scared that the food might do something bad to my mom. Then we would have an argument n she would irritate me which at the end I would say something that I regretted. When come to think about this I always feel guilty which if I know.. I would just let her eat anything what she wanted to have.

My mom also didn’t want to be left out n wanted to follow us everywhere we go. Be it holiday to somewhere, window shopping or even ronda-ronda. When at the Mall if she was tired she would just sit at the bench n waited for us to finish our shopping.

There was one time when I brought her to One Utama n I was looking at the high heels shoes n she asked me to buy. I said the shoes was bit expensive n I didn’t want to waste money on it. She insisted said that I should buy it if I really want. I should look beautiful n presentable n after my hardworking, I deserved it.

And because of what she said without hesitation I bought the shoes. Isn’t my mom cool? She indeed was the sporting n cool mom. If I were to tell more, I can never stop telling all about my mom. Only God knows how much I miss her. Last night I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

I just miss her so much. I just wish that I could spend more time with her. I wish she could see my two younger children n I am very sure she will be proud of them.

Monday, 11 January 2010

The Next Tiger Woods

Well… not the one of Tiger Woods hot scandal having affair or he cheated on his wife. What I meant here is Hakeem will be next of Tiger Woods – the professional golfer!

Last Saturday Hakeem started his first golf lesson at the Glenmarie Golf & Country Club by the MST Golf Academy. He was actually looking forward for this day as we had registered him a month before.

On his first day he learned about rules n basic things in golfing. My father is a golfer n hubby too. I’ve been surrounded by people playing golf in my family n since I was small I used to see n hear them babbling about golf.

Until today when I was sitting watching Hakeem listening to the coach, indirectly I also got the knowledge how to play golf! Now I know how many types of grips (how u hold), then the name of every part of the club n step b step how to hit the ball.

I saw Hakeem was fully focused n really into it. He was able to hit the ball on his 3rd swing. There were a few times when he didn’t manage to hit the ball n I was there afraid that he would get upset as he always does when couldn’t get something done. To my surprise he kept trying n doing it till he got it right.

During his few minutes break he sighed n said “Mommy.. I wish I could swing n hit the ball higher”. Encouragingly I said, “You will Hakeem. Trust me n I believe u will be able to do that”.

The coach said Hakeem was a fast learner and on his first day he did it great. Hubby bought him his first golf set. He was very excited about it especially when he got to wear the glove! Kira mcm pro lah…

The lesson is every Saturday for one half hour. When we got back home, Hakeem showed to Nabila n taught her how to use the club. And now Nabila said that she wanted to join the golf lesson too… Hmmm…. hitam lah anak dara I ni nanti…

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Best Friends Forever

Today Nabila didn’t go to school. I have to bring her to see dentist as she got tooth ache. When Hakeem got to know that his sister is not going to school, he started making sad face, whining n babbling about having no friends n will miss his sister.

Nabila n Hakeem is one year different in age. When Nabila was 6 months I got pregnant for Hakeem. They are very close since small. They sometimes disagree or argue but at the end they will make up n be buddies again. They always play together, sleep together n do everything together.

I actually just got to know a few months back that during the break at school, Nabila will allocate time to see n play with Hakeem. There was one occasion where Hakeem complained why Nabila didn’t come to play with him n I heard Nabila said that he was in the classroom doing activities n she couldn’t go n see him.

On and on I will hear Hakeem reminded his sister not to forget to come n see him during break time. Nabila always acts like a guardian n angel to Hakeem. She will always make sure that Hakeem is not crying, got what he wants n teach him what he didn’t know.

But this angel has her limits too which sometimes when Hakeem pushed her too much she knows how to get angry. This seldom happened but when it happened it means WAR. Knowing Nabila she will always give in n forgive his brother but of course Hakeem has to listen to her conditions (like u promise not to do this again, if u this.. etc…)

Anyway this morning before Hakeem got down from the car they were hugging n comforting each other before saying goodbye. Hakeem was a bit upset when I sent him off to the class. I said that it will only be a short while n without u realized your school ends n you will be back with your sister.

While I got into the car I saw Nabila’s face red n she quietly looking down. I asked her why n before she could answer she burst out crying n said feel sorry to leave Hakeem alone. I was shocked at first to see her n couldn’t believe that this short separation would end up like this. She kept crying until she had a cough n threw out.

I calmed her down n talked to her. In the afternoon when fetching Hakeem from school they were hugging each other like setahun tak jumpa.. They are so attach that one of them will never follow me or hubby out to leave the other. We have to bring both of them.

As they grown up, they are closer n wiser. What happened today was something that totally unexpected by me. At first I said apahal budak2 ni drama pulak pagi2.. mengada-ngada. But then when I look n think this from a different angle – the positive side, I should be proud with both of them.

They care for each other. They value the relationship, brother & sister. They appreciate what they have n also sharing their love with others. I hope that both of them will continuously having a good relationship until each of them has their own family.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Back To Routine

After almost a month break my children starts their school yesterday. For the last couple weeks we had visitors coming over on and on. Dinie and Liana were here since last Wednesday. Faizah also was here since our holiday at Penang. Now all of them have gone back. The house that used to be full with laughter n kids running around now is quiet.

My children have started their 2nd school term yesterday. Nabila & Hakeem were having bit difficulty to wake up where else Nadira was up early by herself excitedly to go to school. Once Nabila, Hakeem reached the school they were happy to see their friends.

Nabila told me last night that she was so pleased to see her friends. They were talking about where they were going during their holiday.

As for me this means I am back on my routine. Sending/picking them to/from school. Yesterday my whole day was occupied at school n meeting friends. This morning I went to market n unfortunately there were not so many fish sold. When asked they said now bulan cerah n all the fish seems to hide at the bottom of the sea.

Anyway fish or no fish I still have to buy something for the house. Today I plan to cook asam pedas n lala. I got a packet of fresh lala which cost RM9. Mahal kan.. it was not even 1kg. There was only one stall that sell lots of fish n if they were to ketuk us also I don’t know..

Sunday, 3 January 2010

Hakeem's Birthday Party

Yesterday was Hakeem’s birthday party. I organized at the Starship Galactica, One utama shopping complex. The party started at 3.30pm. We reached at the mall quite early but were having difficulty looking for the parking. The place was packed n jammed with people.

Anyway we managed to be at the party place on time. This time I just invited all the cousins n few of his schoolmates. There were about 20 children. I made for Hakeem a special cheese cake with the edible image of his favorite Bakugan.

Hakeem was a happy boy yesterday. After the eating session, blowing candles n eating cake all the children just couldn’t wait to play at the play area. They were drained n sweating asking for drinks at a few breaks. They totally enjoyed themselves.

We stayed there until 6pm. Later on at home Hakeem couldn’t wait to open his birthday presents. He was happy n excited received all the gifts.

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year to everybody. Time flies so fast that we are now already in the year of 2010. I will be a year older.

For the last one year of 2009 lots of incidents happened. Some were sad, shocked, blessed, happy n joyful. Hubby was finally came back to in Malaysia for good. He came back rightly before ramadhan. We got to celebrate our Raya together last year.

2009 also is the year where I had successfully “launched” my kek lapis online business. I got a tremendous response during the raya season. I was so happy back then.

Most of the time in 2009 was spent with holidays with my family. I also attended lots of various concerts/shows at my children’s school. I could say that year 2009 was a happy year for me.

Last night me, hubby n my girls went out to have our night out. Well.. not fireworks but karaoke.. tengah duk kemaruk karaoke la ni.. We didn’t even realize it was 12.00am as everybody busying singing n choosing songs.

For the new year of 2010 as usual no resolutions for me except wishes n prayers. I wish n pray to Allah to give me happiness in my life. Please give me a good excellent health. I pray that my hubby n children will always be blessed n protected by Him. I pray that all my children will succeed in their study n life.

I hope the year of 2010 promise me n my family joyous n prosperous. Happy New Year.