Sunday, 23 November 2014

It's November!

Yeah.. here comes the month of November.. how time fly so fast.

It is already 3rd quarter of the month and only now I have a chance to update my blog. So far November has been good to me.

One thing for sure now, I am so in love with my new 'gym place'. At first I was very contemplating to change the club that I've been going for so many years. It was the best and among expensive membership club here in Muscat. They have other facilities beside gym that my children really enjoyed it but come to think that lately we hardly go there so it was such a waste. And now.. religiously every morning I go to the gym, the new place that fully equipped with the latest equipments plus it is so close to my home. I enjoy every minute of it and no reasons or excuses not to do exercise!

November also is the month of celebration. Being living in Oman for so many years, I feel like Oman is my home too. Oman celebrated 44th anniversary of its National Day on the 18th November. The city has been decorated beautifully with flags and lights. All of us especially Omanis love their Sultan, His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said who has developed the country as what it is now.

19th November is my youngest daughter birthday - Nabila. She turned 12 years old. Oh dear.. I still can't believe that she has grown up to a beautiful girl now. She is so matured and smart. For this year she just wanted a small party. A movie night and sleepover party with a small group of friends. My living room as been transformed to their 'room'. They watched movie, makeup and hairdo to each other, eating snacks, giggling and chatting till morning! They really had a good time!

The next birthday will be Nadira which will be on the 28th November. She won't be here to celebrate with me but I am sure she will have a good time with her friends in Wellington. Nadira also has given me a good news that she passed in her final exam and got thru to 2nd year. Alhamdullilah...

A week more to go before the November ends. The weather is getting cooler and better. We have now started planning for a picnic and camping. I am really looking forward for that!