Thursday, 29 April 2010

When I Dream Of My Mom

Last night I dreamt of my late mom. These past few weeks I always dream of her. For the first few years after my mom passed away I always dreamed of her coming to me alone – only me n her. She was looking staring at me without saying any words.

Then the dreams kept changing. I dreamt of my mom in the crowd of my family. For example like when I was talking to my dad then my mom suddenly appeared and joined the conversation. There was also one time she was joking with all of us.

Last couple weeks every Wednesday night I dreamt of my mom. I don’t know whether this was a coincidence but it happened consecutively n it was just like real. Last night was about my mom wanted to go for a holiday. In the dream my aunty told her that my uncle is going to Macau n invited her to come along. She wanted to go but needed somebody to accompany her. I excitedly said that I wanted to go too.

Then she asked me what about my kids. I said don’t worry as my hubby could take care of them. When I woke in the morning, it felt like it was so real. I was a bit confused thinking that my mom was still alive.

I never stop thinking about my mom in every second. Either I was happy or sad I always thought about her. How I wish she is still around as I have so many things to ask, share n tell about.

Mimpi ini mainan tidur dan syaitan samada baik atau buruk. There are many different opinions about the dreams. Sometimes I could see clearly my mom’s face n sometimes she was just beside me.

Whatever it is, I don’t mind having my mom in my dreams as I miss her so very much. Hanya doa dan bacaan yasin dapat kuberikan pada arwah ibuku. Semoga roh mama dicucuri rahmat dan ditempatkan dalam golongan orang2 solehah.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Boutique Hopping

Yesterday after sending the kids to school, my two girlfriends and I went to MO Outlet at Shamelin Perkasa. They are currently having sales on designer leather handbags, shoes n also clothes. For the handbag collections, there are only TODS, Furla, Agner n Cole Haan available. Price range for TODS is 3k+ which is quite a big discount after 7k++ while Furla, Agner are from 900 to 2k.

Sadly there was nothing that we like. Kira mcm biasa2 je lah those handbag n we felt it was like not worth to spend money on a kind of bag like that. As for the shoes.. shoes lovers.. there were brands like stuart wietzman, tods, emilio pucci, d&g and more – these are worth to buy. The prices which were from 1700 went down to 800+. You could even get a nice pair as low as 500+.

I am indeed a shoes lover but to spend my money on shoes as much as 500 rasa mcm tak gamak je. My friend was very frustrated as she wanted to buy but her size was not available. Most shoes left are the rare sizes n being the last pair. Frust betul dia.. berkobar2 nak beli ni!!

At the end, three of us walked out with empty handed. Our next mission was Pavillion. We started with Stuartz Wietzman boutique n hopped from one to another . If I were to be alone or even with my hubby I won’t dare to walk in to one of those grand boutiques coz I already know the price! Anyway after browsing, touching, smelling the bags n checked out the prices – more or less suma dah kira cukup tak budget, we then got each of us what we wanted.

It started with Nadia – without hesitation she grabbed the handbag she liked. Senang sungguh dia beli… Then Noorul yg mmg frust tak dpt beli kasut kat outlet tadi – bought a pair of Stuart Wietzman shoes.. mmg gorgeous ala2 cinderella! And me? I actually didn’t want to buy anything but then ‘terbeli’ gak… hahahaha..

We had a good time yesterday. I had fun went out with them. Well.. it was not what we bought but the moments I spent with them. We are the ladies from three difference ‘series’. My age is 40+, Nadia 30+ n Noorul 20+ but we share the same passion…

Oops.. last but not least we had an awful experience in Prada boutique. My friend asked the price of one handbag n the sales girl said it out loud with an arrogant voice – 5,300! plus gaya mcm bagus. There were 2-3 customers there n all of us turned and looked at her. My God.. she said it with a face as if we girls just could not afford the bag!

We walked out from the boutique n bitching among ourselves. Nyesal betul tak sound budak tu. After ketidak puasan hati my friend who got very upset with the sales lady wanted to go back to the shop n grab the bag. I had to calm her down n said it was really not worth to buy that small size of handbag with that amount of price. I know she can afford to buy that. Well.. its their lost..

Nasib baik after each of us got our things , we didn’t go back to the shop n showed off what we bought – mcm cita pretty woman lah pulak.. Hehehehehe..

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Nabila The Chef

Nabila has been bugging me to let her cook or bake something. She said she wanted to try making something from scratch n everything on her own. Normally before this I helped n involved in the process. This time I let her took the control.

After a few times changing her mind from baking brownies, cakes or cookies Nabila at last chose cookies. I used the easiest recipe which was chocolate cookies. Nadira helped her out here n there but of course she wanted to do everything!

So here is her ‘la creation’. The cookies turned out not bad at all n it tasted yummy yummy! Bravo Nabila…

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Special Guest At Home

Last Sunday we had a special guest, our dearest friend Kamsiah n hubby Ismail. I was at my niece’s birthday party when Kamsiah called me. I kept the phone in mg bag n saw 8 missed call from her. She was in Klang n wanted to come over to our house.

Actually dah banyak kali our meeting were cancelled due to unexpected reasons. At last we managed to see them n they came to our house. It has been quite long time that we haven’t met. Kamsiah is my friend during my stay in Oman. She n family left Oman after a year there n moved to Saudi. Her hubby now is based at a new place in Middle East.

I was so happy to see her n off course there were lots lots of things to catch up. This is for sure will not be our last meeting as we plan to meet up again someday.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Princess Fatini Birthday Party

Today is my niece, Fatini’s birthday party. This time she is having her party at home. Since couple weeks my SIL had been busy organizing the party for her princess.

The theme for the party was “Princess”. So again this year Nabila dressed up as a princess.

The party started at 10am n guests arrived mostly on time including me.. Huh.. I prepared a few dishes n started cooking as early as 6.30am pun dtg lewat…

The kids were entertained by Ejik the magician. The show was good n all the children loved it.

The party ended at noon n Fatini the happy birthday girl couldn’t wait to open all the presents.

Happy Birthday Fatini. To my SIL, the party was a success. I bet all the kids including parents enjoyed their Sunday.

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Skills For Handwriting

Yesterday Hakeem’s teacher gave me a reference guide of how to write a joined handwriting. Frankly I don’t know that this kind of guidance is exist. Hakeem has started writing joined letters since term 1. Hakeem’s handwritings are depends on his mood. Sometimes it can be very neat n sometimes I could not even read the words.

Hakeem sometimes is still unsure when to use the capital letter n full stop. At times he wants to write in joining letters but all becomes jumble n kelam kabut. As usual Hakeem the inpatient n easily got upset if he couldn’t do something at the end will stop trying. I have to get him to settle down n practice again once he got the mood back.

I still remember during my school days, hand writing is one of my favorite’s homework. I will spend lots of time to write neatly line by line. The best part was the corak that I have to do at the bottom of the page. Part ni yang paling best. I would normally draw or designed all sorts of colorful pattern. Kira selalu dapat A lah kalau cikgu check..

Now at my children’s school they teach in different method. I’ve seen Hakeem’s handwriting book during the meeting with the teacher. More or less it is the same like other schools except takde corak2 tu lah.. I am not sure whether they still have that or not nowadays.

Anyway.. I’ve read n looked thru the reference guide paper n my job now is to assist Hakeem how to write joining letter in a correct way. My handwriting is getting worst n worst these days as I seldom write. Maklumlah.. duk ketuk keyboard je.. So I am learning to write again with Hakeem! Wish me luck..

Tuesday, 13 April 2010


TIMOR… that’s the name of our cat. I am not a cat person. I don’t hate cats but I just don’t like cats. I don’t know why but cats are just not compatible with me. When I got married my hubby had a cat named TIMOR too. After sometimes I tried to get along with the cat but I just failed. I made a mean decision asked hubby to send the cat away.

Hubby sent the cat to kampung n after awhile the cat died. This was long long time many years ago. When I started having children, my children started asking for pets which of course cat. And of course I said NO. Their first pet was fish then rabbit n tortoise. The problem was they only love to play with the pets but ignored the cleaning part.

All the pets didn’t last long n all of them died. Hubby n kids still didn’t give up on n on membuat pakatan asking me to have cat at home. Last year during ramadhan we went to a pet shop in Putrajaya. This where the story began how we have Timor. The kids were very excited begging me to have the cat. Well.. I don’t know how n why I at last said Yes to them BUT of course with a few strict conditions.

I told them at any time the cat cannot enter the house n all of them including hubby are responsible in cleaning up the cat’s cage n litter. Deal agreed n till now they keep their words. Timor was 4 months when we bought him. He is a half Persian long hair breed. He is a very good cat n so manja, friendly with everybody including strangers.

We started letting him out from the cage when he was 6 months old. Huh.. panjang langkah kaki dia. He went out in the morning n came back when maghrib time. Sometime my maid n children had to look for him. A month ago there were 3 stray dogs lingered around our neighborhood. Timor was attacked by these dogs. The dogs strangled his neck n feet. We were told about this by our neighbor.

That evening we brought him to vet clinic n he had to be admitted for 3 days. Lucky there was no broken bones except terseliuh. That’s why his feet needed to be bandaged n had to be in the cage all the time. After the incidents Timor don’t dare to go far from the house. Whenever he heard dogs barking he will run for his life.

He is in trauma n probably learned from what happened. Timor is not a street smart cat. He is so manja n adorable. And me? I am starting to like Timor. Believe it or not I still haven’t n couldn’t touch n caress him. Maybe not yet. But I do love him. I don’t do all the cleaning stuffs but bought his food n other stuffs. I sometimes worried when he didn’t get back home or sick.

Well…. Kasih sayang tak semestinya kena pegang2 dan belai2 kan? I know Timor knows that I love him.

Thursday, 8 April 2010

A Day at Genting Highland

Yesterday the whole day we were at Genting Highland. My children are still having their school holiday. They were nagging us to go somewhere, so me & hubby decided to take them to Genting Highland. The last time I was up there probably was 10 years ago. I went there with my parents n brothers.

Lots of things had changed. There are more games n more shops up there. I hardly recognized the indoor part which they had restructured the place.

This was the first time for Nabila & Hakeem. They had no idea at all how the place looks like. They thought it was an island as all this while we used to bring them to the island for holiday. At first we plan to park the car at the Awana n take the cable car up there but then plan changed n drove the way up.

There were not many people as it was on weekday. So it really the best time for all of us. The kids got to play the rides as many times as they like. Hakeem who at first looked so scared riding the spinner enjoyed it on the second ride n even asked for more.

I n hubby were so panicked n regretted so much let him played. But then when saw him jumped down running happily after finished we were so relieved. They loved the dragon roller coaster too. I joined the first ride but for the next six rides, Nadira n my maid jadi mangsa to accompanied them.

Nabila n Hakeem got upset as they couldn’t play some of the rides as it is for adults. Nadira played the flying coaster which looked so scary to me. She said it was not fun as she was alone without other sisters.. so again our maid jadi mangsa. But we all know that she enjoyed it too!

The park closed at 7pm. If it’s still opened I guessed the kids wouldn’t want to go back home. On the way down back to KL they already fell asleep.

This morning when they woke up, the main topic was the Genting Highland. They want to go again n I said wait till both of u reach 122cm so that they can play other rides too.