Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Special Guest At Home

Last Sunday we had a special guest, our dearest friend Kamsiah n hubby Ismail. I was at my niece’s birthday party when Kamsiah called me. I kept the phone in mg bag n saw 8 missed call from her. She was in Klang n wanted to come over to our house.

Actually dah banyak kali our meeting were cancelled due to unexpected reasons. At last we managed to see them n they came to our house. It has been quite long time that we haven’t met. Kamsiah is my friend during my stay in Oman. She n family left Oman after a year there n moved to Saudi. Her hubby now is based at a new place in Middle East.

I was so happy to see her n off course there were lots lots of things to catch up. This is for sure will not be our last meeting as we plan to meet up again someday.

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Anonymous said...

ayah looks skinny and tired...:((