Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Nabila In Action

All my children love to pose in front of the camera. Be it candid or spontaneous or like a model, the results were all superb! Dari kakak sulung sampai lah ke adik lelaki bongsu. Sometimes mommy & ayah pun tumpang sekaki… :P

Below are some pictures from Nabila. This was taken n edited by her sis, Nadira.. Nabila looked superb with her new hair style. By the way she decided to cut her hair (at last) after I nagged her every morning to tie up the hair.

She didn’t like to tie her hair up n always wanted to put on hair clip or hair band. It looked nice in the morning but by the time reached school the hair already looked messy. She agreed to cut the hair but with one condition – I want my fringe!

Hmm… nowadays kids make a decision! I remembered when I was small I had a long hair till my waist n at the end my mom cut as short like an army recruit. If I were to show my photo to my children they will surely laugh at me!


Mum and Roses said...

Comel lah anak dara ni....

Rina NAR said...

wa bukan main lagi naak dara sorang ni! she's gorgeous!!