Sunday, 25 April 2010

Nabila The Chef

Nabila has been bugging me to let her cook or bake something. She said she wanted to try making something from scratch n everything on her own. Normally before this I helped n involved in the process. This time I let her took the control.

After a few times changing her mind from baking brownies, cakes or cookies Nabila at last chose cookies. I used the easiest recipe which was chocolate cookies. Nadira helped her out here n there but of course she wanted to do everything!

So here is her ‘la creation’. The cookies turned out not bad at all n it tasted yummy yummy! Bravo Nabila…

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Anonymous said...

oh mommy3!!!! do u watch adamaya??
oh please do get me arranged marriage..hehehe:D (to a guy like sein la):D