Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Boutique Hopping

Yesterday after sending the kids to school, my two girlfriends and I went to MO Outlet at Shamelin Perkasa. They are currently having sales on designer leather handbags, shoes n also clothes. For the handbag collections, there are only TODS, Furla, Agner n Cole Haan available. Price range for TODS is 3k+ which is quite a big discount after 7k++ while Furla, Agner are from 900 to 2k.

Sadly there was nothing that we like. Kira mcm biasa2 je lah those handbag n we felt it was like not worth to spend money on a kind of bag like that. As for the shoes.. shoes lovers.. there were brands like stuart wietzman, tods, emilio pucci, d&g and more – these are worth to buy. The prices which were from 1700 went down to 800+. You could even get a nice pair as low as 500+.

I am indeed a shoes lover but to spend my money on shoes as much as 500 rasa mcm tak gamak je. My friend was very frustrated as she wanted to buy but her size was not available. Most shoes left are the rare sizes n being the last pair. Frust betul dia.. berkobar2 nak beli ni!!

At the end, three of us walked out with empty handed. Our next mission was Pavillion. We started with Stuartz Wietzman boutique n hopped from one to another . If I were to be alone or even with my hubby I won’t dare to walk in to one of those grand boutiques coz I already know the price! Anyway after browsing, touching, smelling the bags n checked out the prices – more or less suma dah kira cukup tak budget, we then got each of us what we wanted.

It started with Nadia – without hesitation she grabbed the handbag she liked. Senang sungguh dia beli… Then Noorul yg mmg frust tak dpt beli kasut kat outlet tadi – bought a pair of Stuart Wietzman shoes.. mmg gorgeous ala2 cinderella! And me? I actually didn’t want to buy anything but then ‘terbeli’ gak… hahahaha..

We had a good time yesterday. I had fun went out with them. Well.. it was not what we bought but the moments I spent with them. We are the ladies from three difference ‘series’. My age is 40+, Nadia 30+ n Noorul 20+ but we share the same passion…

Oops.. last but not least we had an awful experience in Prada boutique. My friend asked the price of one handbag n the sales girl said it out loud with an arrogant voice – 5,300! plus gaya mcm bagus. There were 2-3 customers there n all of us turned and looked at her. My God.. she said it with a face as if we girls just could not afford the bag!

We walked out from the boutique n bitching among ourselves. Nyesal betul tak sound budak tu. After ketidak puasan hati my friend who got very upset with the sales lady wanted to go back to the shop n grab the bag. I had to calm her down n said it was really not worth to buy that small size of handbag with that amount of price. I know she can afford to buy that. Well.. its their lost..

Nasib baik after each of us got our things , we didn’t go back to the shop n showed off what we bought – mcm cita pretty woman lah pulak.. Hehehehehe..

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Anonymous said...

your bag is super gorgeous ok!! likey!now u r one of the VIP..dun forget to call me if they are having sales..:D