Wednesday, 30 July 2008


When I woke up this morning I saw Hakeem’s right eye was watery n red. It’s a bit swollen. He looked so uncomfortable n kept rubbing his eyes. I then brought him to see the doctor. This is our second time being to this clinic. It is a pediatrician clinic.

After a short consultation from the doctor with the assurance that it’s not contagious n dangerous, I waited outside for the medicine. The medicines given were a bottle of antibiotic n eye drop which cost me of RM96. To me it’s so expensive.

I don’t know, maybe I am just out of dated with the current price of the medicines. The first time we came here (a month ago), Hakeem n Nabila were having flu n cough. They got each of them a bottle of cough, flu n fever medicine n that cost me RM160.

The clinic is not so canggih with the hi-tech facilities. If I were to go to SJMC, SMC or any 5 star private hospital it’s understood why they charged me so high. But by looking at this clinic, it’s just like an ordinary clinic with a dull color of interior, not so clean except the doctor was a bit advance having input all the information using the touch screen monitor in front of him.

I actually had said to myself earlier that I will look for another clinic for my children but because this morning I was rushing for another appointment n having thought that I better bring Hakeem to a children specialist n so that’s why I went back here. I was in the room not even more than 8 minutes.

Maybe it’s the price nowadays, I don’t know. I never have to dig out money from my pocket for any of my children’s medication as all this while was paid for by my hubby’s company. And ‘touch wood’ alhamdullilah all my children so far seldom have to go to the clinic.

Until today and our last visit then I realized how much expensive is the cost for all the medical expenses. Me n maybe some others out there are just spoilt with all the free medical benefits given by the company.

Monday, 28 July 2008

Al Fatihah - Professor Dr Jamaliah

This morning at 10.25am I received sms from Uci said ‘Kami on the way balik masjid subang. Depan subang parade. Kul 1pm sampai. Mama dah takde’. I was shocked n shivering. I just called him last night asking about her mom n today I received the news that she has gone.

Ya Allah.. only God knows what’s deep inside my heart. Lately I was thinking about her so much. I even told my hubby that I will pay her a visit this week. Somehow last night Allah gave me a hint n made me called Uci. Uci told me that kakak was in Melaka Hospital warded in the emergency unit. I was so frustrated that I didn’t know about it coz I was in Malacca the whole weekend.

They were supposed to transfer her today to KL but Allah has planned everything ahead for us. I quickly then got my kids ready n made a few phone calls to friends then drove down to Subang Jaya. I waited at the mosque until the body arrived.

I managed to see arwah, touched her face n gave her my last good bye kiss. Looking at her with tears in my eyes, all the time spent with her flashed back in front of me. Professor Dr Jamaliah that I know was such a humble n kind person. I was very close to her during my stay in Oman.

When she got her second stroke in Oman, all of her Malaysian friends there stayed n prayed for her. I visited n spent time almost everyday with her. Cooked for her, rubbed her feet, gossiped n talked to her. We shared lots of secrets, laughs n tears. She was just like my big sister n she always reminded me of my late mom.

When her husband, Arwah Prof left (24th October 2007) we were so scared that she couldn’t face the situation. But she indeed was a strong woman that I could ever imagine. The last time I met her was about three weeks ago along with other friends from Oman.

One thing that I will never forget was her last sms to me asking me to come n see her. She said ‘Please come again. I need to talk’. I regretted so much that I didn’t have time to visit her before this. I am actually plan to see her this week. I am sorry Kakak.

Kakak.. Intan doakan semoga Allah tempatkan kakak dalam golongan orang-orang yang beriman. Semoga roh kakak dicucuri dan dirahmati Allah selalu. Kenangan bersama kakak dan prof akan sentiasa menjadi ingatan yang terindah dalam lipatan hidup Intan sekeluarga. Al Fatihah.

Arwah Kakak Jamaliah meninggal dunia di Hospital Melaka dalam pukul 9.00am. Jenazah kemudiannya dibawa ke Masjid Subang, dimandikan dan disembahyangkan selepas Zohor. Kemudian jenazah dibawa ke tanah perkuburan di USJ 21, tempat di mana Arwah Prof dikebumikan dahulu.

At this moment only Pidin n Uci are around. Laila, Udik n Edrin are on the way back from Ireland. Semoga mereka tabah menghadapi hari2 akan datang. They are just like my brothers n sister to me.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Here It Goes Again

Yes.. here it goes again. The parting part is always the saddest moment. Today me n kids sent hubby to the airport. He’ll be away again. The first few days after this will always be tough n gloomy for us. My kids will have a difficulty to sleep at night n keep asking for their ayah.

At the time I’m writing this, my hubby is still in Bangkok waiting for his delayed 8 hours flight before his next destination. I pray that he will have a save journey n safely arrive.

Me n kids had already missed him. Take care my love.

Friday, 25 July 2008

My Children Education

Yesterday was the last day school for Hakeem. We made a farewell party for him n friends. Since Nabila is having a final term exam, so today is the last day for her to bid farewell for her teacher n friends.

When we first decided to come back for good to Malaysia, the main thing n priority top on the list was our kids’ education n schools. We have three options to continue their study - either in local, private or international school.

After a few ‘brain storming’ sessions with hubby we then decided to continue our children with the international curriculum. As for now, Nadira is doing well with the school. We have a bit problem with Nabila n Hakeem.

We have started doing enquiry to all the International Schools in Malaysia six months before we came back here. To my surprise most of the schools were full for Malaysian quota n has a long waiting list. Most of the International school here located in Ampang area which is far from our home place.

The only school which available close to our area is MAZ International School located at Jalan Templer. Nabila n Hakeem started their new term n year there last March. The school was not up to our satisfaction in terms of safety n syllabus. Furthermore the fees are not that cheap and of course we expect the best out of it.

So again we made a tough decision to pull them out from there. We enrolled them to a better proper school. Though it’s a bit far from our home, but for a long run it’s worth for the money n their future.

Nadira has been changing n transferring to 6 schools since she was small. I hope this will be the last school for her n also Nabila n Hakeem. And I hope that we have made a right choice for them. Just like any parents, we want the best for our children.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Beyond Expactation

In the afternoon after fetched kids from school, we drove down to Ampang. Hubby had his follow up appointment with the dentist. It was heavy rain so we decided to have lunch in the Ampang Point. We chose Tarbush Restaurant. I was so excited looking at the list of the foods in the menu. At that moment dah terbayang Yahya, Automatic Restaurant, Muscat Bakery, Queens n lists go on n on..

I felt like to eat everything in there. I got too excited that I couldn’t decide what to eat. Finally I picked Falafeel Sandwich to go with the Garlic Sauce n Nabila/Hakeem had Briyani Rice. For the drink I’ve chosen Mint Tea - in the middle of afternoon! This proved how I missed so much these Arabic foods.

When the food came n once it went inside my mouth – it was such like indah khabar dari rupa n how hancur hatiku terhempas bagai kaca berderai. The Arabic bread was so dry n hard plus the mixture of the falafel which tasted so not falafeel! This just cannot beat the best falafeel that I ever had in Muscat Bakery.

They had shawarma too here but just because I doubted that it won’t taste good as Yahya Shawarma, I didn’t want to take the risk. Well.. I just cannot get over with the taste of the foods that I had in Oman. I’ve tasted shawarma/falafeel in Dubai, Syria, Saudi but still the one in Oman is the best!

As for Nabila n Hakeem the briyani rice was a bit dry n the chicken was like Nasi Ayam’s one! I didn’t finish my falafeel sandwich. I gave 1 star for this restaurant. The next time if I see any restaurant sells Arabic food in Malaysia, I have to think twice to go n eat there. I might sound a bit fussy. I didn’t want to upset myself as my expectation towards this food is so high. Better not to take the risk then..

Meanwhile I have to pujuk n bodek my hubby to have a visit back to Oman.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Time Flies So Fast

I’ve been extremely busy when hubby is home. As routine after sent kids to school I continued chauffeuring him around from one place to another to settle his matters. Rushed here n there beat the traffic n time. And we sometimes even got back home late in the evening. Ni kira macam overtime lah..

When got back home, I continued busied with the house chores that had not yet been attended. Well.. I sometimes tried to ignore those but I am not a magician. Nobody will be there to wash n fold those piles of clothes, ironing kid’s uniform plus cooking except ME! So nak tak nak kena buat lah..

One the other hand my house project has progressed well as scheduled. I went to visit the house which at the moment didn’t look like a house but I am excited. I can’t wait to see it ready.

On top of that something funny happened this morning. We planned to send car for service. My hubby called yesterday to one of the service centre around our house to make an appointment for this morning. After sent kids to school we headed straight to the place. We never had been there before so it took quite a while to find the place.

Once found I saw the place didn't looked like any normal workshop. And me who sometimes always kelam kabut didn’t bother to look at the name of the building approached to the entrance. Of course we can’t simply drive thru the entrance as it is guarded. The security guard asked what we want. We said that we want to service our car.

Then he said, ‘Mau servis? Servis kereta apa?’ I said to myself – apalah soalan bodoh pak guard ni tanya. I told him that we wanted to service the car that we are driving at the moment. He then looked confused n said that we got the wrong place. I told him that we had called yesterday n made an appointment.

Then he said, ‘tapi sini tempat untuk servis kereta porcshe’ Oops.. when I looked up the building then only I noticed that it was the Porchse showroom n service centre. Hahahahahaha… With thousand apologizes we reversed the car n went off.

In the booklet it doesn’t stated the particular company servicing what kind of car. So how are we supposed to know? And when hubby called yesterday probably he assumed the caller must be driving a porcshe. The pakcik guard must be saying – here another insane people tak sedar diri berangan nak pakai porcshe! Hahahahha.. So we ended up serviced our car at USJ Subang Jaya.

As to date I have another six days to spend time with my hubby here. To make the figure look bigger lets just put 144 hours. Yes.. and the clock is ticking.

Thursday, 17 July 2008

Balik Kampung Lagi..

We drove back to Melaka after my hubby met his friends at KLCC. We arrived last night at 9.00pm. That morning hubby went to see the dentist. The ones that he went in Oman n Khazastan for the treatment seems not to last long. So finally he got his tooth pulled n the other one for crowning. Pitty him that he won’t be able to enjoy the food for a few days.

Anyway once we arrived kampung n had a light dinner, I wanted to eat durian. Well.. can’t resist myself knowing the fact that there were still lots of durian left. My hubby who at first was a bit reluctant to eat as his tooth was still bleeding, kecundang akhirnya.. Hmm.. the durian just tasted soo good.

This evening we wanted to eat the infamous Mee Sup Tengkera but unfortunately it was closed. Hubby was so frustrated as that was his favourite n really looking forward for it. Then we ended up having our mee sup somewhere at the town area.

Tonight we gathered our nieces, nephews n sisters to come over. Liza brought her home cooked fried mee n we called out for pizza! Pizza is actually my father’s in law favourite. Believe it or not, during those days he can actually finish the regular size pizza all by himself!

And for the desert.. what else if not durians n rambutans.. what a combination!

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Special Meal

Hubby is safely home. He arrived at 12 midnight two days ago. So happy to see him with more ‘flesh’ n kids who were non stop talking n hugging their daddy. We arrived home around 1.30am in the morning. Nabila n Hakeem didn’t want to sleep as they seems to have lots of things to tell their daddy.

So the next morning they didn’t go to school. We went out to have breakfast n went to the bank n paid some bills. As promised, I cooked special lunch for my hubby – masak lemak tempoyak akar kayu (the mixture of pucuk ubi, daun kaduk, daun mengkudu, daun labu + tempoyak/petai), lala goreng hala oyster sauce n ikan goreng.

Glad to see he enjoyed the lunch. Hopefully tak terkejut lah perut dia! And today I cooked gulai ayam kampong. I didn’t cook much during his last holiday. And this time I plan to cook everyday as possible.

My hubby has a long list of what he wants to eat…

Friday, 11 July 2008

The Achievement

The school bell rings n all the students came out from the class. One of Nabila’s classmates ran out n said ‘Aunty, today Nabila got the prize from the teacher. She is so clever’. I wonder what it is. The final exam is not starting yet.

Then I saw Nabila came out from the class n I confirmed with her about the prize. She said, today the teacher gave prizes to the top three students n she is one of them. When asked what it is about, she said she got the prize for being THE MOST BEHAVE in class, THE NOT COPYING work from friends n THE BEST in class.

I am so pleased when hearing that. She got a barbie doll. Though it’s just a doll, but it’s a big deal n something for her. The teacher has done something good to encourage her n other students.

Well done Nabila n Mommy is so proud of u.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

The Parting

Today afternoon, again I went to KLCC. Not for shopping but to meet Rohaya n at the same time to fetch Nadira back home as she slept over with Aina at the hotel. They will be going back to Oman at 3am tomorrow morning flight. Spent our last few hours together.

The last few hours seems to be ticking so fast that we have to make a move. The parting part is always the one that nobody likes especially Nadira-Aina (mcm kembar siam n didn’t want to be separated even for a second) n of course Nabila-Hakeem-Zaid. As for me, I will definitely miss my dearest buddy.

I hope that Rohaya, Haji n kids will have a smooth journey n safely arrive in Muscat. I don’t know when will us be seeing again, maybe next few months? Or another year? But all of u will always be in my heart.

For another two days, my hubby will be coming back home. We’ll be meeting again Lyn's family n others. And for sis Oja.. ku menanti kepulanganmu..

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The Reunion

This morning after sent my kids to school, I went to the Maid Agency. It seems nowadays is so difficult to apply for a maid. As I am a homemaker n not working, that makes me not entitle to have a maid. For that I have to prepare some documents to backup my application. And that means I can never get the maid soon!

After settled at the agency, I went to fetch my two little one at school n rushed to Genting for Nadira’s school. Today is a Parents Meet Teachers Day – report card day. Her result is average but the teachers were not so happy with her performance n participation in class.

Later then I drove down to KLCC to meet my dearest friends from Oman. I am so so excited n happy to see them. We chatted like old days except no ‘shawarma’ in front of us! It’s so good to see Royaha, Haji, Lyn, Hamzah n kids.

The most excited n happiest among us I guess was Hakeem. He’s so glad to see his buddy – Haikal. They were playing, running n hugging each other. And can u believe that they were talking about their friends back in Oman. Haikal was in the same school with Hakeem. And Hakeem can remember all the names one by one.

As for Abang Zaid who seems to be a bit matured cannot masuk with these two little boys. Abang Zaid hung up with his girlfriend Nabila! They talked the same level n interest. Orang dah besar lah kata kan…

We were at the KLCC for a while as after that rushed to visit Kakak Jamaliah at Subang Jaya. And there goes another reunion. Isn’t it nice.. except I wish my hubby was around too!

We bid farewell to each other at 8.30pm. Though today is a long day for me, but I am so pleased n contented to see all my friends. On the way back home, Hakeem n Nabila were non-stop saying that they want to go back to Oman. And I guess I’ll be hearing this for a another few days..

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Empty Promise

The sweet talking, promises n promises.. Last last habuk pun tarak.. I feel so crossed n annoyed today! This person at the first place offered me helps which a few times I tried to deny it for do not one to trouble her. But she insisted that she wants to do it.

So reluctantly I let her took over ‘it’. This case has been dragging since 2 weeks ago. And till now there is still no solution about it. And now I am the one who has to face the consequences. When called, it’s forever the no answer call n always not bother to return a call except if she feels she need it.

I just cannot take this anymore. I don’t want n not a kind of person to start enemy with somebody. So for the best n not to prolong this matter, I will take control of it. If I don’t do it I might lost this opportunity.

For some people when they offer the help, they are really sincere n mean it. But for others, they just do it for the sake of saying it. Why at the first place u offer it when u don’t want to do it. And for me why am I so being nice to take your word. I look at u as somebody that I respect. I don’t mind at all if I have to do it all by myself. But u keep insists.

Lesson to learn – I have to be more careful next time.

Monday, 7 July 2008

The Deal

This morning, I finally signed the agreement giving the ‘licence’ n ‘authority’ for the Mr Contractor to start hacking the wall of my house. I felt so relieved. After gone thru a few meetings – bang there bang here.. shouted n argued for the pricing, at last we came to the agreement.

He will start with the wet work first as the ID n furniture part will come later. I am still not satisfied with the price given. I hope everything will go smooth as planned.

I am also happy today coz my dearest friend from Oman is in KL. I will be meeting them tomorrow. Can’t wait to see her n family.. Sure we got lots of things to catch up...

Saturday, 5 July 2008

Durian oh Durian

I am now at Malacca. Came back to visit Mak, Ayah n for durians. My mother in-law called me two weeks ago informing that "durian dah banyak gugur… balik lah makan.." I was jumping when hearing that. Every year me n hubby always missed our home durian’s season. It’s always that we got the tempoyak part!

But now this year I am be able to enjoy it. The moment I arrived yesterday evening, Mak got the durians for me n Faizah to eat. Both of us had 2 durians each! Huh.. memang sodap.. For my hubby, u don’t worry coz there a still a lot for u. Insyaalah u will be able to taste it.

On the other hand, Nabila n Hakeem who loves rambutan so much were so excited to see the yellow rambutans generously hanging on the trees. They love it so much. Running around from one tree to another. Every year the durian trees behind the house never fail us. It’s always the supply is more than the demand.

Indeed every year Mak jadi orang kaya during this time. The same regular people every year will come n buy the durians from her. And today she treated us break fast n lunch.. :)

Friday, 4 July 2008

One Year Old

One year ago, today is the day when I started as a blogger. What drives me to have my own blog, my own space n my own voice virtually is mainly of course after seeing almost everybody around me has one n why not me? Then I started to be so obsessed to it that I made a point to have a posting everyday. It’s not like I am perasan that everybody is looking forward for it but it’s just the feelings that I guess all bloggers have.

It did happen at one peak that I felt so lazy n no idea even to write a single line. But that still didn’t make me forget that I’ve a responsiblity to my own blog. When looked thru to all my previous postings, mostly were my thoughts n feelings of my day to day life. And it does still continue till now. Stories n experiences that I love to share with all my readers.

On top of all the excitement n enthusiasm of posting out stories, I will never forget the ‘tragedy’ which at that time had stirred my days. I am not like those one of the politicians, artists, celebrities or activist. Whatever in their blog are always the hot n sensation issues.

What are posting in my blog here may only interest to a small crowd that knows me or maybe someone that just like to read what I write here. I know that I can’t stop people to read n condemn n even to hate what’s written here. This is the risk that I have to take. Macam artis n bagus ah pulak.. hehehehehe..

Anyway things happen for reasons. I got to know the real friend that can be trusted n the one that should be avoided. That’s all about life.

Whatsoever I will never stop writing n posting what I want. I would like to take this opportunity to say MILLION THANKS to all my readers that I know out there n even those that I don’t know (silent reader) for knocking n visiting my space.

Happy Birthday ‘’.

Thursday, 3 July 2008

The Therapy

I need a break. My mind now seems so tired n stressed out. I just got the price from Mr Contractor for the cost of our house renovations. The price given was just toooo mucchhhh n way out from our budget. We are not very happy about it. Now I’m waiting for them to revise the entire unnecessary n unreasonable quotes.

So for the remedy, I need some ‘fresh air’. I just need to stroll along in the area where they have big shops or Mall which sell all the things that I love. Ever heard that the best therapy for woman is shopping? Ehem.. So today I went to Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. I bought materials for our baju raya. YES! At first I don’t really looking forward for Eid as maybe I might just have to celebrate it with my kids.

But when hubby gave his home visit plans, I was so excited. He will be around during Eid. And this will be our first time to celebrate Eid Aidil Fitri in Malaysia (since we’ve been away for so long).

I am actually not good in choosing these kain ela. Believe it or not, all these while my mom was the one who bought for me the materials. And after being away for so long, baju raya seems not to be the priority. So I just wear those I had before n don’t really bother to make new one.

Until today n being there alone, I was totally lost n confused. But at last managed to get what I think suit for all of us. So I’ve settled the girls part except for boys. This I have to wait till my hubby is back home.

By then I hope that our house will be ready especially my kitchen. I plan to make some kek lapis Sarawak (our all time favourite). And this time I don’t have to worry about the stock ingredients. This time I can lavishly put in my best secret recipe! Kalau masa kat Oman, kedekut gitu.. jimat cermat..

So I hope when I see Mr Contractor tomorrow, he will give me the good price.