Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Time Has Not Arrived Yet

This year hubby and I planned to perform Haj. When hubby got his job here, we planned to go from here.

The process of applying to perform Haj in Oman is different back from our country. We have an organization or agent like Lembaga Tabung Haji to organize and make things smooth. Here we have to go from one travel agent to another to enquire about the package. Some travel agency who used to organize Haj last year might not be doing it this year. The price of the package of course comes in different varieties price.

We got a few package prices from the agent but all the lodging are in Mina. We wanted to stay in Mecca so that we can perform daily prayer easily at Masjidil Haram. While we were waiting for the other agents to get back to us, we got to know one reliable agent that do Haj packages for all the VIPs. We contacted them and got to know that every year Saudi set new rules for the non Omani residence who wants to perform Haj.

Unfortunately we did not meet the requirement set by Saudi. We would have to be a resident here more than 2 years and age 45 years old above.

I was shattered and heart broken when heard this. I was very excited and was looking forward to perform Haj this year. The early process was smooth that I thought we will get thru it. Inilah yang dikatakan tiada rezeki. I couldn't sleep and was so upset when thinking about it. I kept saying to myself that I've done something wrong that Allah won't let me perform Haj.

The following day when I was bit calmed, I more or less accepted the fact that Allah has reasons why He won't let me to perform Haj this year. I've read a lot about people's experiences in Haj. Performing Haj is not like performing Umrah. I've done Umrah twice. Yes.. Allah invited and allow me to be there but maybe for Haj my "invitation card" is not yet arrived.

I will never give up and stop asking from Allah to let me perform Haj, which I want to go next year. I have one year from now to plan and prepared myself. I might be going thru Tabung Haji from Malaysia or maybe try again from Oman. I have one year to check and ask around.

Not everything that we wish for will come true. Not all the time what we want we will get it. If Allah does not give what I want it doesn't means that Allah has ignored or forgotten about me. Allah still loves me.

Allah tidak akan membebankan seseorang melebihi kadar kemampuannya. Dalam setiap kesulitan pasti ada hikmah terpendam.

"Ya Allah ya Tuhanku. Kau maha mengetahui dan mendengar. Kau tahu apa yang tersurat dan tersirat dihatiku. Berilah aku peluang dan jemputlah aku dan suamiku untuk menunaikan Haji. Kami ingin menjadi orang yang beriman dan dekat kepadamu, Ya Allah"

Friday, 23 September 2011

Raya Mood

Still in the raya mood? I guess raya open house still goes on every weekend back in Malaysia. I bet everybody are so looking forward eating, meeting and putting on raya clothes during this gathering. Goshh.. I miss this..

As for us here.. life goes on and business is back as usual. Last weekend finally we got an official raya open house from the Malaysian Embassy. Yeahhh... Actually this was the second raya gathering. The first one was made on the first eid. I went and not many Malaysians as most of them were back for their summer holiday.

This time around agak meriah ah sikit.. The night before I helped out in preparing the food - my section was cucuk daging kat satay.. My first time actually and it was quite thrilled especially part daging yang banyak lemak tu.. hehehhehe..

The gathering started at 2pm - 6pm. We arrived there at 2.30pm with an empty stomach! There were many other foods like soto (special dish by Datin), nasi dagang, grilled chicken, ulam2, sambal belacan, not to forget satay and lots more...

I was also happy to see some of the familiar faces and friends who were still here since the day I left Oman. Dah macam jejak kasih ah lak... Some were surprised to see me back here again in Muscat.

Anyway.. beside chatting and eating photo sessions were not forgotten.. Serious.. dah tua2 ni lah makin menjadi nak tangkap gambar sana sini..

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Monte Carlo Circus

There is a circus in town! Last Thursday we went to watch it. It is the Monte Carlo Circus. We bought and reserved the ticket as early as 4pm. We arrived at 7pm which was the first show and the place was already crowded. We took the seats which was in front of the ring!

The show started at 7.30pm with introductions of all the crews and followed by the clown. It went on with the jugglers, magic show, acrobatic and walking on the high wire. I really like the jugglers show. It was Hakeem's favourite too as he always like to juggle anything that he found that can be juggled! Ternganga mulut dia nengok...

There were many performers from different country but one that made of us proud when they announced "Zaki from Malaysia". Wah.. at first we didn't believe our ears. He of course didn't look like most Malay Malaysian. He looked more to Arabs Mexican or keturunan Syed2.. He performed juggling and balancing things using his feet. He also did the fire show where he spit the fire out from his mouth.

After the break was the lion and tiger show. At this time Hakeem already feeling sleepy and started to get bored. I took them 15 minutes to fix and install the fences around the ring.

The animal show to me, was so so.. Nothing extraordinary performance made by the animals except I felt pity for them. The animals got wept and they smelled so stinky. I wonder how long that they have not been cleaned.

The circus show ended at 9.30pm. When we walked out, a big crowd of people were waiting and queuing up for the second show. Luckily we took the first show as we were already hungry and getting tired by the time it finished.

We enjoyed the night and the show. Nabila and Hakeem continued for a couple of rides at the Marah Land. They at first feeling sleepy terus segar bugar riding on the roller coaster. We arrived home at 11.30pm and that was our weekend activity!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Settling Well

Changing school has always been a tough time for the children. It's a BIG BIG deal in their life. They will have new friends, teachers and surroundings. My children had settling down quite well now. This is their 2nd week at their new school.

On the first day, when Nabila and Hakeem came back from school, they were not happy at all. They were telling about things that they don't like here and kept mentioning about their old school and friends. They even cried and said wanted to go back to Malaysia.

On the second day, Nabila came back with a big smile on her face. She was happily telling me about what she learned and her friends in the class. As for Hakeem, he was still unhappy. He got no friends to play with and felt lonely. Hakeem.. being the youngest and spoiled one in the family always expect people would do everything for him. I know that he was actually expect friends to come to him instead he go to them.

On the third day, both of them came back happily singing their school song in the car. Well.. something is happening here I thought. Hakeem excitedly told me that he got a friend. I was so relieved and happy.

His excitement of getting new friends continued till this week. He even proudly told me that he just have not only one friend but five and six friends. Well done Hakeem and I could see that he is settling down well. As for Nabila, she's doing great.

Both of them are learning to adapt with the new rules and culture here. They learn french which now seems to be their favorite subject. In the school, they also got to buy food at the tuck shop. This is the most thrilled part as they got to spend money and buy on their own which I don't really encourage. I would prefer them to eat their packed lunch.

As for Nurul, she is doing great and settling down well. She is very happy with her new school and friends which is a big relieve to me. She has started having lots of homework and books to read. She's in Year 9 and taking IGCSE next year. I pray that she'll do well.

As for me.. I am happy here. Being here again is just like a refreshing life for me. I have lots of advantages as I've lived here before. I know the place quite well. I am more or less know what to expect, so do what is right and no to what is wrong! No thrill right?.. tak suspen je.. But still I feel everyday when I wake up, it will be a new challenging day for me.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hakeem's Visit to A Dentist

Hakeem was complaining of having tooth ache since a month ago. At first I thought it was due to him having too much sweets and chocolates as it happened intermittently. I was delaying his visit to the dentist as I thought it was not too critical! Before we came here, I've had Hakeem and Nabila for a teeth checkup. Hakeem's teeth are good and healthy.

A week ago he complained again that I didn't bother to bring him to get his tooth checkup as he told me so many times that he felt hurt when he munched. OK... he made me feel guilty.

Yesterday I brought him to the Child Dental Centre which is located in Qurum. We've never been here before but I got to know this place from the advertisement in newspaper. When we first walked in, I already knew that this is a good modern hi-tech clinic and it's gonna cost me a bomb!

We were welcomed by the friendly receptionist, got Hakeem registered and got his dental card immediately. The card which look just like a credit card - cool right.. Five minutes later, a nurse took us up to meet the doctor. Before that, Hakeem got to choose which cd story that he would like to watch during his session. Cool right? hehehhee... Mak dia yang ciwi lebih...

The dentist that we met - Doctor Shayma Al-Dabbagh which I think probably an Omani or Iranian, was very friendly and nice. Hakeem who at first was shyly smiling later talked and talked eagerly answering every questions the doctor asked.

Hakeem was such an adorable boy. The nurse was so fond at him siap pegang2 pipi and belai2 rambut dia! I could see he was having a good time there. He was willingly and cooperated very well when every time the doctor wanted to check on his tooth. He was at the same time actually busying watching the Sponge Bob cd that he chose.

As the result, his teeth all are good and healthy. The painful that he got is because he is having a sensitive tooth. When asked how did he get his tooth sensitive, the doctor said it is because Hakeem probably has a habit of munching and crunching his teeth while sleeping or get angry. Which it is definitely true!

So nothing much that could be done except the doctor suggested to put a fluoride paste on his teeth to make it less sensitive and it is also to protect his teeth for a long run. At the end of the session, Hakeem got 3 tubes of Sensodyne toothpaste for children and also gifts pack which full with small cars and animal figures. He even got to pick which one that he likes.

Huh.... dah mcm gi birthday party lak.. So when it came to paying time, this visit cost me 33OMR which was around RM300. Hmmm... it is actually quite expensive. Nevertheless I am happy with the service, clean modern place and especially Hakeem - he enjoyed his dentist visit and not scared at all.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Colorful Blog With Colorful Life

Hollaaaa... If all of you notice, I’ve been updating all the back dated posts. Honestly my fingers dah gatal nak mengupdate blog but I couldn’t do it coz my voguemom.blogspot has reached the limits of putting pictures. Gosh.. I didn't know that I have limits. I thought semua free je ah..

Well.. I can actually still update my post without having any picture. To me a post without pictures is just like nasi lemak without sambal. It is so colorless and blogless! I must at least have one picture to put on. Hahahhaha.. maybe I am just being and old fashion but besides the rumbles in my blog it would be nice if it has pictures right? As people always say – picture worth thousands of words!

After a week doing research, I found a way where I can still put pictures in my blog without actually change or create a new one. This blog has been part of my soul. When I started it, I was so devoted to it. Though I know takde sape nak baca pun.. I always have to post new posting daily.

It's just a way or a media for me to pour or spill out something without saying it out loudly. It sounds so lame but trust me for those who has a blog, you will understand what I am saying.

So this is it.. my blog is colorful back with pictures!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Kids Back At School

After 7 weeks leisurely holiday, finally my children are back at school. We were here since during their school holiday. They were sometimes complaining of bored and asking when will the school starts.

All this while they were mostly at home either watching tv or attached with their lappy. I sometimes have to ask them to stop. A few days before schools starts, I have trained them to sleep earlier than usual. It was quite tough at first but they managed to do it!

On the first day of school, me and hubby have to split our task. He brought and registered Nurul and I handled Nabila & Hakeem. After a short briefing, I left them hoping that they will cope well.

When I fetched them in the afternoon, they seems not to be happy and kept mentioning about their old school - Nexus. As for Nurul, she was doing fine and happy with her new school.

On their second day, things changed as Nabila happily went back home and told me what she had learned at school. As for Hakeem, he is still missing his old buddies at Nexus.

I hope tomorrow will be better. Better for Hakeem especially.. As for me, I am back on my routine - chauffeur, cook and all in one package mom!!

Saturday, 3 September 2011


Happy birthday to me! I am 42 today. Huh... dah tua ni.. Yes.. at this age some will say I am old and some will say I am still young.

Whatever it is, I am feel so grateful, blessed and syukur tersangat as I am still healthy and live happily. I have a lovely husband, beautiful children and a happy family. On this special day, my family bought me lunch at Chili's.

They bought me too a lovely presents. Thank you to all my children for the lovely gifts.

And not to forget for the beautiful cards. Those words written on the cards made me cry..

On my day of 42 years old, I pray and wish that Allah will give me a long life, good health and prosperous. I want to live longer to be able to see all my children success in their life. Insyaalah...

Thursday, 1 September 2011

Picnic at Wadi Shab

On our second Raya, we excitedly woke up early in the morning for our picnic trip. We choose to go to Wadi Shab as we have never been here before. Wadi Shab is located between the capital Muscat and the town of Sur.

It's easy to reach this Wadi from the new Qurayyat-Sur highway. Well that's what most written in all blogs but for the first timer like us, it will take lots of effort and trial and error before you can actually get to the place. You of course can see the big sign board of WADI SHAB from the highway but that's it.. The sign just stand there without any further direction of how to go there.

We actually found the place after making three rounds U turn back and forth the sign board which at the end we asked the local. We were lucky as this Omani couple was so kind enough to lead us there.

That was actually happening after 3 hours drive from Muscat. I figured out that we can actually reach Wadi Shab probably around 2 hours. The kids were starting to get bored and asking when we will be reaching the place. Along the highway of course there's nothing much to see except the big huge mountain around us.

When we werevreaching towards Qurriyat we could see the beautiful beaches along the road. It's so beautiful. We just couldn't resist not to stop. We stopped for a while to take photos. It's quite hot but windy.

The stop made all of happy and excitedly continued our journey. This was where we were lost finding the Wadi Shab. It took us another hour. Nevertheless once we reached at the entrance of the Wadi, we were relieved and astonished with the beauty.

We took a boat to cross to the side of the river. River? Well.. it looked like a river to me as this long river-look-like is actually the long pool of water from the nearby sea. We got the boat for the whole family and it costs OMR1. Once we reached to the other side, we have to walk to find the spot.

Trust me.. none of us were complaining of walking as the view and scenery were so beautiful. We could see the shimmering emerald green water and beautiful rocks and mountain around us. We passed by one small wadi but decided to walked further to find another one. From the researched that I made, there are seven pools of wadi.

That was what we planned to do, walk and find all the pools of wadi. Unfortunately after we passed by the first pool, we could see the next wadi was dry. Kering kontang. We still didn't give up and walked further up. There were couple of Omani's boy told us to walk further as there is another pool.

At this point, my kids semua dah melepek. They were hungry and the weather was getting hotter. We walked and at last found the pool. It was beautiful. It was down under the mountain and you can jump and splash in the wadi. This is fun for the grown ups but definitely not for my kids.

We then decided to turned back and it took us another half an hour. We finally found a spot under pokok kurma. We laid out our mat and had our lunch. The kids had started playing and swim.

They spent about two hours under the sun. Eat, swim, play and catch a fish. Yes! Hakeem found one small fish. He was happy and non stop talking about the fish.

We were lucky to be here quite early as by the time we were ready to pack more people were coming. We got a good spot, kids enjoyed their swim, perut kenyang and all of us were ready to go back home!

Though there were no wadis or pools as we expected it to be, we still enjoyed our picnic. The place is so beautiful and is a must place to visit.

On our back home, we stopped by at the famous "Sink Hole" at Dibab Lake Park. We parked a car and walked on the short path which lead us to this sinkhole. I've never seen one like this and this amazed me. The water was vibrant green. This sinkhole is about 500 meters inland and 40 meters wide and 20 meters deep. It is said that the sinkhole is connected all the way to the ocean.

Memang menakjubkan. I still couldn't relate how suddenly a big hole of pool can exist in the middle of no where with mountains and rocks around it. The water never dry and it just remain like this even during hot summer.

We can actually go down there and swim. Tapi semua dah melepek tak larat, Furthermore there were many people already down there! Tak sanggup nak join all those 'expat'. We continued our journey and reached home at 4pm.

Everybody was tired but relieved to be back home. This definitely not our last wadi as I definitely will plan for another wadi trip in a near time!