Saturday, 17 September 2011

Monte Carlo Circus

There is a circus in town! Last Thursday we went to watch it. It is the Monte Carlo Circus. We bought and reserved the ticket as early as 4pm. We arrived at 7pm which was the first show and the place was already crowded. We took the seats which was in front of the ring!

The show started at 7.30pm with introductions of all the crews and followed by the clown. It went on with the jugglers, magic show, acrobatic and walking on the high wire. I really like the jugglers show. It was Hakeem's favourite too as he always like to juggle anything that he found that can be juggled! Ternganga mulut dia nengok...

There were many performers from different country but one that made of us proud when they announced "Zaki from Malaysia". Wah.. at first we didn't believe our ears. He of course didn't look like most Malay Malaysian. He looked more to Arabs Mexican or keturunan Syed2.. He performed juggling and balancing things using his feet. He also did the fire show where he spit the fire out from his mouth.

After the break was the lion and tiger show. At this time Hakeem already feeling sleepy and started to get bored. I took them 15 minutes to fix and install the fences around the ring.

The animal show to me, was so so.. Nothing extraordinary performance made by the animals except I felt pity for them. The animals got wept and they smelled so stinky. I wonder how long that they have not been cleaned.

The circus show ended at 9.30pm. When we walked out, a big crowd of people were waiting and queuing up for the second show. Luckily we took the first show as we were already hungry and getting tired by the time it finished.

We enjoyed the night and the show. Nabila and Hakeem continued for a couple of rides at the Marah Land. They at first feeling sleepy terus segar bugar riding on the roller coaster. We arrived home at 11.30pm and that was our weekend activity!

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