Tuesday, 27 September 2011

My Time Has Not Arrived Yet

This year hubby and I planned to perform Haj. When hubby got his job here, we planned to go from here.

The process of applying to perform Haj in Oman is different back from our country. We have an organization or agent like Lembaga Tabung Haji to organize and make things smooth. Here we have to go from one travel agent to another to enquire about the package. Some travel agency who used to organize Haj last year might not be doing it this year. The price of the package of course comes in different varieties price.

We got a few package prices from the agent but all the lodging are in Mina. We wanted to stay in Mecca so that we can perform daily prayer easily at Masjidil Haram. While we were waiting for the other agents to get back to us, we got to know one reliable agent that do Haj packages for all the VIPs. We contacted them and got to know that every year Saudi set new rules for the non Omani residence who wants to perform Haj.

Unfortunately we did not meet the requirement set by Saudi. We would have to be a resident here more than 2 years and age 45 years old above.

I was shattered and heart broken when heard this. I was very excited and was looking forward to perform Haj this year. The early process was smooth that I thought we will get thru it. Inilah yang dikatakan tiada rezeki. I couldn't sleep and was so upset when thinking about it. I kept saying to myself that I've done something wrong that Allah won't let me perform Haj.

The following day when I was bit calmed, I more or less accepted the fact that Allah has reasons why He won't let me to perform Haj this year. I've read a lot about people's experiences in Haj. Performing Haj is not like performing Umrah. I've done Umrah twice. Yes.. Allah invited and allow me to be there but maybe for Haj my "invitation card" is not yet arrived.

I will never give up and stop asking from Allah to let me perform Haj, which I want to go next year. I have one year from now to plan and prepared myself. I might be going thru Tabung Haji from Malaysia or maybe try again from Oman. I have one year to check and ask around.

Not everything that we wish for will come true. Not all the time what we want we will get it. If Allah does not give what I want it doesn't means that Allah has ignored or forgotten about me. Allah still loves me.

Allah tidak akan membebankan seseorang melebihi kadar kemampuannya. Dalam setiap kesulitan pasti ada hikmah terpendam.

"Ya Allah ya Tuhanku. Kau maha mengetahui dan mendengar. Kau tahu apa yang tersurat dan tersirat dihatiku. Berilah aku peluang dan jemputlah aku dan suamiku untuk menunaikan Haji. Kami ingin menjadi orang yang beriman dan dekat kepadamu, Ya Allah"

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