Friday, 9 September 2011

Colorful Blog With Colorful Life

Hollaaaa... If all of you notice, I’ve been updating all the back dated posts. Honestly my fingers dah gatal nak mengupdate blog but I couldn’t do it coz my voguemom.blogspot has reached the limits of putting pictures. Gosh.. I didn't know that I have limits. I thought semua free je ah..

Well.. I can actually still update my post without having any picture. To me a post without pictures is just like nasi lemak without sambal. It is so colorless and blogless! I must at least have one picture to put on. Hahahhaha.. maybe I am just being and old fashion but besides the rumbles in my blog it would be nice if it has pictures right? As people always say – picture worth thousands of words!

After a week doing research, I found a way where I can still put pictures in my blog without actually change or create a new one. This blog has been part of my soul. When I started it, I was so devoted to it. Though I know takde sape nak baca pun.. I always have to post new posting daily.

It's just a way or a media for me to pour or spill out something without saying it out loudly. It sounds so lame but trust me for those who has a blog, you will understand what I am saying.

So this is it.. my blog is colorful back with pictures!

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Abdul Q said...

auntie no worry u still have avid, silent readers.