Saturday, 10 September 2011

Hakeem's Visit to A Dentist

Hakeem was complaining of having tooth ache since a month ago. At first I thought it was due to him having too much sweets and chocolates as it happened intermittently. I was delaying his visit to the dentist as I thought it was not too critical! Before we came here, I've had Hakeem and Nabila for a teeth checkup. Hakeem's teeth are good and healthy.

A week ago he complained again that I didn't bother to bring him to get his tooth checkup as he told me so many times that he felt hurt when he munched. OK... he made me feel guilty.

Yesterday I brought him to the Child Dental Centre which is located in Qurum. We've never been here before but I got to know this place from the advertisement in newspaper. When we first walked in, I already knew that this is a good modern hi-tech clinic and it's gonna cost me a bomb!

We were welcomed by the friendly receptionist, got Hakeem registered and got his dental card immediately. The card which look just like a credit card - cool right.. Five minutes later, a nurse took us up to meet the doctor. Before that, Hakeem got to choose which cd story that he would like to watch during his session. Cool right? hehehhee... Mak dia yang ciwi lebih...

The dentist that we met - Doctor Shayma Al-Dabbagh which I think probably an Omani or Iranian, was very friendly and nice. Hakeem who at first was shyly smiling later talked and talked eagerly answering every questions the doctor asked.

Hakeem was such an adorable boy. The nurse was so fond at him siap pegang2 pipi and belai2 rambut dia! I could see he was having a good time there. He was willingly and cooperated very well when every time the doctor wanted to check on his tooth. He was at the same time actually busying watching the Sponge Bob cd that he chose.

As the result, his teeth all are good and healthy. The painful that he got is because he is having a sensitive tooth. When asked how did he get his tooth sensitive, the doctor said it is because Hakeem probably has a habit of munching and crunching his teeth while sleeping or get angry. Which it is definitely true!

So nothing much that could be done except the doctor suggested to put a fluoride paste on his teeth to make it less sensitive and it is also to protect his teeth for a long run. At the end of the session, Hakeem got 3 tubes of Sensodyne toothpaste for children and also gifts pack which full with small cars and animal figures. He even got to pick which one that he likes.

Huh.... dah mcm gi birthday party lak.. So when it came to paying time, this visit cost me 33OMR which was around RM300. Hmmm... it is actually quite expensive. Nevertheless I am happy with the service, clean modern place and especially Hakeem - he enjoyed his dentist visit and not scared at all.

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